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freesia29 has 10 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in PACU.

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  1. I am PRN too and agreed to 1-2 days per week. I have been working 3-4 as we are so short staffed. I asked for January to go down to 1-2, as a friend was recently hired FT so we have another nurse. The response from the new nurse manager that start...
  2. freesia29

    Arthritis and Bedside Nursing?

    Thank you for all your responses! I have been working 2 per diem jobs, As PACU in a surgery center 3 days per week, which I love but was crippling me, being on my feet 8-10 hrs and especially those pain clinic days where we see 25 patients for injec...
  3. freesia29

    Fail drug test or pass on job? New Hampshire?!

    There are home tests you can take to see if it’s out of your system yet. I don’t understand why they are still testing for THC. I know so many nurses and docs who drink themselves senseless all the time, yet that is not tested for. There is no dif...
  4. freesia29

    Arthritis and Bedside Nursing?

    Thanks for replying. My clinic days run around 14000 steps. I imagine that is what floor nursing would be? When I precepted in the ED, I was averaging 12000-13000.
  5. freesia29

    Quitting first RN job

    I can totally relate. I always wanted ED. But my own health is not good enough for me to do it .. I am so bored by all the non hospital jobs. Almost 1 year as an RN, was an LPN for 8 years before. Just in a funk. I desperately want to work in h...
  6. It has taken me 12 years to finally become an RN, all part time, taking care of kids and dying parents. I am finally here, and have always wanted to work in the hospital. I am worried I won’t be able to keep up. Just turned 50, and recently di...
  7. freesia29

    Per diem?

    It’s been a month now of being called off. The policy for this company is a minimum of 4 shifts per month. So, I put in my notice. My other per diem job needs me 3-4 days per week, and honestly I like the work there better. I gave 2 wee...
  8. freesia29

    Increased wound care?

    I am curious if your are noticing an increase of wound care, dressing changes since Covid. I ask because I was just hired as a per diem in a wound clinic, but I keep getting called off for low census. They have been experiencing low census since De...
  9. freesia29

    Another one wanting to bite the dust.

    I thought I had it bad with 4 patients in PCU and no CNA help in Covid zone. Another fellow Gen X Er, and my body was wrecked doing those long shifts. I just started PACU in an ambulatory surgery center and love it! One patient at a time! Little l...
  10. freesia29

    Per diem?

    I have worked per diem as an LPN for years while I was back in school. I was always able to just let my employer know my schedule and they would work around it. I have a new per diem as an RN now, and the manager is wanting to dictate my ...
  11. freesia29

    New Grad Contract — Enforceable?

    I had to break a 2 year contract after only 4 months due to health reasons, diagnosed with RA and was in a terrible flare......they charged me $650. Basically kept my last paycheck. Even with a valid medical reason and doctors note, they made me pa...
  12. freesia29

    Love hospital job, but....

    I started a Nurse Residency program in the PCU, which is where I wanted to work. I just finished up 6 weeks of a preceptor, now on my own, and I love it. My problem is, my body is falling apart. I have RA, and have been in a constant flare pretty ...
  13. freesia29

    WA Endorsement Process - Longest in the Nation???

    Got my ATT this morning! First available dates pretty much all over WASHINGTON were end of November. But I managed to find a cancellation for Thursday, October 1!! Oh dear lord that is soon! Wish me luck!! I hope you all get your endorsements...
  14. freesia29

    WA Endorsement Process - Longest in the Nation???

    Absolutely will do!
  15. freesia29

    WA Endorsement Process - Longest in the Nation???

    I pray it doesn’t take that long for me to get the ATT to schedule the NCLEX! I am at 4 weeks now already and still no word.