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July 31 2017, guy fleeing police crosses median and slams into truck and dies. The truck catches fire severely burning the innocent driver, Mr. Gray, who was taken to SLC University. Police later... Read More

  1. by   morte
    Quote from SobreRN
    Actually if one refuses a breathalyzer a blood test can be compelled if one is arrested on suspected DUI; THAT is implied consent one gives for driving. Not the same as the truck driver did not cause the accident nor was he suspected of a DUI.
    no, that is no longer correct.
  2. by   morte
    Quote from Emergent
    Has anyone heard how the injured trucker is doing? I haven't seen any mention of it in subsequent reports. The accident looked pretty horrendous.
    there has been a gofundme account started, his last name is Grey. his wife is apparently staying in a hotel in town as he is still in the burn unit.
  3. by   morte
    Quote from RunnerNurse09
    Again, great way to shove everyone under the same umbrella. "They".
    wrong, try some English grammar. the "they" refers to the cops in this incident. as should be obvious to anyone with sufficient education to be a nurse.
  4. by   morte
    Quote from RunnerNurse09
    Resisting arrest is not lawful. Yes , the cop was wrong and she was wrongfully arrested. But think for a minute what it would be like if everyone who was ever placed under arrest was allowed to resist because they thought they shouldnt be arrested. Do you think drug dealers and murderers think they should go to jail? Its not that easy. I think they said she was released 20 minutes later. So resisting does nothing except escalate the situation.
    resisting unlawful arrest is legal under the constitution, but many jurisdictions have put limits on that.
  5. by   RunnerNurse09
    Quote from morte
    wrong, try some English grammar. the "they" refers to the cops in this incident. as should be obvious to anyone with sufficient education to be a nurse.
    Very mature to start slinging insults. You didn't state "they wanted " , you stated "they want" . Maybe you should have clarified.
  6. by   Wuzzie
    And here is Alex being all sensible and smart again. What an amazing representative of nursing.

    Utah Nurse Arrested Over Blood Draw: This Shouldn'''t Happen Again - NBC News

    She is going to have a far-reaching, positive impact on this country.
  7. by   morte
    Quote from RunnerNurse09
    Very mature to start slinging insults. You didn't state "they wanted " , you stated "they want" . Maybe you should have clarified.
    no factual argument, got it.
  8. by   operations
    I think we can all agree that the "don't resist arrest" point is very inapplicable to this situation. Just because the man technically has a badge and says the word "arrest" doesn't mean he is arresting. He lunged and grabbed her. He didn't read Miranda rights. He was already panicking and looking for a way out, to get the blood draw he knew was illegal. He was very obviously attacking her, not arresting, so someone should have intervened, period! What would it have taken for someone to intervene? The guy punching her? Whipping out his gun? Threatening others? Is he that untouchable? The other staff did not make a bad decision, but it wasn't the "best" decision. The fact is that man was dangerous. He had motive to really hurt someone as evidenced by the obvious cover up and we absolutely do not need to make a precedent of cops being able to stand behind our badge and hurt nurses or patients because they say can just say the word arrest if they want to they assault us. That's how people die.
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  9. by   MusicGuy
    As disturbing as the video is to watch, it baffles me that a security guard just stood and watched. Security officers are also mandated with protecting rights of patients in addition to rights of fellow employees. Clearly two people's rights where endangered. Why is the RN the only one who stood up? And why did security do nothing but watch?
  10. by   The Nurse Farmer
    What were the spectators doing while this unfolded? The arresting officer comes across as arrogant and belligerent. The other officers or security staff seem to just stand there. The nurse manager comes across as concerned, but impotent in this situation. The other staff in the facility appear to either be watching as this unfolds or busy with other tasks.

    What if this were you? What if this were me? What would you have done? What do you think should have happened?
  11. by   The Nurse Farmer
    After I moved past my emotional response (Which was anger), I am just bewildered by the whole incident. It is bizarre! Not to be funny, but I wonder about the officers mental health. Alcoholism? Early stages of dementia? Seriously! It is a question that begs to be asked!
  12. by   The Nurse Farmer
    Exactly! Not just security, but what about the other officers who appear to be present. Why didn't they ask the arresting officer to back off? What were the other spectators doing?
  13. by   LadyMossberg
    In all of your collective righteous indignation, has anyone bothered to think that maybe the law needs to change? Warrants shouldn't be required by the police to collect evidence. We're at war with terrorists, drug cartels and violent groups like Antifa. HIPPA and the laws this "nurse" were abusing are only aiding our enemies! This time it was a luckless driver, next time Wubbels might defend a member of ISIS or Antifa.

    She should lose her job before any LEO does.