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17 years experience as an RN

SeptSue's Latest Activity

  1. SeptSue

    Taking NCLEX

    Good luck on the test, look forward to it, relax. All the best!!
  2. SeptSue

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Hope you're enjoying this day!
  3. SeptSue

    Wearing My Whites Tomorrow!

    Will be thinking about you in your uniform and what it means. Congratulations on those many years of nursing!
  4. SeptSue

    Hi All

    Greetings to you - welcome to this spot.
  5. SeptSue

    27yo single mom just graduated!!!!!

    So glad you shared your good news! Congratulations. And yes you are inspiring. All the best in your career.
  6. SeptSue

    Nurses Don't Accept Gifts

    I still feel awkward talking about money, not sure when that developed - whether it was during nursing or perhaps earlier. Now I am getting better at discussing money and although there are things I would do voluntarily, by my own choice, I do expect to be paid appropriately for any work that I do (I'll decide whether I feel guilty) - it depends on the circumstances.
  7. SeptSue

    I need an Exorcism - NOW! (pretty long post...sorry)

    And here's my support for you too - you've lots to cope with, hopefully things are getting better.
  8. SeptSue

    health care personnel with bad breath.

    Here's what I would do - in order to avoid unnecessary embarassment for the person, privately mention what you've noticed directly to her. It's like having your slip showing - wouldn't you rather that someone tell you about it, instead of just telling everyone else?
  9. SeptSue

    Nurses Don't Accept Gifts

    I've accepted small gifts from patients and I believe they reflected patients' appreciation - a decorative box, a pair of earrrings, a rose.
  10. SeptSue

    Is 32 too old to start nursing school?

    Hi Jason - you're motivated, you can do it! All the best.
  11. SeptSue


    Hi and welcome. Good luck in your studies. Your English will improve (I used to help a foreigner with his English when he would ask if I would correct his reading aloud). All the best to you.
  12. SeptSue

    HR wants to come in today

    If she's calling your references, it sounds like she's interested because she's taking the time to do this. Good luck.
  13. SeptSue

    Do you have to be "super smart" to be a nurse?

    All these years I always wanted to be smarter. Yet, in my job my co-workers and supervisors often complimented my work. I've been offered jobs because people said they liked the way I worked. What does supersmart mean? You have to care about people (your patients, your co-workers, just about everybody), you have to know what you're doing (and know when you don't know - so that you'll learn ongoing), and be able to listen/understand. I'm still trying to be smarter.
  14. SeptSue

    I "delivered" my first baby today!

    Celebration!! I remember observing in the delivery room and doing my clinical in the nursery.
  15. SeptSue

    PLease Advise ME!!!!

    You can do it.! I worked part-time evenings during my nursing education and usually got As, a couple of Bs. I think that your ability to organize your time, develop effective study skills, set priorities, and maintain a motivated/positive approach will get you through quite well. Your genuine interest in what you do will help you through. Best of luck.
  16. SeptSue

    Just had to share...

    So nice to hear - you seem to be a person who is motivated and will take the initiative to help. This is something I often noticed about many of my co-workers - they often offered to help when they noticed something to be done. Such good examples and I do the same when I can see help is needed. It's a way of working together - the spirit of cooperation. Keep up the good work and all the best. You are inspiring.