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  1. VioletKaliLPN

    Univ of Arkansas Fayetteville LPN to BSN

    Does anyone have info r/t proving employment? I work Agency and staff SNF. I have worked and completed contracts at 30 facilities. Would my travel agency be able to verify?
  2. VioletKaliLPN

    BAD first day at assisted living as a new nurse

    When I say this, I mean it... WELL DONE. You did the very best you could with the information you had, that is all you can do. Crazy things will happen, and you have to use your best judgement to make decisions. In the future your judgement may/ will change based on experience. 🙂
  3. VioletKaliLPN

    Women's Right to Choose

    I am on those women that has been accused of using abortion as birth control, but I have zero regrets and advocate for contraception AND abortion. I was great about using BC pills, until I had a bi polar manic phase due to not being able to afford my meds that month because of car issues. Everything within my life went chaotic, I did not take my BC pills- simple as that. I still had sex though, I was married and not going to NOT have sex. We were both college students just getting by. I was 20 when I had my first abortion at 7w 5 days pregnant, and I had an IUD inserted while I was still asleep from the anesthesia. WINNING. IUDs are awesome, BTW. Life began to look up! I qualified for pt assistance for meds, and have been stable ever since.. Age 22, just 2 years after having my IUD inserted, I was pregnant. Crap, so I had my second abortion and then had another IUD inserted because they ARE very effective. Fast forward 12-13 years later. I had my tubes tied, never had another unwanted pregnancy. I graduated college, traveled the US and the world, I am VERY fortunate. To this day I am a travel Nurse and road trip all of the time. My life has been great, I have no regrets as far as my abortions are concerned. I ended up working for the same abortion provider until he retired in 2012. I had amazing medical care, the Nurse anesthetist, RN/LPN staff, and physician, were all amazing. I am thankful that we have choices, each and every one of them. I believe in CHOICE. No coersion, no threats, just support a woman in any choice she makes.
  4. VioletKaliLPN

    Measles and camp staff

    Shoot, as soon as the outbreak began I said to myself, TITERS. I am not taking a chance that my vaccination was good enough.. They are telling a few age ranges that we may need another.
  5. I remember everything that I learned from my science classes. Maybe I am an outlier, but I HIGHLY doubt it. Nurses do not simply carry out orders and do what "The physician tells us/writes on an order". We THINK, we ensure the order is correct and carry it out if it is correct. On a weekly basis I am calling a physician to VERY politely mention that a patient is allergic to the Sulfa ABTs ordered, can "we" make a switch. You have to THINK critically. This means you must dig into your depth of knowledge to practice our profession. You cannot view it as a trade, it is a true profession.
  6. LPN here. . my program required chemistry as a pre req. I took the same pharmacology class that my BSN program teaches, so I tested out of it. I took Med Surg, 1 and 2. I took mother and baby, peds, even did an OR clinical.. YES, you will use them. The teachers are not going to spoonfeed you. If they lecture about a drug and state "This works on the ascending loop of henle", you should already know what that is. If not, they are not going to teach you and you are SOL.
  7. VioletKaliLPN

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I am an LPN that is currently in a BSN program. I was able to skip Nursing 101. I already had all of the pre reqs, so I was able to go into upper division major which is Nursing classes. I have read the research. Facilities with more BSN prepared Nurses have better outcomes. It makes sense for me to get my BSN since I want to be an RN. I am excited, actually.
  8. VioletKaliLPN

    WGU Prelicensure Program

    Can I attend in NC if I am dedicated to travel when needed? This would be great , I am an LPN but do not mind retaking classes.
  9. VioletKaliLPN

    Old nurse won't retire

    Is there any possibility of utilizing her strengths? IDK how this would work in acute care, but in LTC I have a 75 year old coworker that performs wound care and works on admissions. She said she could not handle the med cart anymore, but she is a WHIZ at dressing changes and the admission stuff.
  10. VioletKaliLPN

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    I asked a friend that was a Cashier at Wal-Mart. She stated that in any given hour she would ring up motor oil, cleaning supplies, frozen food, and touch money that could be sticky or moist. (Eeek) She stated that it was not so much about germs, but actual viewable and touchable filth. Makes sense..
  11. VioletKaliLPN

    Do nurses tend to be enablers?

    Call me a hard butt, but I will not loan anyone any money for any reason. There have been times where I will fill up a gas tank or buy some groceries, but I never give cash to anyone.
  12. VioletKaliLPN

    Pregnant and in nursing school

    I have been there, 12 years ago. I knew my limitations, and I chose to have an abortion. (no regrets) While many people tried to talk me out if it, I had to stand my ground. *I* know that I would not have been able to do it, and I feel that everyone knows their limits. Do what is right for you :) unplanned and unwantes pregnancies are never easy, but you always have a choice. Feel free to msg me if you would like. :) í ½í²›
  13. VioletKaliLPN

    Just found out I'm pregnant....

    I was going to write something but realized you already found a resolution. I was going to say that I too had an unwanted pregnancy, but I chose a different path.(without regret) that was nearly 12 years ago. Follow your gut. Only you know what you can and cannot handle. Congrats on making into Nursing school.
  14. VioletKaliLPN

    Nursing School Requiring a 85% test average?

    Anything below 80% in my Nursing school program was an F. I have never heard of 85, but it doesn't seem horrible to me. I had a 97% average though, and I dedicated several hours a day to study.
  15. VioletKaliLPN

    is this bullying?

    Unfortunately, I stuck out like a sore thumb in Nursing school. I have a 4.0 GPA and maintained it throughout. My instructor, and director of the program, unfortunately put the 5 highest grades out in the open with a statement on congratulations. She intended well! I am already socially awkward though, so it made me a target. Needless to say, many within my cohort disliked me. With this being stated, my instructors were pleased with my work and wrote reference letters highlighting my work and academic effort. Don't allow these people to ruin your upcoming graduation! Make sure the teacher is pleased with your work, ask her of there is anything that she believes you should do differently, and hold your head up high.
  16. VioletKaliLPN

    Down Time

    On my down time I hike, swim, do yoga, or workout. I am very active and enjoy "playing" at camp too. I love that it is encouraged.