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  1. CrazierThanYou

    15 Minutes in the Life of a Nurse

    That is a fantastic idea! I've always said I don't understand why the lab can't just notify the doctor directly.
  2. CrazierThanYou

    But, she was fine this morning!

    Oh my. I worked in ER for a while but I had to leave because the reactions to unexpected deaths overwhelmed me. Thankfully, I was never involved in a pediatric code.
  3. CrazierThanYou

    Advice for new RNs, from a new RN

    If you hear rumors that an employer is predatory against nurses, BELIEVE IT. Learn from my mistake.
  4. CrazierThanYou

    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Wrong post!
  5. CrazierThanYou

    Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    He should be discharged.
  6. CrazierThanYou

    Criminal Charge... Last Semester of School

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope it gets worked out.
  7. CrazierThanYou

    Patient complaint-freaking out!

    My manager called me today to tell me there was a complaint filed against me by a patient and that I'm now suspended while they investigate. She said it was filed late on Friday and that she had no information, including which patient it was. Frankly, I'm freaking out. I've never had a complaint against me in the 5 years I've been a nurse but the hospital where I work is termination happy. I've seen other nurses fired after a single complaint. Recently, a coworker forgot to return a vial of controlled medication and accidently took it home. She returned it the next day AND passed a drug test but they fired her anyway. I had a patient last week who seemed very strange. I explained everything but he seemed very suspicious about everything I did. I had even mentioned it to the charge nurse. His family also seemed suspicious and the wife was angry that he was made ICU status after being admitted med surg status and no one told them. But his status was changed on a previous shift and I thought they knew. His daughter is also a nurse and was asking me about his medications, etc, in a kind of confrontational manner. I don't know if this is the patient who complained but its the only "situation" I can think of and I suspect it is. So, I'm suspended for the next 2 days while my manager investigates. She said she will probably call me on Tuesday to talk to me about it. I'm just afraid I am going to get fired. I have never been fired in my life and I don't want to start now. I don't know how I'm going to get through the next two days not knowing if I still have a job.
  8. CrazierThanYou

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts?

    12 hours, hands down. I don't think I could go back to a job where I only had 2 days a week off. Yes, 12 hours is a long shift but it's a trade off to work on fewer days a week!
  9. CrazierThanYou

    Inappropriate nurses?

  10. CrazierThanYou

    Inappropriate nurses?

    I would have forgotten about it and moved on with my life.
  11. CrazierThanYou

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    I hate beside report because I don't feel comfortable talking about the patient in front of the patient. Making the next shift wait through an assessment? Heck no!
  12. CrazierThanYou

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    Last year we got gift certificates for new scrubs and a nice brunch that included shrimp. This year we got an insulated tumbler from a hospital we partner with and a breakfast/ice cream social.
  13. CrazierThanYou

    100k in loans worth it?

    Regardless of your age, $100K is not worth it. You'll be working to pay the loan payments.
  14. CrazierThanYou

    coworkers constantly checking your charting

    I used to work with two nurses who refused to take report from the previous nurse for 30 to 45 minutes while they combed over every inch of that nurses charting. They used it as a bullying tactic.
  15. CrazierThanYou

    The Patient's "Guests"

    I just recently had a patient, status post CVA who could not walk independently, which his wife knew. But that didn't stop her from turning his bed alarm off and when he got up, she neither got up to help him nor did she call for help. Of course, the patient had a fall.
  16. CrazierThanYou

    School Bus Tragedy

    In this particular accident, I've seen people who know more about it than I do say that if these kids had been belted, more would have died. It's likely that some kids were thrown out of the way by the impact instead of being killed by the impact had they been belted.