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    Lied to in Interview

    There is a reason why you listed what you would and would not be willing to do during the interview...It seems they had no issues accepting the expectations on both sides. However within a few days within orientation time...they are breaking those expectations. If that is only indication you get that is one two many already. You also stated you got an offer from a job that you previously held and you would take it in a minute..well it makes me think about the joke of the hurricane and god. Couple going through a hurricane heard a knock at the door, it was the Sheriff and he told the hurricane was coming and to evacuate, they refused, the hurricane was full force, the water now coming into the house, national guard shows up in boats begging them to evacuate they refuse, water keeps rising, hurricane now with the quiet of the eye on top of them...Army flys a helicopter in, hollars at the couple whom are now on the roof...let us safe you...they refuse and say they will not leave because God will save them...they drown, at the Pearly Gates they arrive, St Peter greet them, they ask what happened and why God did not save them....St Peter tells them, I sent for you safe hands and you did not see them...What more intervention do you need...You got a bad feeling from the conversation on the phone about you filling in because someone called out...well you are nothing more than a pulse to them.....You have a horrible feeling that your interview was nothing more than a hiring of lies....your own 6th sense trying to protect yourself...Now, you have a letter from the perfect place just miles from your home with the hrs you want and you know them ....what more do you want? A Hurricane?

    The Struggle: When A Nurse Diverts

    in my years of nursing i have personally come acrossed a "few" nurses, drs', anesthesia, nurse manager and 1 pharmacist. some perhaps seen because i travel to different facilities and so i would not "be" familiar with anyones normal behaviors. 1) nurse- nebraska i was working in the operating room and we had a trauma come into the er, farming machine verses limb. when asking about the vast amounts of narcs given to this patient *(i would want to be gorked out too)* i was getting report with the charge when she started going over who gave what.... 10 mg morphine quk jet was not accounted for. i didnt think anything about it and patient was taken to surgery. ( the nurse over my patient wasnt the charge nurse, the nurse for the patient was not there when i got there so i had no idea other than a name who was the nurse i had to get report and go). i got to work the next morning and there was a note given to me by my charge nurse to go to admin, her note said "random drug screen" ok not a problem. i later found out, all persons whose name er doc, er nurses, all er techs and me along with my anesthesologist. 3, did not pass....... 1 rn, 2 er techs failed the screen. that was my first experience. 2) 3 am call back for emergency appendectomy- i went to the er picked up my patient and took him to surgery family in tow. set the patient up in the room and anesthesia was with me in the er, my tech was there we were waiting on the doc... general surgeon, well known been there for years..... i was told salt of the earth kinda guy. i had worked with him maybe 4 times, (different speciality but when your on call you do it all). we waited for a half hr in the room patient aaox3, medicated for pain per anesthesia...... hour goes by.... i have called him 3 times, each time he stated he was in route...last phone call was pretty short. when he finally showed up. 1 .5 hours post the time he was notified from the er doc about the case. he stuck his head in the door nodded to the anesthesia and instructed us to prep and drape while he washed his hands for surgery. when he came in the room he walked by me to the back table to gown up, as i was tying his gown, he reaked of booze. i asked him ... dr are drunk? loud enough all in the room could hear. the anestheologist jumped up and ushered him right out of the room and within a few minutes his partner showed up and surgery went forward. aparently he was going through a divorce and they had been covering for him. i wrote everything up and went straight to the director with it. it was not the first notice of this issue........ frightening 3) anethesia tech od'd in the surgery lounge on diprovan, roc, ativan, lidocaine, papaverin... all the wasted syringes from the anesthesia red box, all of the above mixed together and self injected.....that happend on the night shift. i dont think anyone can predict when someone becomes to diverting, it is sad to see the end result though. i have worked in the days where we counted each and every pill, shift by shift one person had the keys and you guarded ith with your life. when the pixis system came in i exhaled thinking it was the fort knox of drugs.... no it seems its the golden gate because i have heard others give thier passwords when they werent close to the pixis and the password just shouted out to whose listening. in surgery its an entire different ballgame. we are privi to so much we look at everyone, question and a smart nurse has anesthesia watch her distribute drugs or another rn, i watch my anesthesia and drs constantly, because that is a time where my patient has no voice. z

    No license in the phil but wants to take state board

    If You took the NCLEX and got notice of your pass or fail, Contact the Board of Nursing in Iowa and they will research your University and verify your degree and authinicate the NCLEX results. If it is within the standards and requirements then a license will most likely be granted. I am sure there will be a background check as well. Z

    OR nurses with ADD-i or SCT?

    Of a Nurse in the OR for many many years.. I do not think I have ADD, but pretty sure the OR has given me OCD. The cases we do become pretty routine, the basics never change, you will still set up the basic of the rooms exactly the same as the speciality calls for. When I train anyone, I break things down into the simple form, easiest to recall even to the point to where you keep special tid bits in your locker on things that are barely used but needed immediately. Think Safety first, charting can always be completed in the pac unit and if your being rush, you let them know YOU control the pace of the room. That is what ALL OR Nurses Should stand on. Safety first. It doesnt matter how many times someone tries to rush you, or breathes down your neck, Your big enough to back them off. Start a routine that works for you, You will get faster as experience comes under your feet and experience doenst always come with yrs of experience it comes with how well you handle the sh*T hitting the fan and YOU control the pace. Make safety your first priority and all other behind it, if your patient isnt safe no other job is to be done! When you know that you have done everything within your power to insure the patient is safe, then your room(anesthesia, dr, scrub, bed, materials for case). Think of things that others overlook. Staplers, tape, betadine, braces....extra drapes..etc keep them in the corner and what isnt used, put up at the end of the day, keeps you from running, others may whine about it but big deal, they have the time to run, thats thier business not yours, you choose not to run looking for things leaving your patient free on the table without YOUR eye on them. I hope this helps. I learned alot from working my first yr in a trauma center.... RUNNING is all you do, so you learn to think smart and quick and grow a backbone quickly. Z
  5. Did I hear right? The Hospital gave in and the nurses have gotten the demands needed ? I keep hearing different even reported on websites.... So whats the news, things have been quiet on the thread , though it had been cooling for a bit. Z
  6. I support the MN nurses who have a true issue at hand. Do I stand up for the Profession and Union or do I stand up for My patients. Hard Pill to swallow, do you stand on the picket line and pray the patients get the best care from the Replacement Nurses which are just as quailified as the Striking Nurses are (If you think they will stay and work forever, dont think twice, they dont ( Most have MS and BSN as well as specialized Creditials) However, do not think your job isnt on grounds that are unstable in the mainstructures. Are you scared to cross the picket line because of what others may think? Are you scared NOT to Hold a sign up in hopes that someone will pull thier head out of thier ass and do what is right, Union or Hospital, to be honest I think both have fat in the ADMIN that could do some serious time on the Nursing floors to get Thier Reality Check. I have worked all over the world and be thankful on this note: Your Profession consists of Morals and Obligations to YOURSELF first and then to YOUR PATIENT. IF your environment is NOT right, then STAND AND FIGHT. If your ratio's the issue then work with them, pull an Admin Nurse from that DAMM OFFICE and put a washcloth in thier hand and ask them to show you the correct way to do a full head to toe bed bath, clean the room and then grab meds, take the next admit, help the assistants out when a patient goes nuts and then the family follows with a cat fight in the hall, take report on the new admit, do a complete exam, take orders off, get everything going, someone find X-ray, work the code currently going on in the next room, then run and hurry off to hold the hand of the dying patient, get two patients ready for surgery, make sure all consents are signed so the Hospital doesnt get sued, then listen to How the Drs bark off orders that Jesus himself couldnt perform and then do that for EVERY patient assigned. Drag that Admin nurse with you and when they ask to pee teach them how we recycle our own urine and pray for medical insurance when we retire so we can get a bladder tacking. I hold strong for my support of the Nurses and thier issues, however Every Person has a brain. Use it. We no longer are in the business of patient care, we were dragged into a "Business" kicking and screaming all the way. yet here we sit at the impass.... do I stay or do I go. I highly suggest getting specialized because soon outsourcing will not be our only problem! Z. CNOR,CCRN *Spell check isnt working so forgive me Im tired!*

    OR Attire

    As a traveler I wear hospital issued scrubs and I wear the Matrix style overcoat since we wear paper type gowns when we are at the table. I like the way it flows personally when I fly down the hall in a rush. People seem to get out of my way. I have my own hats I wear because I like to be out of the norm.... go figure. If as a traveler the place in Birmingham wishes to you to buy your own scrubs to wear in the OR the company inwhich you work for should provide you with a uniform stipen.... Dont sign without one.... EVER. If its a requirement then you should be reimbursed for it. Dont settle for less. Also if you buy your own scrubs its a tax deduction. Save all the reimbursements and the moneys paid for the uniforms themselves. Just my thoughts Zoe

    OK Im off back to the books

    Well it was nice seeing many again, Im glad Im missed but its off to the books and the real world. Laundry is backing up and I have a science project growing in my fridge from a salad a month ago I think not sure, but Im pretty sure lettuce isnt sapposed to be hairy. Remember be nice to each other because its all we got. If you choose to fight with each other bring bandaids. If all else fails sit back and read something else, then come back to what ticked you off in the first place and then comment about it. If all esle fails then log off and go do something for yourself because you need it. Im glad someone pm'd me for me to come back and look around I didnt realize how much I missed you guys until now. No matter the bickering and the petty issues it just shows how close to each other you are. Its a close family we have here its Nuclear at times but its FAMILY. Just my thoughts Zoe

    Do all surgeons think that they are Gods?

    Most think they are Gods because they assume the power over thier patient and the nurses and comsume it to thier tiny Napolean complexes. I highly doubt its taught in Surgical rotations because they are treated as the dumbwaiters they are at the time. Have you noticed in the OR when a Dr who thinks he is god has atleast one nurse who tends to his every need and whimper.... why is that.... Why because there will always be one nurse who will camper to the need of the stupid and undeserving. I work with some of the best Cardio thorasic guys and I have one who tries to part water constantly and I told him that if he could seperate the slush on my slush machine I would treat him like a GOD but until then he was still JUST A DR to me. He has yet to make the slush and the saline seperate and he is still another pair of hands to me in the OR, he gets no special treatment at all. Others I have worked with are complex rainmen. They babble about thier wishes, well guess what You get the correct amount of Nurses to tend to your patients and you MIGHT get your wishes granted until then you stand there and whine. Who knew a puppy could do Neurosurgery.... Or Cardiothorasics, Or Plastics, hey and even Ortho. How long did it take you to train the puppy not to wee wee on your floor at home? It takes about the same amount of time to paper train a Dr in the OR. Just a thought Zoe

    A question for our international members...

    South Africa- 2 yrs is an enrolled nurse 4 yrs a Sister which would be ADN, BSN, is considered a Practitioner Egypt- 1 yr staff, (lpn) , 3 yrs-Nurse(ADN), 5 yrs- RN (BSN) Singapore-4 yrs-BSN, lowest degree they have the rest are considered helpers, and not allowed to make medical decisions. Zoe

    STAT advice NEEDED

    Im wondering why you are pondering allowing others to possibly judge a discission for you when you are capable of making it on your own? What area is it that you like, and if you like it list why, if it is what you wish to do then do it. Second guessing yourself on the area inwhich you want to work in only sets presidence for you second guessing yourself in the career. If you like on jump in with both feet and rise to the cause. Zoe

    ICU and Bed baths?

    You know what its a bed bath, I say just do it when the even arises..... I have even done them in surgery simply because IT WAS NEEDED, and didnt want the patient in any more discomfort. I scrubbed the man down like it was a 5 yr old that had played in mudd for a month everyone in the OR thought I was nuts but you know what it was comforting to him, and I didnt want his family to see him in the shape I found him in. Why is it such an issue to do basic ADL's for a patient? Not saying that you are saying it is but I have seen nurses about come to blows when this issue is brought up. Just a thought Zoe

    what do you absolutely LUV about nursing??

    I love the way I feel after I help another with a terrible situation in thier life. If its just a holding of the hand, or a hug, or using my knowledge to assist them to another level in thier life. Its a feeling deep in the heart. It can bring more light into your soul than anything else can. If Im not nursing I phyically hurt. I have to do it. Its a calling for me. I dont see myself being any other place but helping another. Zoe

    Memories of nursing school.....

    I laugh as I say this Im a color coder...... I have to... My mind goes in so many directions at once, if I color things it keeps in tract. I even use it now working on my other degrees.... Its still funny though. Was only late once, and of course it was with the Hilter of the instructors I had. I hit a deer on the way to school, my car looked like I had run it through a meat grinder but I did what I could and moved the deer off the road with assistance from the man behind me, and we pulled my front quarter panel off my tire so I could contiue on to school. I was covered blood, dirt. I was filthy and was too far from the house to turn back it would have just made it worse for me, so I drove on into class. I sat outside the door waiting for break so I could enter the class. The Instructor made it a point that she would embarrass me as I entered. On how I was late, and it was inexcusable and I had no excuse worthy of her ears, how she would dock my grade for it as well. Then she looked up. There I was covered, blood on me, disshoveled, and a nervous wreck. One of the other students went to another instructor and mentioned what happend to me. The other instructor came in and brought me some scrubs to change in, called her husband to come look at my car to make sure it was ok. I didnt see Hitler that afternoon, but I did see the Dean of Students..... She had also heard what occured. I had never once been tardy. She excused me for the day and gathered my assignments and made sure I called her when I got home. Im glad that I didnt change , Im glad I looked like hell warmed over, and Im glad the instructor had a nice chat with the Dean of Students... Zoe

    What do you think about the Texas Clara Harris case?

    which *&^%$*, the one that had a severe mental problem and was married to the man that was fertile as they come and considered that her instability would change by having another child? That one? Zoe