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cynmrn has 2 years experience and specializes in School Nursing, Telemetry.

Wife, mother of 2. School nurse by day, intermediate care unit nurse by night (every other weekend!). Recently taking on charge nurse on the floor.

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  1. You is Tired, You is Broke, You is a School Nurse !

    Tomorrow's the last day of school! It's a half day! Today is field trip madness, so only fourth graders in my 4-7's hoping it will mean less madness.
  2. New Nurse; To start a New IV or not?

    This is what I usually do. Then, I continue to closely assess the IV site to make sure nothing is going wrong. Chances are, though, if an IV is starting to really bother a patient, it is going to go bad (in my anecdotal experience) and I often regr...
  3. Who's Left ??

    We're June 16th! Can't wait!
  4. ticks, concussions, and fractures, Oh My!

    Ugh! Just yesterday, one of my secretaries fell and fractured both wrists! Last week, huge gash from eyebrows to hairline in the middle of a kiddo's forehead, teeth through a lip, etc. Kiddo with a bee allergy got stung in the neck (supposedly), d...
  5. I made a mistake... anyone left?

    I definitely understand the feeling--this has happened to me a few times and each time, I've felt just as terrible and second-guessed my judgment. I'm glad the parent was understanding--I've had the opposite more often than not. Sometimes, the signs...
  6. Single Mom - How soon after ADN should I pursue a BSN?

    I am not a single parent, but I am a parent of two children. I went to school and got my ADN in June 2013 (part time up until I got into nursing school--all told, took six years after being waitlisted one year) and ended up getting a job right after...
  7. How fast did you land a job?

    In interviewed for my first job (12 week New Grad Internship, then transition to chosen floor) the day after I took NCLEX. I was offered the following week (end of June) and started my first job on August 5. It was a whirlwind!
  8. Bathroom Accidents/Change of Clothes

    The bathroom accidents are one of my biggest pet peeves! We DO have a fluctuating supply of clothing in the health room and I'm constantly bombarded with kids peeing their pants that need me to grapple through the supply to find the appropriate size...
  9. Exit Interview. Honest or not?

    In my opinion, it is fine to be honest, but it's important to be tactfully honest. I think it goes without saying that "being honest" doesn't mean beginning to rant or attacking people personally. Complaining about a specific person will really not...
  10. Calling in for no sleep

    I worked Saturday night 7pm-7am on Sunday morning and today (Monday) came to my M-F job and was here at 7:30am...I don't think working until 3:30am on Saturday is really an impediment to working at 0700 on a Monday...
  11. The lice drama is what's gonna put me over the edge! We have a parent requesting that their kids be allowed to sit in their chairs rather than sit on the carpet during carpet time because they're afraid they'll catch lice....they're not sitting THAT...
  12. But I'm the Nurse

    I get the ice pack drama all the time. I explain to them why I won't give them the ice pack and make them go on their way. I wish the teachers would stop "trying to appease them," even when they know they're fine, because it just means one more per...
  13. Is it okay for RN to ask recovery patients not to swear?

    I don't think it's terrible to ask a patient politely to stop swearing if it makes you uncomfortable. Yes, making a big deal of it and causing drama or being rude to the patient because they aren't complying would be inappropriate, but I'm not sure ...
  14. Leaving my first job

    The first thing you have to consider is how childcare would work if you began working a less predictable schedule or worked every other weekend. If you can work something out and this isn't an issue, consider how you'll feel about not being home eve...
  15. Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    We're having a breakfast and some prizes at the hospital where I work--I got a hoodie last year. At my school nurse job, I got a nice card and some little treats last week which was really thoughtful; I was also included in teacher's/licensed profes...