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jschut has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN.

I'm a wife, Mom and Grandma... Currently working as a RN at an Inpatient Hospice Unit. Love my job (most days)...

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  1. jschut

    Just Wondering

    Would the rapid increase of C02 cause a death?
  2. jschut

    Just Wondering

    If a patient is on a venti mask at 50%, that's 15L oxygen, right? So, I am curious, if this venti mask is removed, it is possible for a patient to go into distress enough that it could possibly aid in their passing. Am I thinking correctly? or not?
  3. jschut

    I found so many preceptorstates for my FNP

    I am re-entering school after having an emergency leave a couple of years ago. I just glanced at this and it bears more digging into, but hey... I'll gladly pay $55 if it will help me find a preceptor for my last semester! Thanks for the info!
  4. jschut

    Lasix for EOL secretions?

    I have never heard of Lasix being given for excess secretions. Our go to is Levsin or Robinul. Hmmm.....
  5. jschut

    Is Hospice nursing for me?

    I have worked out in the field in hospice and am now inpatient. The upside? I love going to peoples homes and educating them and answering questions and helping them get what they need to care for their loved one. Many people are quite appreciative of your efforts and may even become lifelong friends. I don't mind driving, so the mileage is a huge perk! The downfall is that there may be the more difficult patients that want you to be at their beck and call 24/7. There may be the family members that don't think you are doing enough. There may be more dangerous situations than you are encountering, such as animals, bug infestations, drug diversion from family members, ghetto-type settings.... One of the biggest pitfalls to me is that your manager can call you and tell you that you have to get to another patients house ASAP that is a 2 hour drive away, and continue to call every 10 minutes because the family keeps calling, and when you finally arrive, the patient hasn't pooped in 2 days and the family is concerned.... (yes, it has happened). My biggest pet peeve was on call.... I know some wonderful nurses can handle it. I am not one of them. LOL! Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!
  6. Eh.... it happens to all of us. Don't let it get to you. You know now, and I can guarantee that you won't make the same mistake again! Kudos to your instructor for using a teachable moment wisely. Best of luck to you! You will be an awesome nurse!
  7. I am so over all the paper writing, article reading, medatrax charting, and all of it! There is not enough hours in one day to do all required of us, yet somehow, we have all found a way to continue plodding along... day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. All this in addition to clinical hours.... sigh. Once this is done, I had better be a damn good NP for my patients! Haha! Well, off I go to take a test, finish a paper and write two more today... :)
  8. jschut

    New Nurse anxiety on the job

    Give yourself time to settle into a routine! It will all become so much easier as time goes on... Best of luck to you! :)
  9. I do not believe you will lose your license over this, but in the future, document, document, document!!!!! Note that "So and So" RN was informed and at what time, note that you requested of supervisor "Whatshername" information and what to do and the time. Note that you called Dr "whoever" and his response and the time. Cover your a**, cause no one else will do it for you!
  10. jschut

    Bullying online is NOT harmless

    Thank you for your insight. I also have seen the harsh remarks, but because I have not been here in awhile, I chose to not say anything. However, I do agree with some of the others about you saying "nasty nurses"..... some of us, myself included, have a very sarcastic sense of humor, but when it comes to patient care, we are definitely among the best... and love our patients. However... we may vocalize in certain situations our displeasure in regards to some things. In looking at that, please also take note, that when reading ones words, you may not be able to hear the humor in their voice, or the exasperation after an exceedingly difficult day. So please, be patient. And if you see or read something you do not like, pass on by.... it saves a huge argument that is sure to ensue.... after all, we are ALL very strong personalities. If we weren't, we wouldn't be nurses, now would we? :)
  11. jschut

    The Dreaded Social Media

    I'm afraid I must agree with the others. Just don't. Don't take that chance.
  12. jschut

    Fostering Independence

    I agree with ktwlpn. Have two staff in the shower room with him and with all personal care.
  13. jschut

    Directors--what do you wear?

    I will be starting as a DON next week, and I think I will wear business casual, with a lab coat. Mainly because I have 1/2 sleeves (tattoos) and if I am NOT wearing long sleeves otherwise, I will keep my arms covered out of respect unless I am told it is not necessary.
  14. jschut

    Was It Worth It?

    Yes, I would totally become a nurse again. But what I would do to change things, would be to get my degree sooner, and work in an area I wanted instead of one where I became more burnt out than an old campfire.....
  15. jschut

    Anyone else a Biker Nurse? ;)

    I ride a 1300 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe or a 750 Honda Shadow Aero. Been riding 30+ years. Just started a new job about 40 minutes away. Hoping I don't get fussed at when I decide to ride to work... :)
  16. jschut

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    These are some great ideas and discussions! Keep 'em coming! í ½í¸ƒ

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