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GeneralJinjur has 6 years experience and specializes in Psych.

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  1. Best refused transfer ever!!!

    Doubtful in this case, since they have been unconscious for most of their ICU stay, but I agree that balancing mental and physical health is always a concern. As have I. My go-to response is to find a way to make something work. There was no safe...
  2. Best refused transfer ever!!!

    In the middle of nurse to nurse, I had to stop a transfer to my unit today because pt was unable to ambulate independently. I was so impressed with the ICU nurse on the other end who listened to my reasons for shutting it down and said, "That's okay...
  3. Why do most psych jobs seem to be 8's rather than 12's

    I agree that psych nursing can be very emotionally draining. I have done both kinds of shifts for at least 3 years on each type. Personally, I prefer 12s, since working five 8 hour shifts feels like I am always on the unit. Working 32 hours a week...
  4. 3 years on a waitlist...
  5. Nurses expecting to do too much!

    You all make good points -- I think the irritation comes from this being seen as only a nurse's problem for not reminding the doctor of necessary orders that should be obvious, given the patient's condition. No doubt docs are being reminded about t...
  6. Staffing

    Exactly! I know my patients well and no longer have to hope that I met their needs. My job satisfaction is through the roof because I have the tools to take great care of all my patients.
  7. dischargin psych pts question

    I would document it in my discharge note. I can worry about them, but it doesn't help the patient one speck. Recording their behavior as they leave my care can help the next treatment team address this.
  8. Staffing

    My first hospital had 3 nurses to cover 26-32 patients, with the same number of techs. I left there for a better staffed facility, which also happens to pay more. Now I have 5 patients per shift and it's lovely. I feel like I'm on vacation every d...
  9. Unit Manager asks to cancel interview. What do you do?

    The manager may be unable to if there is a sudden hiring freeze or some other administrative fun occurs. I am in favor of taking advantage of every job interview, even if all it means is that you have more practice for the next time you job hunt.
  10. Your Family?

    I only tell my bad stories to family members who work in law enforcement, because they can commiserate. Everyone else gets to hear the funny/quirky stories.
  11. Evening shift - yea or nay?

    I love the 3-11 shift. Did that my first year, then moved to days because I wanted to see my children. As soon as the little whippersnappers are out of the house, I will go back to evenings. Yes, you will get the majority of admissions and a fair ...
  12. Why did you choose to become a psych nurse?

    Oh, I connect just fine and definitely prefer it that way (though I have yet to get a paranoid psychotic patient to connect with me in the first few days -- which doesn't mean I don't try). I also work really hard to find the things that motivate th...
  13. Why did you choose to become a psych nurse?

    A free standing psychiatric hospital offered me my first nursing job and thus, a psych nurse was born. I'm in my 4th year of working in psych and I really like it. I can see myself sticking with this specialty until I retire. I did not plan to do ...
  14. The Shenanigans Involved With Scripting

    I know a Colorado hospital was doing it in 1998, when I had my first baby. I hung out on bedrest, with the phrase, "I have the time" ringing in my ears. It was always the newer nurses using the phrases, not the experienced ones.
  15. New Graduate in Colorado

    Any chance you can go to one of our rural hospitals? The outlook in the Denver metro area is exceptionally tough for new grads. Channel 7 news did an article within the past year about how there were only something like 10 new grad positions open in ...