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RNrhythm has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

Second-career RN.

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  1. I leave my house at 0625, walk onto my unit around 0645, clock in at 0700. I used to have a 90 minute commute so I know how lucky I am.
  2. RNrhythm

    Fake Nursing School Scammed Me

    Oh no! That was my worst fear. My heart goes out to you. I wonder if it would be any help to seek out a public advocacy news reporter? Sometimes they can get things moving by helping bring attention to your plight.
  3. I only wear my compression socks when working. Normally I buy a wider shoe or brand for all of my shoes. With compression socks, my feet are a little narrower and a regular width fits perfectly. This was news to me and I am surprised at how well my n...
  4. Does anyone use one app for home and personal schedules? Maybe with to-do and shopping lists? I am using the same basic work schedule app for years and want to find something cross-platform (cell phone + laptop/desktop) to manage things. I imagine m...
  5. RNrhythm

    Expired License

    You probably already read this on CA BRN site, but: "If the license has been lapsed longer than eight years, the RN must submit the delinquent renewal fee, 30 hours of continuing education, and proof of competency to practice by either verificat...
  6. RNrhythm

    Med Error

    I received the same order the other day and had to stare at it for a bit. I was unfamiliar with the hyperkalemic protocol and my error WOULD have been giving the insulin subQ but the checks built into our system stopped me and I gave it IV push, corr...
  7. RNrhythm

    RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    We say emergency department a lot. We say ED at my California hospital. Maybe because it is so huge?
  8. RNrhythm

    Digital watch recommendations?

    Nothing allowed below the elbow where I work. No watches, smart or otherwise. Wedding bands are permitted.
  9. RNrhythm

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    I work in a large hospital and now realize I would not know if you, or any of my coworkers, chose not to get vaccinated. I think if anyone is skipping the vaccine, they are keeping quiet about it.
  10. RNrhythm

    What if I'm not meant to be a bedside nurse?

    When I look back at my first few years, I realize the large role anxiety played in my challenges. I may not have looked anxious, but I dreaded going to work and had trouble sleeping. Having unsupportive, cliquish coworkers and constantly changing man...
  11. RNrhythm

    Tips for Eating Healthy on Night Shift

    If you work nights and have a commute, plan to eat a banana or an apple during your commute. You can safely eat them while driving and it will blunt that morning hunger. You will get a serving or two of fruit and fiber, the crunch and natural sugar w...
  12. RNrhythm

    Waking up too early on work days

    On work days, I wake up 45 minutes or more before my alarm goes off. This only happens on work days. I would rather sleep until closer to my alarm setting! If I go to bed earlier to recoup this lost sleep time, I just wake up even earlier. I sleep ve...
  13. RNrhythm

    Asymptomatic, no known exposure: Should we get tested?

    Original Poster here: A month and a half later, despite being very careful, I had very mild symptoms and tested positive last week. Symptoms resolved in a few days and I am quarantined from my family for 10 days, then back to work. Family quarantined...
  14. Totally random, as with hiring in most non-seasonal professions. I once got an interview and hardcopy job offer 2 days after applying (I loved that job, BTW) but otherwise totally random. I have gotten calls 6 months after applying, though usually I...
  15. Oops! Duplicate reply.