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  1. Schools That Provide Preceptors

    They all SAY they do assist with finding preceptors, but when very few actually do. Their sales pitch says they do. When you talk to alumni you fnd out they are selling you a pile ..... So really my questions is, do you know someone who went to ...
  2. Schools That Provide Preceptors

    Do they still exist? Ones with assigned clinical sites/preceptors? The schools I have spoken with all claim they "help" but I see coworkers that cant progress through their degree due to lack of preceptors. I move a lot due to my husbands job so I do...
  3. What state are you in? Pay seems quite regional.
  4. RNS/Pensions/benefits

    Is it just me or are RN jobs getting way worse over the last 5 years in terms of benefits? Does your RN job have a pension? How are your benefits? Is your health insurance expensive with big deductibles? Do you pay for Short Term ...
  5. Olivet Post Masters FNP online

    Did you ever choose a program
  6. National University PMHNP

    How was your clinical experience, did they help with that part?What was your total cost when all was said and done?
  7. How much do you owe in student loans?

    I owe 47K and I am strongly considering going back for NP. Honestly my only hesitation is more loans. I've been paying at my loans for many years and will be more many to come.
  8. Northern Kentucky University PMHNP program

    They do not offer degrees in my state as they do not meet the state BON educational requirements, or so they told me today
  9. PMHNP Midwestern State University (MSU)

    I am also curious how you like it so far?
  10. Northern Kentucky University PMHNP program

    How do you like the program so far? Their site says they help finding clinical placement, is that not accurate?
  11. Is Herzing University Accredited?

    for her it was after she precepted many students from that school she noticed a trend
  12. When does it stop being scary?

    I am consider changing to ICU and I am in my 40's. I am afraid of the stress of starting over and the sharp learning curve. Any advice?
  13. Is Herzing University Accredited?

    My colleague will not longer precept students from this school, said they are not up to par with other students she sees. Take that for what its worth, just one persons opinion, but she made me not want to go there.
  14. Would you rather?

    Thanks all. I've been really dissatisfied at my job, so I work less but I ahve been considering going back to school for Psych NP. This could be done part time. I feel like my brain misses learning but I am afraid critical care might be too intense.
  15. Would you rather?

    Stay at an easy (but super boring) job with great hours thats PRN or Go for a critical care position that will be super stressful and like being a new grad again, but be challenging and you will learn a lot. But its full time. ...