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  1. applewhitern

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    @Mudpinesredneck: What are talking about, the paxil comment and heart exploding? Please explain what you meant. I've been on 40mg paxil for YEARS and now you have me worried. Does Paxil affect the heart??
  2. applewhitern

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    I had a horrible dental abcess, but the dentist refused to give me any kind of narcotic. Told me to take ibuprophen or acetaminophen! It was the worse pain I've ever felt. I had to keep chipped ice in my mouth to deaden the pain some. To me, 30 Norco tabs sounds heavenly.
  3. applewhitern

    PR in Nursing Has Taken the Front Seat in Patient Care

    My facility's management is terrible. They are all "ladder-climbers" with little bedside experience. Even our education department people haven't touched a real, live patient in decades. Many of the policies are out-dated, because they don't know anything new. Thank goodness I am a seasoned nurse, because there wouldn't be anyone to ask if I had a problem. I remember the days when the DON had bedside skills, wore whites, and pitched in to help. Today, they wear street clothes (expensive suits) and high heels. I remember when a supervisor/coordinator, etc., was the "go to person" who had vast nursing knowledge. Today, all they have are "people skills," they can talk a good line, but have very poor nursing skills, if any. Of course this is everywhere; just my experience.
  4. applewhitern

    Yikes I'm Getting Old!

    It really bothers me when I hear talk about increasing the age to qualify for Medicare. After all, "we are living longer today!" My father died at age 43; my son died at age 29; my mother died at 70. I know lots of older people; I don't know lots of older people who can still work in their 70's or beyond. Those are a rarity.
  5. applewhitern

    The Ramblings of a Nurse

    I agree that there is no reason why nurses should not be compensated well for the work they do. It seems that everything falls on the nurses; everything is blamed on the nurses. Other departments in the hospital environment make as much or more than nurses. I was shocked to find that an assistant physical therapist with 2 years education make more than most RN's with a BSN. It seems that every other department gets to take lunch breaks, etc., but not nurses! After 22 years in the field, ICU, I think that if we did not portray ourselves as these wonderful angels of mercy, willing to be degraded by doctors, administration, patients, etc., that we would be seen as the educated professionals we are. I remember when I first worked as a nurse, years ago, that we got a lot more respect from other departments, such as resp. therapy, than we do now. It used to be that the RN was right under the doctor. Not any more! As long as we put ourselves out there to be used and abused, we will be. I am not a burned-out nurse; I now only work part-time in a non-stressful job. But after seeing nursing for what it really is all these years, I think it is time for nurses to demand more respect, pay and prestige than we get. A friend of mine once said, "well, we're all nurses." She was not a nurse, but just assumed all it took was caring for people. No idea of the amount of education and sacrifices we make.
  6. applewhitern

    Nurse Campy Fancy Pants!

    Thank goodness we don't have to wear those caps anymore!! As for earrings, all it took was one confused patient to rip one out of my ear, so I never wear jewelry of any kind, except a watch, to work. I also don't wear clogs; I like tennis shoes that tie, so I can run to a code. I agree with the poster who said patients can't tell housekeeping from nurses; I find that if you are a male nurse or a male respiratory therapist, the patient automatically assumes you are a doctor. I have known some male therapists that would wear white coats, and never correct the patient who called them doctor! I have also found that some patients think the female doctors are nurses. I don't wear looney-tune scrubs; I want to look professional.
  7. applewhitern

    Help! Should I file for Unemployment???

    Please have your thyroid checked. I used to get anxious and have panic attacks that started after 15 years of ICU nursing. It turned out I had Grave's disease; I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't understand why I would get so nervous at work. Now after treatment, I am fine and never have panic-attacks or anxiety anymore.