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  1. my4helpers

    Finals Week Need Study Tips

    Ok I need some advise as I go through this every single semester!! How do you go about studying for finals when there is so much to read. Do you start from the beginning and read each power point, do you re-read each chapter, or do you do a million Nclex pertaining to each chapter. I need some other ways to study.
  2. my4helpers

    Honest opinion when is it enough

    My instructor seems to think that I don't know the why behind each answer and my friend says I read way too much into the question. I am not sure where she gets her questions from but it's so frustrating when I get the practice questions right at home, but still fail the test.
  3. my4helpers

    Honest opinion when is it enough

    Like I said I am great in the clinical setting so I am assuming I am more of a hands on person. However, I am not sure how to assess what goes wrong. For example, I had a friend quiz me for almost 2 hours before the final and got just about every question right, but failed the final. Earlier in the semester we had a diabetes quiz and I answered 100 practice nclex question and missed around 5 and still failed that test. From what I have been told this class (med surge 2) is the hardest of the classes and there are 4 MS classes
  4. Quick background, I started school back in 09 and took it slow and got all of my prereqs out of the way. Started nursing school in the fall of 2011 did wonderful in fundamentals, but sadly I didn't pass chemistry. So I had to sit out a full year, but in that year I got all of my fine arts and humanities out of the way, so it wasn't a total waste. Got back into the program in the spring of 2013 and started med surge 1 and failed. At this school, if you fail twice your out even if chemistry wasn't considered a actual nursing course. I was down about a week but I picked myself up and started another nursing program in the fall of 2013. I had to take a couple of prereqs and got those out of the way and then in the spring of 2014 I started the actual program. This program is 5 semesters unlike the last one was only 4 semesters long. So I just completed my third semester and was supposed to graduate this coming July, but sadly I failed my final today which was med surge 2. If I decide to stay and not give up I will now graduate next December instead of this coming July. So my question is when is it enough to just toss in the towel. I am exhausted and overwhelmed not to mention ALL the money I have invested. I have wanted to be a nurse ever since I was 5 and I will be 36 this month. This is not something that I woke up one day and thought lets give nursing a try. I have never wanted to be anything else, but I just feel like I am not smart enough to go on. I am wonderful in the clinical setting, but taking test not so much. I had a wonderful friend quiz me over the phone for almost two hours this morning before my test and I got the majority of the answers rights, but still failed the test. Any advice??
  5. my4helpers

    General Chemistry Lab

    Can anyone tell me what to expect in chemistry lab? I did horrible in chemistry and barely passed even though I had tutors. I just could not get the hang of it. I am transferring schools and luckily my chemistry class will transfer, but this school requires a chem lab. Is it anything like lectures? What will I be doing? I would love a heads up!
  6. my4helpers

    Kaplan Science Test

    I am applying to a nursing program for the spring of 2014 and I have to take the compass/kaplan test by the end of August. I am not too worried about the compass test because I have transfer credits to be transferred. However, we are testing on just the science part of the kaplan test. We will be given 20 questions and they will cover the Cardiovascular system, Electrolytes, Gastrointestinal system, Immune system, Neurology, Renal system, Hematological system, Homeostasis, Respiratory system, and Sensory system. Can anyone recommend a book that I could use to study for the science part? On a side note, I have taken all of my science classes plus I have had two semesters of nursing. Unfortunately, I failed the second semester by a couple of points and I am starting over.
  7. my4helpers

    Need Advice on NS

    I think that I am letting fear get in my way. The way that I am looking at it is: I have already spent 4 years in school, I have accumulated school debt, this school is much more expensive being that it's private and last but not least, if I failed out of the ADN program, what what makes me think I can go on to the BSN program.
  8. my4helpers

    Need Advice on NS

    I really need some advice on NS! I would love to hear feedback about what others would do in my situation! I am 35, married with 4 kids. I have wanted to be a nurse ever since I was 5. I didn't just wake up one day and pick nursing as a career; it's been a life long dream! My first dream was to be a stay at home mom, which I have been doing for 14 yrs. So in the fall of 09 I felt that it was time to start school. It took me two years with summers included to get my prereqs out of the way because I only wanted to go part time. In the fall of 2011, I was excepted right away into the ADN program. My first semester went great and I recieved a "B" in nursing. However, I was removed from the program because I received a "D" in chemistry and at our school, chemistry has to be finished by the first semester of NS. So I had to sit out an entire year and retake chemistry and within that time I got alot of my BSN classes out of the way. Needless to say that entire year was not a huge waste! Fast forward to the spring of 2013 and I start back in NS where I left off and I end up failing the final by a couple points last week. I am now done with this school because you cannot be removed more than twice. So after 4 years, I still have no degree! After being upset for a day, I decided to move on and not dwell on the past. Now I am wondering what everyone would do in my situation. For starters, we do not really have that many ADN programs in my area. We have one school, but I have never heard of them before. I called another school where they except everyone, so my turn would be in 2015; not getting any younger here! Lastly, I called a private christian shcool and met with them today; it's for the BSN. Not excited about the tuition, but all of my credits transfer and I was told today that she is almost positive that I would get excepted. She said once she gives the nursign advisor my transcript, she makes a decsion on the spot. If I decided to attend this university, I would take my biblical classes this summer as they are a recquiremnt and then start my nursing classes this fall. What are your thoughts?
  9. my4helpers

    What is your Fall schedule?

    Fall will be my 3rd out of 4 semesters and I am taking: med/surg II 5 cr (lecture, lab & clinical) OB 2 cr (6 total hours of lab and then lecture and clinical) This summer I am getting psych out of the way!
  10. my4helpers


    I completely agree with GrnTea. When I started my prereqs two years ago, I had no desire to get my BSN. At the time, my friend who is a NP even told me to get my BSN if I want to continue and get my Masters. She said if I have no desire for a Masters then just stay with the ADN. However, with all my research I am finding just how important it is by eventually getting a BSN. I would LOVE to work in the NICU, L&D, PICU, ER or even OR. I realize that I may not land my "dream" job right away, but if stumble across a job ad, I want to be prepared!
  11. my4helpers

    Statistics Class

    For the BSN, we need a statistics class. What exactly is this class and is it hard? We can either take a Math stat class, psyc stat class or a soc. stat class.
  12. my4helpers

    Need Organic Chemistry Help

    This week I am finishing up last week of winter break and I am dreading next week. I failed Organic last semester with a D and now I have to retake it again and I am just so stressed. Every time I see my notes or chemistry book from last semester, I literally want to cry. My husband asked me tonight if this was really worth all of the stress. I told him that most careers in the medical field reacquire chemistry so I can't run from it. Anyway, I need some advice on how to understand this class. I will not use the student service center for tutoring because I need a private tutor. Last spring I took inorganic and seen a tutor up to three times a week. I spent about $1000 that entire semester for tutoring and I just barely got a C. Last semester I did the same thing! I hired a private tutor. My prof. said that he thinks I am getting it but I am having a hard time bring it all together. We had a total of 5 exams and it's funny because the best test score was my final which covered material from the entire semester and I got a 68%. However, our class did have 80 and by the time the final rolled around we had around 20-25 left and this is the easiest prof. He is not teaching this semester and I guess the one who is teaching it this semester is really hard, but he is the only one teaching. I am so stressed, I don't even know what to do. Chemistry is the hardest subject I have had and just to let you know, I have already completed my first semester of Nursing and it doesn't even compare to being as hard as chem was.
  13. my4helpers

    WWYD In my Situation

    Apgar10, that's another reason I am afraid to finish my ADN. I am not smart enough to work AND go to school AND take care of the family. My kids range from 4-12. If I did finish the ADN, I would only work one day a week. If I did work 3 12's, then I could only take one class each semester. It would probably take me at least 2-3 years to finish the BSN if I went back to the ADN route.
  14. my4helpers

    WWYD In my Situation

    Thanks for all the advice. I guess the biggest thing that makes nervous about reentering the ADN program next spring is what if I fail a nursing class? So many people last semester failed OB. These were the second level students. Then on top of that more second level people failed their final, which of course meant that they failed the entire semester. I was told today that if I reenter and fail something, this could either be a nursing class or getting 3 clinical F's, I will be kicked and never ever allowed to reenter. I guess the way that I am looking at it is if I reenter in the spring of 2013 and then in the fall of 2013 or the spring of 2014 I fail something I will be done. However, if I could have gotten into the BSN in the fall of 2013 I would have been one year away from getting my BSN. So confused!
  15. my4helpers

    WWYD In my Situation

    All of the hospitals in my area do say BSN preferred. So if I stayed with the ADN program, I would not be banking on getting a job in a hospital that is for sure! I just love the hospital atmosphere though. I do wish you luck in your nursing journey. I am sure you will go very far!
  16. my4helpers

    WWYD In my Situation

    See that's the thing, I cannot apply to the BSN this fall of 2012, because I have about 7 classes left to take and I cannot take them all this spring/summer. I would be applying in the fall of 2013 and this is why I need to make up my mind about reentering the ADN program or giving it up.