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  1. Hygiene Queen

    Break up during school

    I think he started treating you bad when he met someone else because you were of no use to him any longer. Not everyone does that, but some do. You won't expect it and it's shocking. I suspect you won't be the last person he does this to. I know my husband did that to me. He also had to justify what he did by making me out to be "bad". It was horrible. Listen, you'll look back and realize you're better off without him. He has no integrity. It's life that one decides to leave a relationship, but how one goes about it is telling. It's confusing to be treated so well one minute and like garbage the next. I know you'll find peace, it just takes time.
  2. Hygiene Queen

    What Would You Do: Nursing Edition

    I was training a really stupid CNA. I'm not being mean. She was an idiot. Anyway, we were showering a very obese woman, "Mary", that had been messed up from steroids and had a severe chronic illness. Mary had had a pretty bad psychotic episode, was quiet, but was AOx3. I guess the aide didn't think Mary knew her head from her butt. The aide took one look at the patient after I had her undressed and said, "Wow! She's really FAT!!!" I was mortified. I looked at my patient and said, "Mary, I don't think this young lady knows you understand. You understood that, didn't you?" Mary replied, "Yes!" "How does that make you feel?" "Like ****". I rounded on the CNA and told she was thoughtless and rude. I kicked her out of the shower room. Mary had been a nurse herself. I told her, "I'm sorry. Do you know that girl wants to be a nurse?" Mary gave a flat chuckle and replied, "NO!" That was the most painful thing I ever heard someone say to a patient. I had a loooong talk with this gal. Had to tell her crap I shouldn't have to tell anybody, like "these are people that have feelings". She didn't get it. She was fired within three days of starting.
  3. Hygiene Queen

    Under who's license?

    That doesn't make it right... if that's true. Everybody looks up meds-- even doctors and pharmacists. Look up your meds. If you want to handle them, then do it responsibly. As for "working under" someone's license, the nurse is ultimately responsible in that any issues must be reported to them. They have to handle it. I sure as heck don't want to clean up somebody's mess because they screwed up meds. Have you looked through this? Licensing Standards for Medication Aides Handbook
  4. I used to start my shift by looking over my assignment and prioritizing my duties. Some of this involved knowing the residents and how things will go with them and working around that. I also used to run my bootie off with tasks that did not directly involve residents (like making beds, taking out trash, etc.) so I had more time when it came to working hands-on with individual residents without rushing them. I learned to do those non-resident tasks very ridiculously fast but not sloppily. If residents are chatty or excessively demanding of time, you need to learn how to gracefully exit. Sometimes you have to be politely firm. It takes time to get your groove and experience will provide. Okay, ignore the way the message is delivered and think back on your work. Is there any truth in the negative comments? Be honest with yourself. If so, work to correct any deficiencies. Can you explain how this woman is bullying you? Also, I wouldn't go to the DON. You are an adult. Try to sort this out as an adult in a professional manner with the coworker. It's hard to say what you should do without context. Is she the one being negative about your work? Make sure your work is, indeed, good before you accuse anyone of bullying. Some people do not know how to handle themselves professionally. She may be one of those people and doesn't know the concept of "constructive criticism". On the other hand, some people (especially those with little power) love to feel powerful. Sometimes they do this by putting down others. They like to make you feel stupid because they want to feel smart. They're not necessarily "arrogant" but come across that way because they are actually insecure. Remain calm and don't let them see you sweat because they like that and feed off your discomfort. That aide is an absolute idiot. That is someone who cannot think in anything but black and white. There is no nuance. Ever. Common sense be damned. Yes. You're smarter than that aide by a long shot. There is no way you could justify passing trays over ignoring a call light wherein a resident may need help or leaving a resident on the toilet alone. When I was an aide, we were passing our dinner trays. I stopped passing trays to answer a call light that had been going off for too long. I walked in to find a resident slid out of her chair and choking on her seat belt. Anything can be happening and no one is going to die because a tray sat another five or ten minutes... but they might die if we are neglectful. Oh, she just didn't want to get stuck passing out the trays without help. You already know she's an idiot. I've changed my mind about saying she thinks in black and white. Sounds more like she's selective in what she says to you in terms of what works best for her! Change the word "arrogant" to "ignorant", "unprofessional" and "insecure". I've been down that road. I handled it by ignoring those types of CNAs and doubling down and making sure my work was flawless. I gave them zero room to complain. It ended up benefiting me and my residents. It took a little while, but I became an excellent aide and left those jerks in the dust. You keep putting the safety of your residents first! You may be slow for now, but you'll get it. Keep trudging along and good luck to you.
  5. Hygiene Queen

    Black Sheep...time to leave?

    Aw! I would have loved to chit chat about horror movies,Tudor history and Greek mythology! I'm an old soul too, but at 47, I've grown into it somewhat. You will too. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I felt the same way. I wasn't for fostering relationships outside of work, so it was plenty my fault too. I just remained friendly and goofy! If they didn't respond in kind, that was on them and I tried! If you really pay attention, you'll probably find all sorts of drama in that clique. Be glad you have no part of it.
  6. Hygiene Queen

    Is this fair?

    What about a junior college? My ADN was less than 10k! CallMeSally: some of those for-profit schools love having students like you. They want students that "just can't wait" or "nobody else accepted me". They know these "desperate" students will pay out the butt, and once they get that first juicy chunk of your money, they don't care if you fail. More students like you will come and cough up more dough for an easy in. You had to wonder why it was so easy to get in there, right? I would cut my losses there before you're in debt so bad, you'll never pay it back.
  7. Hygiene Queen

    Richard Speck student nurse murder survivor doing well

    I had a client who worked in the prison system. He was a neat guy with fascinating stories, but anyway, he said Speck was the most vile person he ever met. No shocker there. I could not imagine the horror Corazon endured. Bless her.
  8. Hygiene Queen

    Pet Peeve

    Bwahaha! I was just reading through some of mine. Some I just glanced at and said "nope!" because I just couldn't deal with the cringe
  9. Hygiene Queen

    Thread for Trolls

    THAT"S what u CAN DO!!! when u put all ur faith in the Baby Jesus and ur story is PROOF!!! that He hear our prayers to be a nurse coz that's His #1 priorty over anything u can beleve it Hallelujah!!! now I'm off to PRAY!!! for my 24th try myself pray for me
  10. Hygiene Queen

    Bad day or am I a bad PCT?

    Give yourself a break! It was only your first day! If you keep at it, you can only improve. I sucked when I first became a CNA. I had coworkers and nursing home residents betting on how long I would last! I set out to prove them wrong and just kept at it until I hit my stride. I knew I'd broken through the sucky-ness when a resident flat out told me, "Honey, when you first started, I thought, 'there is no way she'll last two months'... and here you are! I think you're one of best one's here!" God love that woman! I needed to hear that. I was (still am!) socially awkward, but she really boosted my morale. I needed that boost, but I had to do the work and keep at it and keep at it! It just takes time and building on everything you learned the day before. Good luck to you.
  11. Hygiene Queen

    Medication Error

    It sounds like you are taking full responsibility. You thought about what you did wrong and have already taken action to correct yourself. This is excellent. All work places take med errors seriously, but some are more punitive than others. My work place was supportive of errors as long as you did everything you needed to do after the error was made (call the doc, monitor the patient, fill out a report, etc.) We have all made mistakes.
  12. Hygiene Queen

    Catch 22 situation

    That's crap! I worked on a geri-psych unit and we took folks from the nursing home all the time. They were our bread-and-butter, actually. Psych won't admit her as a danger to herself or others? Behavioral disturbance? Agitation and aggression? Medication adjustment? Come on! You guys need a break and this lady needs to go psych! I'm sorry psych is being so stupid.
  13. Hygiene Queen

    What field should I go into?

    Those "tech schools" tend to be waaaaaaay more expensive than they have to be. Some are scams. Go to a community college! You can get your prereq's and get into a nursing program at a community college for nowhere near the cost of those tech schools. You can then go on to get your bachelor's. I don't know who UIU is... but like klone said, they are liars. They thought you were a "stupid kid" and fed you garbage. Makes me sick! Ya know, Danielle, I was skipping school and smoking cigarettes behind the church when I was your age. Oh, the shame! If only I had the sense to think about my future then! Good for you. Cheers and good luck.
  14. Hygiene Queen

    I need help!!

    Hi and welcome to AN :) It's hard for anybody to say, as you know yourself and your situation best. I'm thinking that an Associate's in Nursing would have the bigger payoff as they make better money than a PTA. However, most places expect their nurses to get their BSN at some point, so you should plan for that. Which one do you think you'd like better? How much money do you want to make? How well do handle stress? How much responsibility do you want? So many things to think about. If you think you're well-suited to both, I'd go with RN because there tend to be more opportunities and more money. If you really really like the idea of PTA and can stand to earn a bit less, do that. Good luck to you :)
  15. Hygiene Queen

    Advice on best time to have a baby (please!)

    I would hate the idea of being distracted by nursing school during that important and special time of raising children. Nursing school will always be there, your children's childhood will not.
  16. Not to mention how nasty and sweaty hands get under gloves if they're worn for longer periods. Blech.