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Sue Damonas

Sue Damonas BSN

Cardiology, Oncology, Hospice,IV Therapy
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Sue Damonas has 37 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Cardiology, Oncology, Hospice,IV Therapy.

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  1. Sue Damonas

    RN left alone

    That's unsafe and I doubt that's legal.
  2. Sue Damonas

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    I went to a dentist one time with an abcessed tooth that he pulled and I asked about an antibiotic and he told me that since I work in a hospital I can have someone give me some there. Looked at me like I had 2 heads when I told him that he had to be the one to order the antibiotic and that I could not just get meds from the hospital. Never went back to him and found another dentist. I was a new nurse in the early 80s and I saw another nurse go to spike an IV bag and dropped the end on the floor that she was going to spike the bag with and she thought she could just clean it off with alcohol and use it.
  3. Sue Damonas

    No Order

    Davey Do, can I can a harrumph out of you? LOL!
  4. Sue Damonas

    Wise One Liners

    Stir the sh** and it will stink.
  5. Sue Damonas

    Make a Meme Nurses Week Contest

    I need a drink! I haven't had my whiskey in 3 days!!!
  6. Sue Damonas

    Give 'Em Enough Rope

    When I worked in the hospital one this one unit we would get physician orders sent to us the day before patients were admitted to the unit and a unit secretary was hiding the orders periodically and would do this to certain nurses she didn't like. She also did other things to create problems but nothing could be proved until a security camera was installed and she was caught redhanded. She was also caught in various lies by physicians. She finally got fired.
  7. Sue Damonas

    Any way you could stay over and work a few hours

    I stayed over way too many times and got tired of being taken advantage of and started saying no I can't. Too many 12 hour shifts ended up 16 hours shifts. Nope. Can't do it.
  8. Sue Damonas


    Way too much charting in Cerner for Hospice and Palliative care. Hated it!!!!
  9. Sue Damonas

    Sign a consent without witnessing actual signature

    When I worked in the hospital the physicians were not allowed to witness their signature and would often come out of a room and expect me to sign it. I would not sign it till the physician walked back in the room with me and had the patient verify that everything was explained and this was their signature. One time one got a phone consent and did not have anyone listen in to witness and asked me to sign it afterward. I made him call the person back with me listening as witness. Never put your job on the line.
  10. Sue Damonas

    Peer to Peer Review/Feedback

    I agree, it's definitely a bad idea. We did peer reviews when I worked in the hospital and there sure was a lot of pettiness. Definitely worsened the morale that was already low.
  11. Sue Damonas

    How long have you been a nurse

    36 years and dreaming of retirement!!!
  12. Sue Damonas

    When they're SO sure they're right...

    A coworker of mine had a patient who was ordered a stat aspirin, she was going to give Tylenol because it was the same milligram!
  13. Sue Damonas

    Pleurx drains

    She should also premedicate with pain medication if she has any prior to draining her and do it slowly.
  14. Sue Damonas

    My Colonoscopy

    LOL! Those pictures remind me of me when I had my colonoscopies done! Thanks for the laugh!
  15. Sue Damonas

    Did I break HIPAA?

    Why would you think this was okay to post?
  16. Sue Damonas

    Honesty is NOT the best policy?

    Sending hugs!!!!! So sorry this happened to you!

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