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  1. violet_violet

    Nursing in Thailand

    Yes any pointers please.
  2. violet_violet

    Nursing in Thailand

    Where are you currently? Omg we need to hook up. Like you I'm also L&D and 3 years in and been having a burninh desire to relocate to Thailand even if it's temporary. Please let me know what you have found out.
  3. violet_violet

    awhonn member?

    What do you mean professional membership is expected if...?
  4. violet_violet

    awhonn member?

    Just wondering how many here are AWHONN members? I'm wondering if I should become one...is it worth $192/year?
  5. violet_violet

    interventions for bradycardia fht

    Baseline 120, 115, lowest 110, category 1 tracing...moderate to minimal variabilty with accelerations Then for less then a 5 minute period baseline runs 105. what are some interventions I could have done? I know it was only for a 5 minute period but fhr variability did dip to the 100s no decelerations though. Had the strip continue like this with a low baseline how long can I really allow this strip to go on like this? I know for tachycardia... As along as fht still has variability and accelerations, you can let the strip go on for awhile...perhaps give some 02 but what about in the case of low baseline?
  6. I don't know how long I'll be able to do nights, 8hrs shifts, 72 hrs a pay period. I just started on nights finally after being trained but looking in at long term, I honestly don't know how long I'll last and be able to stick with this life style. It kinda sucks. I hate to complain but what to do? I already put in a request to be considered for another shift but very unlikely that there will be an open position. What if I can't stick it out? Is worth it to just look into another hospital in the area that does 12 hour shifts?? I've done 12 hour shifts nights in the past and seem to be able to tolerate that more...
  7. violet_violet

    v tach vs. v fib

    I'm having a hard time telling the difference between the two.... What's the secret?
  8. violet_violet

    NRP online examination

    I am on section 3 right now and it's my 3rd time taking it... argh! I hope it's only this section that is the killer
  9. violet_violet

    NRP online examination

    I remember the last NRP test I had to take was a written test and it was much easier! I'm doing the online test right now and I only got to part 3 of part 12 and I failed already. Had to repay the $23 and start all over. any advice tips? I don't want to have to do that again... err.
  10. violet_violet

    What's the max dose Pitocin is allowed at your hospital?

    Interesting, I've maxed at 20 mU/min and have had to turn off pit and restart at a later time.
  11. violet_violet

    best hospital to work for in Houston, TX

    Looking for employee benefits.... As well as the place where all the patients want to go to have their babies
  12. violet_violet

    best hospital to work for in Houston, TX

    Any recommended hospital especially for labor and delivery?
  13. violet_violet

    $23/hr ?

    Is $23/hr considered good pay in Texas?
  14. Please include the state you're from. CA - max dose 20 mU/min
  15. violet_violet

    best hospital to work for in Houston, TX

    I may be relocating to this area in the future. Wondering what hospital is best to work for, labor and delivery in particular. Thanks!