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  1. wannabmidwife

    Bethel Univ CNM Program

    I'm ready to begin my CNM program and am looking for an affordable online program. I just came across Bethel's new program and am wondering if anyone is attending their CNM program and could share some insight.
  2. wannabmidwife

    Fundies is killing me

    I appreciate all of your responses. I have been studying my fanny off and I do think that it is the tests that are getting me. I haven't put much effort into figuring out how those work and I think that's were my problem is. Thanks for all your insight and I will redirect my focus and see what happens. Happy studying!!:)
  3. wannabmidwife

    Studying for finals is anyone else with me?

    I can't see straight any more. Final's on Tuesday for the entire book. Yikes!!
  4. wannabmidwife

    Fundies is killing me

    I have no prior medical experience what so ever. I was a teacher in my previous life so I thought that I knew how to study and tackle difficult material but this is something else. I try to dedicate as much time as possible to studying and I go through questions and think that I'm prepared for the exams then a 78 comes my way. What the heck? I'm barely passing. If this gets much harder, I don't think that I'll be able to make it. My average is an 81, so I'm passing but by the skin on my teeth. This is very discouraging to spend so much time, engergy, take time away from my family then WHAM a 78! Please tell me that the next semesters get somewhat easier. I'm trying to do my best and really study hard but OMG!
  5. wannabmidwife

    For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

    YAY!! I finally got an A on a case study!! Just took my time, didn't change any answers, and went with my gut:rolleyes:. I'm so happy!!
  6. wannabmidwife

    Help! I failed my first test in Fundamentals

    Im curious as to how you're doing now? I'm feeling the same way. I just started Fundies and Im in my late 30's with 4 kids. I try to study as much as I can but failed my last test. Did you survive, if so, how???
  7. wannabmidwife

    should I withdraw??

    I'm 35 with 4 boys and yes it's very hard studying, working, and being a mom, and like you, it seems like I've been in school forever. You're almost there. Do all you can, get resources, talk to your instuctors, read, read and read some more. Get a babysitter or someone to help around the house but get back on that horse and do this. You can! I feel like giving up sometimes too but I don't want to be in school another how ever long. We gotta work through this. Maybe you can study with someone from school or your instructor can recommend someone or somewhere to go. I wish you best in whatever you choose;)
  8. wannabmidwife

    Suggestions for ways to study.

    This is my first semester in NS and this has worked for me. I read the chapter then let it digest for a few days. I then go back and outline the chapter, all hand written, noting all the main points. Writing it out helps me remember what it was all about, especially when I do it a couple of days after I've read the chapter. When I see something that I didn't quite get when I read it, I have an aha moment when I write it. Just a suggestion. Hope you find what works for you.
  9. wannabmidwife

    Got a B on my first Fundies test!!

    I'm using a book called Fundamentals Success to help me with the questions. It's given me a good idea how to figure out how to answer because it gives me the rationals. I'm using my text as well but my text only has 5-10 NCLEX questions per chapter, which I didn't think was enough.
  10. wannabmidwife

    Got a B on my first Fundies test!!

    Yeyyy!! I have studied so hard and so long. Just three point away from an A. I'm so happy! First semester in nursing school and first test. Teachers are great and I'm so happy with my program. Just wanted to share my happiness.
  11. wannabmidwife

    Which nursing assessment takes priority?

    :confused:I'm in fundamentals and I'm not sure how to prioritize the assessments. For example, if bp is high and pulse is high, which takes priority? Or if temp is high and bp is high, which takes priority? Are there guidelines for determining which assessment takes priority?
  12. wannabmidwife

    Yay! First Semester is over!!

    Super happy for you!! I'll hopefully be saying the same come May.
  13. wannabmidwife

    Student Moms

    Hello! This was my personal experience. I have four boys and when I attempted nursing school for the first time my boys were 13, 11, 5 and 6 months. My downfall was that my baby was at home with me and I had a nanny while I went to school and that was it. I thought that I would be able to do it while he was home with me but that was impossible for me. When I had to study, he needed me, so that made it very difficult to focus. I withdrew from nursing only two months after I had begun. My baby is now almost 3 and is in daycare so I will be able to study. I'm starting back in January. If you have arrangements for your children so that you can study, which will require a lot of time, by all means do it. If you don't have either a day care or someone to come and help so that you can study, I would recommend that you wait until you do get some help. Nursing school is very time consuming, not hard necessarily, just time consuming, so have a plan.
  14. wannabmidwife

    Starting another program, kids or school,help?

    I've been wanting to be a nurse for 10 years now. I first decided when I had my first baby but had just graduated with a BS in education so I had to give that a try first. Did that for a few years then tried to take the prereq's but due to kids (three at the time) and working full time as a teacher, I couldn't do it. Finally, after having baby #4 two years ago, I was able to stop working and do the prereq's. Just the prereq's mind you, not nursing yet. THat was difficult in its self because of no child care. Now that my baby has just turned 2, he'll be going to daycare so that I can finally go to nursing school. My other boys are 7, 12, and 14. Thinking back, I should have done this so much sooner but I couldn't or didn't because I didn't want to cause friction, if you know what I mean. I know that it'll be hard with 4 kids but I have to make it work. So I suggest that if you don't have to work, do it now while the kids are small. My older boys are so busy and I'm constantly running up and down. And if you already did 4 semesters, you know what the work load would be and if you think you could handle it, go for it. Good luck!
  15. wannabmidwife

    Congratulations to NYS midwives!!

    How awsome is this!!!! Hopefully this will spread like wildfire to more states.