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  1. beeker


    Is it just me or are RN jobs getting way worse over the last 5 years in terms of benefits? Does your RN job have a pension? How are your benefits? Is your health insurance expensive with big deductibles? Do you pay for Short Term Disability and Long Term disability? What state are you in? What kind of employer? (hospital, state, insurance company, elsewhere) Do you have a union? I work in the south where pay is not great, and now all of the hospitals around me have eliminated pensions. A 401K just isn't the same. My state offers a pension for the state jobs,but the RN pay is equivalent to only $22/hr.
  2. beeker

    PMHNP Midwestern State University (MSU)

    I am also curious how you like it so far?
  3. beeker

    Would you rather?

    Stay at an easy (but super boring) job with great hours thats PRN or Go for a critical care position that will be super stressful and like being a new grad again, but be challenging and you will learn a lot. But its full time. I have a second grader at home, so PRN has been nice. But I have been feeling super unfulfilled at my job as of late and thinking of going back to school or looking elsewhere. But at the same time, I am not sure I can handle ICU and I am afraid I will fail. And afraid Ill regret leaving a job with cush hours.
  4. beeker

    Advice from ICU nurses

    Anyone change to ICU later in their career? I have been asked if I'd like to train for ICU and to be honest, I am afraid I won't be able to cut it. My last med surge was 2015 and I've been working in a hospital based surgical clinic since. Right now my job is easy and really boring but tedious and I am not loving it. But the schedule is flexible and I pick my days mostly. But because I don't love it anymore, I do not work that much and when I do I feel dissatisfied. A little bit about me, I am ADHD which makes me super Type A. I am a rule follower, and always look for the policies.I don't like to wing it, I like to be taught the proper way to do things. I am meticulous with my current job. Learning the new skills is very stressful for me, but once I get it, I do fine. Does this sound like a good person for the ICU or the opposite of that? What personality is best suited for ICU? What personality makes you not good for ICU? I appreciate brutal honesty as this would be a big change for me and I am probably going to chicken out.
  5. beeker

    New grad - Worcester, MA

    maybe search in the state specific forum?
  6. beeker

    Recovering nurse considering next career step

    Not what you asked, but we used to hire a lot of recovering nurses in dialysis. No narcs there at all, so recovery was a non issue. Problem is not everyone likes working in dialysis. They say you know pretty quick if you love it or hate it. Its a good place for people who are very type A, very organized, like routine.
  7. beeker

    MSN Informatics program recommendations...

    I don't feel the WGU Informatics degree covered anything pertinent to actually working in the field. I enjoyed some of the classes but wish I had chosen a school that had more of a career goal at the end. Its a new degree and they haven't worked out all the kinks yet.
  8. beeker

    Career Crossroads

    Got to keep looking Something will pan out. The 5 day a week job sucks. The prn still hasn't been posted, still in process.
  9. What advice could you offer for tailoring my resume to get a foot in the door? I am a clinical nurse with a degree in informatics, but I have no experience and would love to get a start. I have been a superuser for 2 different EMR changes. Anything I can do outside of work to boost my resume or gain experience? My workplace does not really allow us to be on committees or the like because we are always short staffed.
  10. beeker

    What would you do

    This happened to me before. Quit it’s only going to continue downhill. I’d probably stay until you can find something better.
  11. beeker

    Pursuing Informatics

    Does your job have an informatics team? Maybe ask if you can shadow? Volunteer for any super user positions.
  12. beeker

    Career Crossroads

    I also have bills to pay. And while it would be nice to sit at home with no job and hope the prn works out, that’s not reality unfortunately. I live in one of the most expensive places in the country so unemployment isn’t an option. So unless that prn becomes an official position before Monday, the choice has been taken away.
  13. beeker

    Career Crossroads

    I have applied to no less than 30 but no one will hire he as my floor experience is not recent. 2015. For prn they all want recent on the same unit.
  14. beeker

    EKG exam

    Shouldnt the hospital have a study guide? Ask your HR rep
  15. beeker

    RN license endorsement to CA

    AT the VA you do not need a CA RN, not sure about prisons
  16. beeker

    Career Crossroads

    Thanks everyone for all of the insightful information. This morning I woke up with a strong feeling I want the prn and called my former boss. My heart wants to be home more. She said the position isn't posted yet, they are still working on getting it approved. I didn't realize it wasn't a done deal since they were begging me to stay. I pushed for a when or how long and all I got was "these things take as long as they take" and "we are working on it". They are super short staffed and I know their OT budget is terrible right now. I gave more than a months notice the day before my last dayI was told they'd call me in a week or so to sit down to discuss hours and days needed. They announced at a staff meeting I might be coming back. prn last week even. They are blaming the delay on red tape of getting it approved by the higher ups and some rules with the union. I asked is this going to be weeks or months and got more " I don't know and we'll have to wait and see". It was not reassuring at all. I am slated to start the full time position on 4/8 so now I feel like I need to take it. I am so afraid to turn it down and then have the prn never materialize. So now I feel like I have to start and hope for the best. I know it would be awful to take it and then quit, but I am too afraid to pass it up and be left waiting for who knows how long. I finally felt like I made a choice and figured out where I wanted to go and then the rug got pulled out from under me again.