Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

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We're having a breakfast and some prizes at the hospital where I work--I got a hoodie last year. At my school nurse job, I got a nice card and some little treats last week which was really thoughtful; I was also included in teacher's/licensed professionals' week and we got food all week. It's nice to get little things like that--I don't really expect much more.



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We got some food. My old employer would give a nice fleece embroidered with our logo or a sweatshirt. I loved that.

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A mass email saying "Thanks nurses! etc." At least it came out at the beginning of Nurse's Week this year, instead of the last day like last year (I think they forgot last year...oops). No reference at all the theme of the week though. From some of these posts, sounds like it could be a lot worse.

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Nothing, absolutely nothing.


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We have a "We appreciate you" printout on our fridge. I'm not complaining though, the acknowledgement is nice. :-)



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Last week admin paid for lunch for us- finger sandwiches. I had ham salad and fake seafood salad. We also got a cheap pen. That was last week for teachers appreciation week. I am sure I will get NOTHING tomorrow- which is School Nurse Appreciation Day- because appreciation week is already off everyone's radar. Last year we got a hibiscus plant, which I almost killed within days of owning it.

One year I got a nifty duffel bag with my hospital's logo on it. I still use that thing to this day, and it was probably one of the first nurse appreciation gifts I got.

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Yes, same here. There was "Staff Appreciation Week" last week as to not exclude the paras, aides, cafeteria workers and custodians. Heaven forbid we have a special week for teachers, with their college degrees, state certifications and countless hours (and dollars) spent on their students.

Anyway, there was food, raffles, special jeans days. I had one student give me a Sheetz gift card on Friday which was nice. I'm interested to see what happens on Wednesday, as well. My guess is nothing. Which is okay.

Well then I give everyone here a {{{big virtual hug!!!}}}

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I work in a small facility but our DON is doing a carry in. She isn't a pain in the ass, is reasonable, and truly wants us all to do well so honestly that's present enough for me. She often gets us fleece jackets, hoodies, etc when we have deficiency free surveys, no falls, etc.

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A former employer once famously gave everyone socks- which did not conform to the dress code (yes, these jerks had a special section of the dress code just for sock compliance). But the really touching part was this: If you worked days, the manager gave you your non-compliant socks and a word of thanks. If you worked nights, you came in to find a trash bag full of socks tossed on the med room counter with "Take one" written on silk tape and stuck to the trash bag. Nice....



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An email was about it lol