How many of you here wear ted/support hose to work?

  1. I'm a little embarrassed to wear it to work only because we have to change into the hospital scrubs in the locker room...
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  3. by   tamadrummer
    Quote from violet_violet
    I'm a little embarrassed to wear it to work only because we have to change into the hospital scrubs in the locker room...
    I have one set and I should have bought the knee high vs the thigh high. They slide down all night long and are aggravating. I will get the knee high and use then. Yes I'm a guy but one of my instructors was adament (sp) that they would help with aches and pains. I wouldn't be embarrassed, in fact I'm not.
  4. by   applewhitern
    My friend who is a cardiologist wears them, and he highly recommends them for anyone who is on their feet all day. Actually, most of his staff wears them, too. Why be embarrassed? You are a health care professional, not a model. I personally don't like the "thigh high" ones on my patients, but that is all our hospital provides. It seems they don't fit the fatter thighs on the female patients.
  5. by   PeachPie
    I do I do! I wear pressure socks, plus some cushy low-cut socks over them for padding, plus my Z-Coil shoes! The combination is as unsexy as it gets, but I'm going to stave off varicose veins as long as I can!
  6. by   RockinChick66
    I wear Ted hose, my legs ache without them.
  7. by   Hygiene Queen
    Here, here!
    My legs throb terribly when I don't have them.
    Don't be embarrassed!
  8. by   GeneralJinjur
    I don't wear mine every day, but at least once a week. I remember reading some data that showed knee-highs were as effective as thigh-highs and way more comfortable.
  9. by   elkpark
    When I've worked bedside nursing and been on my feet alot, I've always worn the "full support" regular pantyhose under my uniforms (I always wore the L'eggs "Active Support" hose). They look like regular pantyhose, but not as sheer. I believe you can also get them in knee-high style (although I always wore the regular pantyhose). Made a big difference in how my feet and legs felt by the end of the day.

    In fact, I liked them so much with uniforms that I started wearing support pantyhose (or knee highs) for other, non-work situations (just regular support pantyhose, not the "Active Support" level of support). They look the same as regular hose (maybe a little less sheer), but feel a lot better -- plus, they don't run as easily, so they last longer.
  10. by   beeker
    I wear Jobst support hose. IF I forget them or they are all in the wash, I feel the difference! HIGHLY recommend. Love them! I wear socks and New Balance with em.

    Tammadrummer, when mine get worn out or old, they start to slide down. Try the jobst knee high, and measure your calf like it says to choose the right size. Once they get stretched out or are too big they don't help as much.
  11. by   prettymica
    I dont but I am about to start. This is the first year I have started to have aches and pains.
  12. by   CrazierThanYou
    I wore some Nurse Mates support hose while in nursing school and when I start my new job, I plan to wear them again. What are some good brands you guys can recommend?
  13. by   VioletKaliLPN
    I wear Nurse Mate's support Knee highs! They are amazing, and my feet no longer hurt after walking/running on them for 12+ hours. They also no longer swell..
  14. by   FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    I wear them all the time, leg pain hasn't been a problem since. When people see them I just tell them why I'm wearing them and a lot of the guys and girls I talk to usually want to try them out too.