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  1. Help i need with job in houston

    I had the same problem when I was a new grad, and my solution was to go for the smaller, less advertised hospitals such as Triumph, which is now Kindred, Reliant, Nexus, Solara, etc. Don't be afraid to reach out further into the suburbs or even rural...
  2. How many of you here wear ted/support hose to work?

    I do I do! I wear pressure socks, plus some cushy low-cut socks over them for padding, plus my Z-Coil shoes! The combination is as unsexy as it gets, but I'm going to stave off varicose veins as long as I can!
  3. I have a question about the etiquette of meeting higher-ups, asking recommendations from them, and how to offer a means of meeting and compensation for their time without it seeming like a bribe. This has to do with my current situation, but I know t...
  4. is a comprehensive search. They search both resellers and online stores. I go into the school store, note the titles, editions, authors, and ISBN (if possible, some cover the bar codes), then search on the website. It's saved me...
  5. What is a step-down unit?

    I work Neuro ICU stepdown, which means that they're not acute enough to need the ICU, but still need staff with specialized neurological training.
  6. im selfish? hmmm

    You are incorrect and elitist. The only people who should be having kids are the ones who are dedicated enough to raise them. Those who won't shouldn't have kids. You're just like my dad. He and my mom had 6 kids. As the oldest, I ended up doing a l...
  7. Sitters can definitely be an asset, and you sound like you care about your job. Good for you. Ignore the haters. I will tell you about some of the negative experiences I have had with sitters though. I'm not sure what your job description is. Some s...
  8. im selfish? hmmm

    It's considered abnormal to not like kids, and women get judged more harshly. I agree with everyone else here, it would be selfish to have kids knowing that you don't like or want them. Seriously, I've seen so much horrific abuse of children, and eve...
  9. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    I went to the Shenandoah/Spring/Woodlands/Conroe area. There was only one nursing school in the area, which meant better chances.
  10. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    In Houston, we have about 6 nursing schools in the area. This means a glut of new grads every semester, with hundreds of applicants competing for a few coveted jobs. I drove out of the Houston area into one of the many surrounding suburbs. The commut...
  11. To the family of a very difficult patient with BPD: don't tell us that we're the problem and cause her to be rude and difficult. If it was a problem with just one or two people, it would be them. Since she has a problem with everybody that she sees, ...
  12. The case of the missing pens: A rant and an idea

    I put little stickers on my pens so I can distinguish mine from others, and rightfully claim them if someone else has one without my permission. I also keep a pack of cheapo Bic pens on hand for people to borrow, and use the good clicky comfort grip ...
  13. You are denying pain meds to the same woman who gave birth to you? Oh, it just "kills" you to see her take a med that would make her stop crying and cringing in pain? There is a special hell for you. The difference between you and an interrogator is ...
  14. I've only been a nurse for 2 1/2 years, and all personal and professional references when job searching have been mentors, instructors, friends, coworkers, and other fairly familiar people. Basically, all of my past references have offered to be one ...
  15. To all the grown-up (I use that term loosely) Mama's boys and Daddy's little girls: Thank you so much for making me the meanest mom in the world. People like you horrify me into disciplining kids in hopes of them turning out nothing like you. Serious...