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  1. RN to LPN

    Unfortunately I failed my last semester of an ADN program because of some family issues. While I take some type and decide which route I am going to take, is it possible to sit for the LPN boards?
  2. RN to LPN

    Unfortunately, I just failed out of my last semester of RN school because of family problems; I was in my LAST semester, just two classes away and failed. Am I able to sit for tha LPN boards at this time?
  3. PALS and NALS

    NRP is what i mean. The reason I question this is because I will be graduating in May and around here we are allowed to start applying for jobs and they will hold them until we pass the boards. Being that I am hoping to get into the NICU I am sure th...
  4. PALS and NALS

    I am trying to find some info on getting these two certifications. Are you able to get them while in nursing school, or do you have to sit for the boards first?
  5. Uworld Opinions

    So I am thinking I just may purchase this in April (this is when finals are) and hopefully I will be ready in June.
  6. Uworld Opinions

    So I need some opinions about uworld. I graduate in May, 120 days to be exact but who's counting! I see that uworld has different plans: 1 month, 3 months, six months, and so on. When do you suggest that I purchase this? Right now I am taking psych a...
  7. Uworld

    I will be graduating the middle of May and for those that used uworld to prepare for the nclex, when do you advise that I sign up for uworld to start utilizing it?
  8. Finals Week Need Study Tips

    Ok I need some advise as I go through this every single semester!! How do you go about studying for finals when there is so much to read. Do you start from the beginning and read each power point, do you re-read each chapter, or do you do a million N...
  9. Assess and Monitor.....

    This is actually not a homework question; I would never ask one, unless I got my homework back and it was graded :-) This was on a test last week and I got it wrong so I wanted to see what other people's rationals were. To me these have very differ...
  10. Assess and Monitor.....

    So I am a little confused. Do you think assess and monitor has the same meaning or does these two terms have different meanings. Please share your rationale.
  11. Does anyone here get any type of special accommodations when it comes to taking their nursing test whether it's being able to be in a quiet room or even getting more time to take the test?
  12. Honest opinion when is it enough

    My instructor seems to think that I don't know the why behind each answer and my friend says I read way too much into the question. I am not sure where she gets her questions from but it's so frustrating when I get the practice questions right at hom...
  13. Honest opinion when is it enough

    Like I said I am great in the clinical setting so I am assuming I am more of a hands on person. However, I am not sure how to assess what goes wrong. For example, I had a friend quiz me for almost 2 hours before the final and got just about every que...
  14. Honest opinion when is it enough

    Quick background, I started school back in 09 and took it slow and got all of my prereqs out of the way. Started nursing school in the fall of 2011 did wonderful in fundamentals, but sadly I didn't pass chemistry. So I had to sit out a full year, bu...
  15. Nursing School/Phlebotomist

    I am currently a nursing student in a five semester ADN program. In less than two weeks I will be starting my third semester. I am supposed to graduate next July, but in the meantime I am hoping to get a job in one of the local hospitals; nothing ful...