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  1. Really? That's actually pretty pathetic. If you read the post you wouldn't need to be told I was talking about CRNA. Like I literally described the role. How juvinille.
  2. Actually it should have been CRNA school. I could not edit the post in time. Sorry lol
  3. CHOOSING specialties, where to begin?

    Topic has been here for days and viewed. No one had anything to say on the subject? Too broad of a question?
  4. Those Overly Exaggerating Nursing Stories

    I find time to pee because I have time management skills. And I don't get emotionally involved with my job. A baby being born is a nice thing, but it isn't my baby, so it's not special to me. Seeing a beating heart is a cool experience, but I don't...
  5. She deserves all of our support.
  6. You learn ethics etc. Technically, your ticket into nursing is Nclex stamp of approval. I truly believe BSN does not make you that much better of a nurse, but it does make you more rounded professional/leader. Most hospitals don't care about BSN as m...
  7. Actually I just noticed this. I worked on CCU and everyone there had plans of going somewhere else. It is fine and all, but I remember one new grad that was terrible with foleys at first and always needed (me, the tech) to help or take over. Within m...
  8. Unable to Advance my RN Position

    I think the boundary made with the boss is definitely important. If OP can discuss something that she can hold her boss accountable to and have it in writing, she will have more leverage. And, if she must leave the job then she can tell the next empl...
  9. Honestly I think this is the future of healthcare., even medicine. Nursing is an evolving career. I believe it will intertwine more with medicine in the future and the two will become two sides of the same coin rather than the nurse being considerate...
  10. Assessments Study Tools

    Which class are you in? That's gonna depend on what you need a guide for. Ex 103 focuses on "normals" at my school.
  11. Let me tell you about Foleys. Learned them in training and got checked off at my new tech job years ago. That day I was thinking of that I should follow some nurses around when I start and watch them every chance I get, then do one. Felt completely ...
  12. Bullying by Nurses and CNa

    I am proud of you OP. You were right to stand your ground against the bullies or awful people replying to the post. It's not our place to always judge someone's credibility. That's why I said "based on what you said". You needed the benefit of the do...
  13. Bullying by Nurses and CNa

    I absolutely respect your actions. I would rather work with someone who is a good example of a professional like you than all those poor excuses who harassed you.
  14. Bullying by Nurses and CNa

    The cargivers were bullying and needed corrective action. The behaviors of the cargiver crossed the line when they neglected their duties and impacted patient care. They did this willfully and with complete disregard to the patient's wellbeing. Base...
  15. Unable to Advance my RN Position

    Don't you see you are getting played? They weren't "forced" to leave you in this position. They chose to. And now they are making every excuse so you accept their choice easier. How did the other employees get into this position? They must have had ...