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  1. Hygiene Queen

    What does this presentation mean? NOT HOMEWORK.

    I was wondering about the lymph nodes, since you mentioned her surgery. That could be part of it. Trilafon can cause heart failure in older adults. I love these kind of discussions on AN!
  2. Hygiene Queen

    Break up during school

    I think he started treating you bad when he met someone else because you were of no use to him any longer. Not everyone does that, but some do. You won't expect it and it's shocking. I suspect you won't be the last person he does this to. I know my h...
  3. Hygiene Queen

    What Would You Do: Nursing Edition

    I was training a really stupid CNA. I'm not being mean. She was an idiot. Anyway, we were showering a very obese woman, "Mary", that had been messed up from steroids and had a severe chronic illness. Mary had had a pretty bad psychotic episode, was q...
  4. Hygiene Queen

    When they're SO sure they're right...

    We've had plenty of threads where we have shared stupid things we've done or misunderstood or whatever. That's not the point of this thread though. Sure, it could be something lacking... or maybe the nurse was just having a ding-dong moment? Maybe...
  5. Hygiene Queen

    Rules for refusing assignment

    OP states they are not worried about future employment: If OP gets fired, they may not be worried about their current employer because they have no intention of working there, but I wonder if OP has thought about what they would tell potential empl...
  6. Hygiene Queen

    Rules for refusing assignment

    If your hospital has a policy that one can refuse a second pull, then there's your answer. Take the issue up with your manager. Every hospital has their own policies. There is no way for us to tell what your policy actually is. We don't know if you ...
  7. Hygiene Queen

    Under who's license?

    That doesn't make it right... if that's true. Everybody looks up meds-- even doctors and pharmacists. Look up your meds. If you want to handle them, then do it responsibly. As for "working under" someone's license, the nurse is ultimately responsible...
  8. I used to start my shift by looking over my assignment and prioritizing my duties. Some of this involved knowing the residents and how things will go with them and working around that. I also used to run my bootie off with tasks that did not directly...
  9. Hygiene Queen

    Charles Cullen and Other Healthcare Serial Killers

    I am over there under another name and have noticed you there. I don't participate, I'm just interested in what people come up with. Unfortunately, there are some ridiculous hand-wringers, far-fetched theories and users that try to match the most un...
  10. Hygiene Queen

    Blood Pressure Meds

    You're missing the point. The point is that the policy was likely made due to unreliable aides in the past. If that was indeed the case, then those aides should have been fired. Not only that, but if the facility continues to deem their aides as so u...
  11. Hygiene Queen

    Rant*I hope I'm never their patient

    What a bunch of judgmental slop. You're not "worried", for Pete's sake. There's always a holier-than-thou student that like to pass off their announcement that they are superior to others by proclaiming to be "worried" for the *gasp!!!* safety of th...
  12. Hygiene Queen

    Interesting ward combinations

    A geropsych unit mixed with anything else. Constant complaints from the middle-aged crowd there for things like depression. Yeah, depressed younger folks really want to endure Grandpa Smith drooling on his plate, constantly screaming and biting peopl...
  13. Hygiene Queen

    Nursing nightmares.

    I took care, my friend. I quit.
  14. Hygiene Queen

    Nursing nightmares.

    I don't remember if I told this one on AN or not, but I once had a nightmare that I was walking down the hallway at work and one of our little tiny old ladies was shuffling slightly behind me. Suddenly, the lights went out and it was pitch black. I c...
  15. Hygiene Queen

    Whats your favorite part of nursing?

    I always loved telling my elderly patients to "walk this way" and then launching into a Groucho Marx walk down the hall. They loved it! Other than that, I loved loved loved washing them up and tucking them in.

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