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  1. beeker

    Providence TIP Program 2019

    I am applying for the April cohort. Did you get hired for the Jan one? How do you like it so far?
  2. Which department? Do you know what areas SM hired for TIPS? Its so hard to pick what to choose, because it may not be offered. How are you liking it so far?
  3. I am also interested, although I see your post is from July.
  4. beeker

    CHLA RN Transition Fellowship February 2019

    Anyone hear anything?
  5. Anyone heard from Santa Monica? Are they even participating this time?
  6. beeker

    Best car for home visiting nurse in New England?

    Not what you asked, but for those new to New England, make sure you have a snow bag packed in your car at ALL times. Blanket, rock salt, flashlight, change of clothes (including socks!), snacks, water, small shovel, ice scraper, de icer spray,hand warmers, and anything you will need if you get stuck at work, or stuck in a snowmageddon type traffic jam, or slide off into an icepatch and have to wait for AAA.I keep kitty litter, too. And hopefully you will never need any of it, because whatever car you choose will get you back and forth.
  7. beeker

    Is there money in insurance review?

    I am also curious. I interviewed with Anthem and the pay they offered was really low compared to my current job. Hoping to hear other companies are better.
  8. beeker

    Anyone work for Anthem?

    Just wanted to follow up incase anyone else considers it. On the app it asked for "expected salary" or something similar. So I put what is considered norm in this area hourly x 40 hours. After a phone interview that went really well they had someone call me to discuss my pay requirements, essentially she told me what they pay was and that it was "right in line with this area" and it seemed extremely low so i took a pass on Anthem. I did end up getting a job paying literally double per hour what Anthem offered me at a local hospital, so they were not honest with me. So while it might be nice to work from home, they are not paying adequate for my area and they would have required a pretty horrific commute for the training for " up to 3 months". It would have been worth it if the pay was fair, but it was not even close. Too low to even negotiate up to decent. Might just be my area, we are a high cost of living, but if you apply, I would inquire about the salary range before wasting too much time.
  9. beeker

    question re suit

    I don't hire people, but I've been in some peer interviews. I do think a suit looks better but the only thing that really has stuck out to me has been when people wear hooker shoes. I've seen two now wearing inappropriate shoes. One had ribbons that tied up her legs and the other had spiked stilettos that she had trouble walking in. Both were mentioned and discussed after when we were giving opinions, not by me. I noticed but wouldn't have said anything. So nothing super stand out ish.
  10. beeker

    Nursing and childcare poll

    I think a lot of us have similar struggles. We were discussing childcare issues at work as our facility had a major change. The hospital offered an in-house daycare for many years, opened at 630am and closed at 730pm. It was used by a lot of 12 hour people. They abruptly closed it down with 3 weeks notice which left a lot of people scrambling. A new daycare in the area has extended its hours and almost doubled in size to accommodate nurses/CNAs/ 12 hour shifters. The cost is double what the in house one charged, but people are willing to pay for safe care. On night shift, a lot of single moms pay overnight sitters to stay with their kids or family or spouse is home. A lot of dayshifters have 2 working parent households, and the spouse bears the brunt of getting everyone up dressed and off to school. Does the 12 hour shift burden your spouse? How do you handle child care? For school aged children, who drops off and picks up? Did you ever have to change jobs or shifts to acccomodate childcare/school hours? Does your spouse or another family member handle the drop off pick ups? i know most places don't offer in house daycare, so just curious how others make arrangements. Not everyone has family nearby.
  11. beeker


    I was to,d 10-12 weeks from when the check gets cashed for regular license. I am also wondering when the temp license will come through.
  12. beeker

    What is it like to work from home? Telephonic CM

    Are any of you still working in this area?
  13. beeker

    Anyone work for Anthem?

    Or any other work from home RN position? Do you like it? Any advice for landing this type of position?
  14. beeker

    Pre-op interview advice and possible questions

    You need to be good at IV starts, and good at listening to surgeons shout at you to hurry up. Patients are very anxious on the day or surgery so it helps if you are a talker and good at helping people relax.
  15. beeker

    Have you been through an Epic Go Live?

    Thank you for responding! Anyone know how far in advance a Trainer should be trained before Go Live? I appreciate all of your input. I have some very strong red flags popping up in my brain. My current employer has asked me to be a trainer for epic and I have never laid eyes on it. I am good with technology and a superuser on our current emr, but the "go live" is in September and they expect us to start teaching peers in June. I still would have to give my 1 month notice before I could start. I am obviously concerned that I can not get up to speed in time or "expert" enough to teach. How am I to teach what I do not know yet? They will certify us, but not until after go live, because they don't have time now. I am concerned that my facility has left all of this to the last minute and someone will end up blamed if it doesn't go well. I would love the opportunity to try something new, but feel like this might be getting set up to fail. OUr last "Go Live" was a total disaster, a bunch of IT people got fired, and now less than 2 years later we seem to be making the same mistakes all over again.