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  1. Nurses, do you routinely do beds and baths?

    When I worked ICU, we had nurse techs who assisted with bed baths, but all nurses bathed their own pts. Since most of the pts were sedated/comatose/immobile, it took 2 people to do a bath, turn the pt and change the sheets. It was a good time to lis...
  2. New Nurse Prevention!

    Well, that'll teach those girls that S-E-X is evil and bad and scary and they should give up any plans they have for using those naughty parts "down there" until they're safely married and even then it should be lights off, door locked, under the cov...
  3. Worked twenty years as a nurse and still at the bedside--

    Congrats on the new job, Renee!
  4. sleeping staff

    ~sigh~ Apparently this needs to be stated yet again. I don't care what you do on an official break, whether that is a 15-minute break, a lunch break, or all your breaks for the shift combined into one, as long as this is accepted practice in your uni...
  5. MI symptom debate

    Very true. I once had a pt tell me at 3 AM that she "just didn't feel good." Because she was diabetic, she thought she was having an insulin reaction of some kind. After taking her history, I was about to call the doc when somewhere in the back of my...
  6. Florence Nightingale

    Isn't that the truth?
  7. N95 Mask Shortage?

    We tried to order some boxes yesterday from our supplier (Bellevue/Redmond [Washington State, for the rest of you] area) and could only get 2 boxes of 35, thanks to a rival company's buying an enormous quantity earlier in the week. Our supplier is no...
  8. Where are YOU on Maslow's Heirarchy?

    And I'd love to take the test, if you can provide a working direct link.
  9. Where are YOU on Maslow's Heirarchy?

    Yes. :)
  10. Where are YOU on Maslow's Heirarchy?

    You can see this on any episode of Survivor. Of course, with most of the Survivor contestants, it's not that they value philosophy more than food or shelter, it's that they're lazy, dumb, and/or easily distracted by shiny things.
  11. Florence Nightingale

    Roxanne, who or what is Unison? I'm afraid I haven't heard of it.
  12. Does Normal Saline "expire"??

    Katie stated that the IVs expired 12/02. Even conservatively, these would still be useable through June; and slightly less conservatively, next December.
  13. Does Normal Saline "expire"??

    I understand the impulse though. We can return SOME expired supplies for credit, but a lot of items can't be returned and we just eat the cost. It kills me to throw away perfectly good IV solution and ACLS drugs because they're, like, 1 minute expire...
  14. Does Normal Saline "expire"??

    I know that Doctors Without Borders won't take expired medical supplies as donations, so I suspect there are legitimate reasons for the product dating.
  15. SARS: A lung necrotizing contagious pneumonia?

    ~sigh~ Multiple threads on this topic already in progress. Please do a search.