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Alzheimers and geriatric patients
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greeniebean has 12 years experience and specializes in Alzheimers and geriatric patients.

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  1. greeniebean

    Madisonville Community College Fall 2013 Nursing Program

    Well they are cutting the program in Fall 2014 by 10 spots. She said the job market just wasn't there anymore for them to be accepting 50 students a semester. They also changed the points scale for admission. I decided last minute to also apply to the program in Paducah. I did all my pre-reqs there and was accepted into their program a few years ago, but 2 weeks before classes I found out I was pregnant and they advised me to wait a few years to go in. Basically (not to sound cocky) I KNOW I will be accepted at Paducah based on my points. I have no clue if I would be able to get into MCC's program. They wouldn't even give an average of what gets accepted each semester. I will not know until July if I am in at MCC. PCC sends out their letters in mid March! But, I would have to accept admission into the PCC program way before July and start the orientation process there, and I would hate to waste all that time and money getting set to go to PCC, and then get into MCC (where I would much rather go). The drive is the same either way, and I hear they are both great programs. Just not sure what to do.
  2. greeniebean

    Madisonville Community College Fall 2013 Nursing Program

    Totally understandable. I do pretty good with the online classes but I was also told that it was pretty hard and that makes me nervous. I would also hate to fail when I could have maybe done fine in the traditional classes. It is only 2 years and from what I've heard, time flies! I am going to the pre admsission conference this Thursday (so excited!) and I'm hoping they will touch on the online program some just so I get a better idea of what it entails. I am a transfer student and really don't know anything about the Madisonville program. I find the info out there about it is pretty limited.
  3. greeniebean

    Madisonville Community College Fall 2013 Nursing Program

    Sarah- Have you considered doing the hybrid option that pairs the online learning with in class skills/clinical? I am applying at MCC for the Fall 2014 semester and I will only be able to attend if I get into the hybrid class (I also live 1 hour away). I was told the most you are in class/clinical is 3 days a week, usually just 2 days.
  4. greeniebean

    Anyone else with second thoughts?

    I also have second thoughts. I work at a nursing home and EVERY nurse that works there, besides 1 is constantly telling me to change my major, and that if they had it to do over they would never go into nursing. And these are good, compassionate nurses. They say it's to stressful, and that it's very difficult to find jobs in other specialties. Most of these nurses have 2+ years of expirience and recently tried to find other jobs (our facitily is cutting hours) and none were successful. I think my worries stem from stories like theirs. I don't want to be miserable and potentially jobless. But this is all i've ever wanted to do, and I've put 2 years of my life into this already. And I finally get to start nursing school this January. I'm fairly happy at this point, and who can say what could happen in the next two years. We all might be swimming in job offers upon graduating (fingers crossed). Good Luck and congrats!
  5. greeniebean

    Do you feel that you were adequetely trained??

    She was a trainee. She said she had been a CNA for 3 years, but I don't really believe her because I had to keep reminding of the most basic CNA stuff like not wearing dirty gloves in the hallway. (she wore a pair that she had just given care with to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee!!) I know how hard it is to be new. You don't know where to stand, what to do, where to get supplies from (i've written threads about it). But that's what training is for. I can't kill myself trying to train someone who would rather be playing with her phone. It just really made me mad that she blamed me and another aide for her walking out in the middle of the shift because we "refused" to train her properly.
  6. No way! No respectable school would risk sexual harrassment allegations when they have mannequins. FuzzyWuzzy- Can't you just hear the dialouge of a CNA porn!! "Time for your bed bath" "Well I've also had a BM..." "Oh you know I love the dirty talk" LOL.
  7. greeniebean

    Do you feel that you were adequetely trained??

    Well our no cell phones policy started with camera phones. They didn't want anyone violating HIPPA. So then they decided to ban cell phones altogether. You can't have them on the hall. I told the trainee this several times and she replied "Well that's a stupid rule. I have kids I need to check on" I told the charge nurse. who apparently gave her a verbal warning and I'm guessing that's why she didn't have it the next day. My facility has a set 4 day training program. Then the aides go on the floor. It was actually kind of funny though. She told the aide who was training her after I left that she was going to get some chucks. When she wasn't back 15 minutes later the aide went looking for her. She found the chucks sitting at the nurses station closest to the time clock, with the trainee's badge on top of them! The aide said "well she could have at least brought the chucks over before she left!"
  8. I was given a trainee for four hours last weekend. I told her to follow me, and I would get her some hands on experience. I love having trainees...when they want to learn. This woman spent most of her time texting, even after i repeatedly told her she wasn't allowed to ahve a cell phone on the hall. I had to force her to come in rooms with me, it was pretty much awful. Then when I was given her again the next night, the poop hit the fan...literally. Two residents died within 15 minutes of each other, and I was working short with a new aide and this trainee. Since the girl showed no interest in learning the day before, I kind of ignored her, just told her to follow me. Well she did, but later that night (after I had left) she walked out saying she had been there four days and nobody would train her! Well I'm sorry, but I'm not there to train you when YOU get good and ready. I have so much going on it's hard to train people anyways, but if they're willing to learn I'm fine with putting in the extra effort. This girl didn't care (other CNA's said same thing about her) so when I got busy, yes, I didn't sit there and explain everything to her. Needless to say I was offended to a degree. I have always gotten 5 star ratings (preceptors at my facility get evaluated by trainees). But to end the rant, how many CNA's out there feel they were trained well? I personally think my training sucked. The other girls were really mean to me. I had to learn everything on my own. I think that's why I feel drawn to new people. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through.
  9. I have technically applied twice, but the first time I pulled my application because of some personal issues, before the admittance commitee met. I applied agin for the spring 2010 semester and got in. My school only looks at points though. There is no interview or volunteering nessecary. Good Luck
  10. greeniebean

    Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

    I'm loving my A&P class. Psych is actually pretty boring so far. English is going well, and so is Medical Terminology. Psych will probably be more exciting when we get past the founders of psychology.
  11. greeniebean

    Scared to death of losing first CNA job

    I had 5 days of training. It is very hard and frustrating being a new CNA, so my advice is to not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Much of the job is memorization- where things are, and where they go, resident preferences, etc... That stuff takes time to learn, and you should go in knowing that. I don't think you will be fired for being slow at first. A truly reputable facility will be appreciative of your commitment to the job, and to giving quality care. Spend your training soaking in everything around you. At the end of the month you will probably feel overwhelmed to be on your own. Just try to get your routine down, and don't sweat the small stuff. Everyone progresses at different rates.
  12. greeniebean

    Anyone else feeling the effects of the recession at work?

    Well it would have been a little better if i could get an extra shift during the week, but they're cutting hours so that's not going to happen. Now I have to try and find a THIRD job!
  13. greeniebean

    Question for Livescribe Pen Users

    It's a pen that has a recorder built into it. You write on special paper, and later if say, you forgot what the techer said about Cells you tap that part of your notes, and it replays the exact audio that was recorded at the time you wrote the note. I've never had one but I plan on buying one soon!
  14. greeniebean

    Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

    So how has everyone's first week been? I just have to say, I'm sooo happy that I studied anatomy all summer (flash cards, cliffs notes book). My lecture is fine, but the lab is so fast paced. I'm glad that at least for the first few chapters, I understand what they are saying!
  15. greeniebean

    False reporting

    Oral care is tricky to do on some people. Especially on alzheimers and dementia patients. They bite anything that you try to put in their mouths! I'm so glad that you got the training you needed! Good Luck to you in the rest of your clinicals!
  16. greeniebean

    CNA Commandments

    Thou shall not hide in a resident's room pretending to do care when trays are coming out. I second that!!