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  1. It also bothers me that many physicians have been discussing Terri's condition and giving interviews on TV.
  2. Mkue

    7p-7a nurses: do you spend enough time w/ your family?

    I work 7p-7a usually 3 in a row..work and sleep for those three days. With the 12's I'm still able to spend time with family, clean, do laundry and cook..etc. so it's kind of nice. I leave my house at 6p and don't get home until around 8a the next day. :)
  3. Actually President Bush does get it, he's been trying to make insurance more affordable for Small Business Owners. Small Businesses IMO are the backbone of America but yet through the years no one has helped, Clinton did little for small businesses and I'm glad to see that President Bush is committed to making health insurance more affordable to small businesses.
  4. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    I do read the NYT occasionally but I am aware that their opinion articles are suited to fit their agenda and are not considered to be factual. IMO. Prior to February, Kerry did criticize President Bush for speaking about Terrorism. Kerry has finally realized that some Americans are concerned about Terrorism, President Bush has always known this.
  5. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    Not to my knowledge, Bush never opposed Homeland Security, in fact Bush announced Tom Ridge as the Head of that department after 9/11. We had "no" Homeland Security department before 9/11 even though we were attacked several times by Al qaeda and Al qaeda continued to threaten the US. Pres. Bush has always stood firm on his conviction to hunt down terrorists, something that angered many Americans. You may recall that Pres Bush was criticized as being a cowboy and arrogant in his approach to terrorists. Many people were upset when terror suspects were captured and held for questioning.
  6. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    so finally Kerry has decided that he best start talking about the war on terror, the war he has denied exists and has criticized Pres. Bush for discussing terror and terrorists. It's a little too late IMO, my candidate has been focused on terrorists for quite some time and has never denied there is a war on terror. I also don't believe Kerry is all that sincere about fighting terrorism and securing our nation, he sings with a different choir everyday.
  7. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    Actually Kerry and Bush have similar agendas for Iraq, they both want to stay the course in Iraq. Kerry has stated he would send more troops to Iraq and also Kerry wants to hand everything over to the UN which many experts believe would be a mistake. Of course Kerry could change his mind or reverse his statement. Bush wants to see stability in Iraq and wants to stay the course. He has allowed the UN to be involved in the interim government of Iraq on June 30th. I don't believe Bush as well as many experts on Iraq believe that the UN should take total control, the UN has it's own problems with the Oil-for-food scandal they are investigating now. I think with either Bush or Kerry as President in office we would have the same problems with the insurgants/terrorists/radicals, those who do not want peace in Iraq. I believe it's just a matter of wearing down those insurgants. For myself I have a problem with Kerry's "no plan" to fight terrorism. Kerry wants to do away with the Patriot Act which I support, this Act has better enabled us to share terrorist activity information prior to 9/11. Kerry's non plans to fight terrorism are not pro-active enough for me as a voter, everything he is planning is after the fact, after we are bombed.
  8. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    I've read that some people don't want to be bothered with airport checks and are totally against profiling of passengers. I've even heard and read people are mad about being warned of possible terrorists attacks. Can you imagine, even after 9/11 and the 9/11 Commission focusing on why the public was not warned of terrorist attacks, there are individuals who cried about our Govt not warning us of the 9/11 attacks, those same individuals are mad that they are being warned NOW of possible attacks.. I think it would be very dangerous to have someone like Kerry who flip/flops so often as a President, our security would be at risk and also Kerry wants to do away with the Patriot Act which has enabled us to better share information of terrorist activity. Kerry's plan to fight terrorism is essentially giving firefighters overtime pay, that is his plan to fight terrorism.
  9. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    Don, that "eye" is really creepy :)
  10. Excellent post !
  11. I love free stuff, thanks Karen :)
  12. Mkue

    "I don't know who to vote for?"

    The "Bush" commercial is accurate in that Kerry did vote against many of the weapons that our troops are using today, also Kerry voted against the funding for the Iraq War, some people might say that Kerry voted against the funding because he wanted to know how we were going to pay for it. Kerry has his own commercial that shows staged footage of himself carrying an M-16 (something like that) during the Vietnam war, and the commercial also mentions his medals..etc. Some people don't think it's important to have a war hero in office, that's up to the individual voter. Former Pres Clinton never served in the military and many people thought he was an excellent President, he served 2 terms. I usually don't rely on promises made during campaigns because they are basically promises and candidates sometimes know what the people want to hear. I would suggest researching facts of the candidates, voting records, congressional quotes etc.. Who will help our troops the most? I don't know the answer to that. Kerry wants to send more troops to Iraq if elected, but we also need to fund those troops. President Bush took a huge risk by going to Iraq IMO, this has never been done before, overthrowing a dictator and setting up a new government for the people. It's mind boggling. I do hope that whoever wins in November will continue to complete the plan for Iraq and bring our troops home swiftly. :)
  13. Mkue

    Update on Overtime Pay

    Yesterday on CSPAN there were three Democrats who were upset with the revised overtime plan, one was Ted Kennedy. Although all three Congressmen admitted they had not read the entire revised plan that they held in their hands, they were upset about it. After reading through the revised plan it appears to me that hourly paid nurses aren't losing overtime pay. Is this true?
  14. Mkue

    interesting analisys on U.S. foreign policy

    I would have to disagree with the opinion that "nothing has changed since 9/11". I believe alot has changed for the better, although not perfect I'm sure. Since 9/11 and in thanks partly to the Patriot Act our government agencies are better able to share counterterrorism information, this was not done well in the past, if at all. We now have a Homeland Security Department, which did not exist prior to 9/11. Although some poke fun at the level colors of alert it is much better than what we had before 9/11 which was essentially "nothing". Also President Bush finally declared war on terrorists which had not done in the prior administration, even though we had been attacked many times and war had been declared on us by Bin Ladin. How we should handle the "war on Terror" is disputed by many. Some believe we should take the passive approach and wait for terrorists to attack us. Others feel that going after them and being pro-active is a better approach. After 9/11 Al qaeda assets were frozen, Afghanistan was bombed, trying to flush out Al qaeda. Many operatives have been captured since 9/11. I think much has been done since 9/11 but we must continue to be "on guard" and aware that no system is 100% effective. We also need a Leader who will continue to focus on keeping America safe. I do agree that Democrats and Republicans are not focusing on the "real enemy" while they continually focus on attacking each other they are setting us up for more attacks and we are more vulnerable.
  15. Mkue

    I-270 Shootings

    Is I-70 the interstate that goes all around Columubus?
  16. Mkue

    Im new!

    Welcome and Congradulations Marie:)