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Does anyone use one app for home and personal schedules? Maybe with to-do and shopping lists?  I am using the same basic work schedule app for years and want to find something cross-platform (cell phone + laptop/desktop) to manage things. I imagine my cell phone has untapped features I should look into as well.

I appreciate any recommendations.

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I happen to like Artful Agenda. Multiple calendars can be linked, and there's lots of other features as well. I have the app on my phone and tablet, plus can access from web or via app on computer as well.

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I'm an iphone and Windows computer user so I use gmail calendars.

I use my icloud calendar so it syncs to my macbook, iphone, and apple watch. I believe if you aren't an apple user, Google calendars is very similar. My husband also shared apple calendars with me too so we can each others stuff.

I have an ornately color-coded system, one color for work, one color for to-do list , one color for shared appointments with my husband, another color for appointments for just me etc. I also have different settings so some of the calendars my husband can only view (like my work schedule), some he can view or change or add his own stuff too (like shared appointments), and some I don't share with him like the calendar for special work-related trainings that happen when I'm already at work or like my to-do list. 

You can use Google calendars in basically the same way I think, I just don't use that system. Here's a URL that shows you how apple calendars looks and how cool they are: 

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I also want to add that we have a calendar on our fridge where we list all the family activities and I also use an Erin Condren organizer where I can take notes especially important for when I need to recheck on a pt. 

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I use a fridge calendar. But- Alexa app is awesome! I have it on my iPhone, watch, echo dot and echo show (that can display a visual calendar) it can hook up to the car (if ever I felt it necessary). I can verbally ask her to add things to shopping list,  calendar etc.  I can also add other family member voices so they can add to the list etc.

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