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I'm wondering if others have quintessential moments of satisfaction while working, something I call "nursing moments". For me, its making beds, particularly if the pt. is sitting by the window, with family in the room. I know that it seems mundane, but I derive immense satisfaction from making beds. I don't have to calculate anything, measure, wipe or document the event. It's a fresh clean bed, with no wrinkles, no complaints, no doubts and everyone is grateful that it's done.

I have known this for some time, but just recently had the courage to tell a good friend, the former DON of a Harvard hospital. He said the same thing, but he liked making beds with people in them.

micro, RN

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yes, I have..........

but then the chaos of what nursing has become takes hold.....

but somewhere deep inside my brain and core.......

I know it is there.........

thanks for sharing.......

it is good to give of self.....

*and get paid for it*

but if all I wanted was a paycheck.......

well that is another story.....



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Holding the hand of a labor patient braving natural childbirth. Seeing this labor culiminate in the beginning of a new life and start of a brand new family. Those moments are most precious to me.....those and the hugs I get from time to time from such patients and their family members. Sounds smarmy maybe, but it is how I feel, honestly.

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Every now and then when I have the time to give a good bath, the old fashioned way, with a shave, hair wash and back rub, and good conversation. I feel I've really bonded with the patient. Especially when they are appreciative.

Basic care is what gives me the most satisfaction.

That and when an assessment reveals something of important that makes a different in the outcome. That if it wasn't for nursing assessment, critical thinking and intervention, a bad outcome would have happened.

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When one of my old folks just holds my hand for awhile, and I know they appreciate me. Or when they know me by name and want to chat in the middle of the night (when times are a bit slower).

Yea, I feel I've made a difference in their lives, and that they love me almost as much as I love them. :)

Those are my big nursing moments.........

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I enjoy making beds as well, espcially if my patients had a sheath pulled, have been lying in the same genral position for hours, and when they get up the first time, to be able to get clean linens under them, they just feel so much better.

I also find I feel good helping pts through ABG draws, most all know whats coming, and to be able to take the few minutes to be in the room at their side, and let them squeeze my hand and just talk to me while its being drawn, I've had pts tell me it helps them so much, and I really dig that! :)


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I do enjoy the basic care also, especially when I get a chance to style an elderly woman's hair just the way she likes it..

basic care does give the most satisfaction;)


Meeting the patient before surgery and answering any questions they may have and allowing thier family to visit with them prior to going into the OR, and keeping the family updated with how things are going.


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Call me wacky, but you shoulda seen the ear goober I flushed outta this kids head this week. Not since JC walked the earth has there been a way to heal the deaf so quickly lol. I love flushing ears.


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Eeeww! Freak! :rotfl: (psst...where ya been, Ratched? Missed you!)

For me, it was being with dying patients--being the only one there and holding their hand and talking to them so they knew they weren't alone; or better yet, being able to provide a quiet little corner of privacy in a hectic ICU, making the patient comfortable, offering the patient and family choices whenever possible to help them feel they had some control.

It always felt like such a privilige to me to be a part of such an intimate moment. And the tearful and heartfelt thanks from the family afterwards realy made me feel like I'd made a difference.


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Here's a memory I like - a home visit to an elderly lady, a stranger to me, my last home visit on a Friday afternoon, I was late after a long day. Didn't know the lady who was sleeping on the front porch. Helped her with her care, chatted a bit, she gave me a freshly cut rose when I left. (She had Alzheimer's and her home notes described her as demanding, difficult, and uncooperative).


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had an elderly gentleman walk up to me in the ER and just wanted to say hi, he had been my pt about 2 wks prior with some cardiac problems. l love it when they come back in to say hi and tell you know you've touched their life in a special way and they are trying to do the same for you by taking the time to stop by.....LR

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