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Nurse Ratched is a RN and specializes in Geriatrics/Oncology/Psych/College Health.

Married, child-free, recovering nerd

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  1. Nurse Ratched

    Geriatric Nail Care

    You might want to check out the entrepreneurship forum here for nurses starting their own businesses :).
  2. Nurse Ratched

    Dating Patients

    Since this is a resurrected thread with a new twist on the question, let's stick to that question. Specifically, the poster wishes to know if it's OK to date a now-former pt. I suspect that *somewhere* in her hospital's policies this is referenced. It was actually spelled out in the rules for our psych unit that, should one choose to pursue a social relationship with a patient where none previously existed, there should be a lapse of six months from time of discharge. Granted, as I heard the entire time I worked there, "Psych is different." Your mileage may vary. I would tread lightly, check into the existence of such a policy, and should you choose to pursue this, be discreet. And should he return to the unit for care for any reason, request you not be assigned to care for him since there are clearly feelings going at least one way, and probably both directions :). Good luck and be careful.
  3. Nurse Ratched

    Advice for new clinic job

    Sticking your post as the start to this thread :). First advice, especially for the lower income folks: know your patient assistance programs :). http://www.ashp.org/pap/ Outpatient nursing is all about keeping patients outpatient lol. Being aware of resources to help them get their medications is key.
  4. Nurse Ratched

    How are your patients scheduled?

    I do also agree that one runs into risks having receptionists essentially triaging. Physical symptoms are very squishy to define at times, and it seems like a nurse should be the one asking the questions to elicit additional information for determining likely acuity. Particularly in the pediatric population when they can turn so quickly, I would recommend continuing to have nurses field those calls. The receptionist can do a mini screen to determine if it's a clerical question, but anything that has to do with, "Little Johnny fell and hurt his arm a few minutes ago," should go to the nurse.
  5. Nurse Ratched

    PLEASE HELP!!! so embarassed about sweating!

    Talk to your health care provider. There is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) and there are treatments, including a prescription strength antiperspirant, if that's what you're dealing with :). ETA: missed that HisDaughterJeanne already steered you that way :).
  6. Nurse Ratched

    I feel like such an idiot

    In a few years you'll be running through your CPR steps in your sleep. :) (I cried in trach care lab.)
  7. Nurse Ratched

    Excelsior RN accepted in Tennessee?

    http://www2.state.tn.us/health/Boards/Nursing/index.htm Here's a link - you may just want to to call them :). I'm certain that this is a common question for that office, and they can also fill you in on any potential bills in the works r/t distance learning requirements that may impact your plans.
  8. Nurse Ratched

    Excelsior RN accepted in Tennessee?

    I've moved this post to its own new thread so it does't get lost in the unrelated thread. The SBON of Tennessee should specify exactly what type of education is required to meet their standards for issuing an RN license.
  9. Nurse Ratched

    Physiotherapist from Belgrade

    Hello, Welcome to allnurses. I am unsure whether you are a physical therapist or a physiatrist (which is medical specialty.) Both are separate from nursing and require different education, licensing and exams. I'm not sure anyone here can help with your question, but I wish you well in your search.
  10. Nurse Ratched

    Elopement policy

    My experience has been that this is more of a reimbursement issue. Insurers paying for expensive inpatient stays take a similar view: that if you can be unattended off the unit, you're not sick enough to be in the hospital. (When I was first working psych, patients were allowed to go out on passes. This was extraordinarily frustrating when folks who were there for addictions returned high/drunk. That policy was discontinued, and it was generally understood that reimbursement was the reason.) Good luck with the transition :).
  11. Nurse Ratched


    HIPAA was not meant to interfere with continuity of care. Since the patient will likely be returning to same nursing home, and will probably require a pre-discharge visit from a staff person to insure they are still able to meet that resident's needs, I see no problem with disclosing to the designated rep from an ECF. **Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer and your mileage with your supervisor may vary .
  12. Nurse Ratched

    Day Planner

    Any old calendar works for me as long as I use it consistently and refer to it daily (or more often) to make sure I'm not missing anything. Call me old-fashioned - I like my Far Side Desk Calendar. Paper, spiral bound, no special pocket for a calculator, but I could tuck one in my bag otherwise if needed. I also make heavy use of the calendar feature in my Outlook email program for reminders.
  13. Nurse Ratched

    NP Psych opportunies

    It might also be helpful to be able express what drew you to psych as your NP specialty. I'm certain you must have had more unofficial experience with psych patients than you're giving yourself credit for :). Reflect on your exposures to the psych pt in your other areas of expertise. The other stuff will come with experience; right now you start selling yourself and how your previous career incarnations have led you to this place. Good luck!!!
  14. Nurse Ratched

    BSN? What are the benifits?

    Extra education is never wasted :). Look ahead to your future. Your situation may be different later and some job opportunites may require a BSN that is much more inconvenenient to obtain after you're married, have kids, have been away from school for long enough to be intimidated by the prospect of going back, etc. If you've got the time now, go for it, IMHO.
  15. Nurse Ratched

    problems with my CGFNS application.. help me, im new here

    Merged duplicate threads here into the international forum.
  16. Nurse Ratched

    Hi everyone! In need very much of your help!

    Moving this thread to International and suggesting a peek at the top of the forums for threads that can answer your questions :).