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  1. kp1987

    Skin care in the NICU

    I LOVED this cream we used it in adult medicine all the time and I brought it up to our wound care nurse in the NICU and she said it wouldn't work well with neonates and gave me a bunch of lame reasons.... what do you think of it?
  2. kp1987

    Skin care in the NICU

    Hahaha I do the O2 on the bum too when they are really bad, I've gotten really good at cutting a whole in the diaper and taping the tubing so it's at just the right angle we use a moisturizing spray with a dab technique instead of wipe, with a barrier cream or zinc depending on the break down. Barrier cream for all babes usually
  3. kp1987

    PICC Line Clots

    Do you guys clamp the line before accessing any of the ports, apparently that helps decrease the risks of the line clotting, I'm not completely convinced but worth a try....
  4. kp1987

    Good textbooks/articles

    I feel like I'm becoming more and more interested in cancer and oncology nursing was hoping someone could share some references or textbooks or good journal articles so I can learn more about treatments and the pathophysiology of cancer..... thanks!!
  5. kp1987

    Has anyone overmedicated a pt?

    Does my grandma count? Hahaha she was in the hospital post op and had a PCA and I told her to keep pushing the button if she felt any pain, Her RR went reallllll low but all was good. They changed her dose after that night #badnurse
  6. kp1987

    U of Sask NP Program

    Wanting some info on the U of Saskatchewan NP program.... any one graduate from there or currently enrolled can tell me how it is?
  7. kp1987

    Losing other skills?

    I sometimes worry about that as well, so I kept a causal position on my old med surg unit and pick up shifts there every once in a while to keep my adult skills up. I feel like it's kind of like riding a bike. A little bumpy at first but things come back to you. Maybe try getting a PRN job else where to keep your skills up and mind fresh?
  8. kp1987

    Brand new nurse here for the NICU!

    I'm glad other hospitals use the mean rule of gestation or higher. We have a new Neo who says there isn't any real evidence that it's accurate so now we are focusing on both D/S as well as mean. Has anyone every come across any research saying a mean above or around gestation in weeks is the best bet? Just curious?
  9. kp1987

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    we still have an addressograph machine 😂😂😂😂
  10. kp1987

    NG/OG placement

    When I worked with adults we always used x Ray but at our NICU we never do unless there happens to be an x Ray happening for some other reason. pH is our main placement strategy
  11. kp1987

    Dr. Brown Nipples....

    We still use disposable nipples and bottoms and only use Dr Brown bottles in special situations but they are really expensive is it really a cost savings in the long run?
  12. kp1987

    NG/OG placement

    Hahaha thank you for your mutual commiersation!! We actually do test pH with every feed which does make me feel better but yeah any other methods would be expensive or just over kill so I guess this is the best bet for now!
  13. kp1987

    NG/OG placement

    We basically do the same when it comes to taping with the exception of the skin prep that actually a really good idea and probably helps a lot in terms of skin break down we use pH as well for placement but it still makes me slightly nervous at times but you are right the worst is when the tube gets half pulled out and then shoved back in. I wish there was some kind of stat lock that could be used to secure the tube.
  14. kp1987

    NG/OG placement

    Wondering how other places verify placement of NG/OGs in their neonates? As well, have you or how often have you seen wrong placement with feeds going into the lungs instead? What kind of signs and symptoms did you see? We currently use pH to check our placement but I'm wondering if there is an better technique or research out?
  15. kp1987

    Have you gained sympathy for Nurse Ratched

    Lol my dad always calls me nurse ratchet...
  16. kp1987

    Adult ICU to NICU

    Extremely different... feels like starting from scratch and the ethical issues are 100 times worse!!! But if you need a change then try it!