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freesia29 has 8 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in PACU.

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  1. freesia29

    Per diem?

    It’s been a month now of being called off. The policy for this company is a minimum of 4 shifts per month. So, I put in my notice. My other per diem job needs me 3-4 days per week, and honestly I like the work there better. I gave 2 weeks notice, and they responded I needed to stay until May 1 because they have some vacations scheduled in April. WOW!!? I couldn’t believe they actually responded with that. I will not do that. To be strung along for another 6 weeks to cover a couple of weeks and then what, no more shifts again? When I could be making money somewhere else. I can’t believe how manipulative some people are. I have worked per diem for years, and never had this happen. They always want you to work more hours. Not keep you on call.
  2. freesia29

    Per diem?

    I have worked per diem as an LPN for years while I was back in school. I was always able to just let my employer know my schedule and they would work around it. I have a new per diem as an RN now, and the manager is wanting to dictate my schedule. But the kicker is, I keep getting called off for low census. Four weeks now of no shifts at all. BUT, when I advised I would no longer be available on 2 days per week (as I accepted a 2nd per diem position, since I do need to make some money), she is upset that I am not at her beck and call. This does not seem reasonable to me. I wanted per diem for flexibility. Even her full and part time staff is not getting as many hours as they were hired for. I don’t understand why she even hired 2 per diem nurses when there is not enough work in the clinic. Am I being unreasonable? I only took the 2nd position because I need some income. Thanks!
  3. freesia29

    New Grad Contract — Enforceable?

    I had to break a 2 year contract after only 4 months due to health reasons, diagnosed with RA and was in a terrible flare......they charged me $650. Basically kept my last paycheck. Even with a valid medical reason and doctors note, they made me pay. I was not happy about it. I could understand if I just changed my mind, but I loved my job, but just couldn’t physically do it.
  4. freesia29

    WA Endorsement Process - Longest in the Nation???

    Oh no! I just graduated August 27 and am hoping it won’t take that long. Are you still waiting to write NCLEX? I am still waiting on the ATT.
  5. freesia29

    ATT after graduating and WA NCLEX

    Hi! How long did it take after graduation to get your school to submit your ATT? We graduated yesterday and have been given so many different answers about how long it takes to send our paperwork work in. At first we were told as soon as we finished precepting and submitted all our paperwork. Now, not until a week after quarter ends on September 21. how long is it taking WA state for NCLEX dates? We were hoping to write it in September with the shorter test, but with the extended dates now, that is highly unlikely. saw a post about dates for NY not having availability until January now!! That freaked me out!! thanks!
  6. My father passed in hospice care almost one year ago. Now I am considering hospice nursing as I get closer to finishing the LPN-RN program.
  7. freesia29

    I’m in a toxic relationship with the ER

    Absolutely true! I worked Urgent Care as an LPN for years. I loved it! Now in school for RN, I thought for sure I was going to go to the ED once I graduate. Now I am older, and trying to come to terms with how much a few days f clinical in the ED beat me. I physically can’t do it. I am depressed about it, my dreams are shattered, but no job is worth your physical or emotional health. There are so many opportunities in nursing. and I think all nurses get itchy feet and bored, and want to challenge themselves with another specialty.
  8. freesia29

    Least Physically demanding?

    I am an LPN back in school for RN, and our final preceptorship is coming up. I am 49 and have RA and OA. The last clinical has almost crippled me and I am worried about how I am going to get through this 120 hour preceptorship. Is there a unit that is less physically demanding than others? I absolutely hated mental health and unfortunately our small hospital does not have a NICU. Most days they don't even have peds either. Is hospice or home health less physical? Thank you!
  9. freesia29

    Is home health that bad?

    How is it for an LPN? What are you doing for patients?
  10. freesia29

    Confused about going on....

    Thanks for your reply! I keep trying to talk myself out of it, but everytime I have a good day, and feel better, that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach starts screaming go back”! I work in an urgent care clinic, across the street from the hospital.....the other night I was working in the lab, we are short on phlebotomists......and I prayed about being shown an answer......next patient comes in and needs a stat lab, which means I have to bring it over to Hospital lab for processing. I laugh...ok... I am at the hospital (where I love being)......still thinking to myself, nice coincidence. Then as I decided to grab a drink in the cafeteria .......I am surrounded by LPN to Rn students in my schools scrubs. Lol! Is that a loud and clear answer from the great Divine....or a funny coincidence? Lol! Anyway it made me laugh out loud.
  11. freesia29

    LPN/RPN tired of the crap?

    I know how you feel. I am constantly being asked if I am go8ng back to school, because I am too smart/good whatever to just "stay an LPN".
  12. freesia29

    LPN's aren't real nurses

    I am just an LPN as well, and am not sure if I will continue to RN due to health concerns right now, but so many times I have been told that I am too smart to stay "just an LPN". Hmmmm..... yes, it irritates. As RN's are forced to get more and more education, LPN's will just fall Lower on the Nursing ladder.
  13. freesia29

    Confused about going on....

    I am a 46 yr old LPN with 5 years experience. My original plan was always to get BSN or even ARNP when I started my prerequisites a decade ago. Now I am not so sure. I have recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I am exhausted, in pain most days, kids are 16 and 12 and aging parents wanting me to help them more. I feel so torn. I want to work in Hospital with babies. I thought about even becoming a midwife. I am so close to RN, 1/2 way there.....but the thought of school, studying and clinicals makes me want to throw up because I am so exhausted. Should i I just put on my big girl pants and push ahead, or accept that maybe it's not just in the cards for me right now. i feel so torn over this. I keep hoping for the peace of a decision either way, but is just not there. Everytime I think I have made peace with not going back, another doctor or nurse comments to me, that I am just too smart to stay an LPN. Any advice, opinions are appreciated. :)
  14. freesia29

    Too old?

    I am almost 46 and an LPN, I am still working on prerequisites for RN. I figure I might be done by 48, with an adn. Always loved the thought of working in the OR. Would I even be considered? Or am I getting too old? Probably be 50 before I have a BSN. Thanks!
  15. I am always hot, I would definitely go for OR. May take the jump to RN from LPN. I loved my time in clinicals in the OR.