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  1. cecile9155

    What would you think if you saw this patient?

    I'd go with the ER. My husband had similar symptoms once and it turned out to be epiglottitis.
  2. cecile9155

    Iowa BON

    It takes longer for Nursys to update. Your license number will appear on the Iowa BON first. I took mine on a Friday and had a license number by Monday. The actual license came in the mail later that week.
  3. cecile9155

    Unprofessional to mention you have other patients?

    Sometimes you have to. I had a resident who wanted me to get her ice water. An aide stuck her head in the door and told me quietly that another resident was on the floor. I told the resident that wanted the ice water that I would get back to her as soon as possible, because I had an emergency with another resident.
  4. cecile9155

    Am I too old to become an RN??

    I was 37 when I got my RN. Definitely not too old.
  5. cecile9155

    Nurse's Week Festivities?

    More than I'll get which is absolutely nothing.
  6. cecile9155

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things

    Had a new patient who was concerned about her insulin dose being too high and asked me to wake her up and check her blood sugar again at 2 am. When I did, it was well over 300. Her response, "Well, it might have been the chocolate bunny I ate."
  7. cecile9155

    Long Term Care Nursing is Lame

    Where I live I am paid MORE at the LTC/rehab facility I work at than I would be at a hospital. I remember your previous posts. Clearly you still have a lot of growing up to do.
  8. cecile9155

    Transfering patients after a fall

    At our facility we have a policy dictating that we have to use a vanderlift to transfer a patient after a fall. If someone has an obvious serious injury like a potential hip fracture, the paramedics transfer the patient off the floor.
  9. cecile9155

    Interview with Nurse

    Welcome. We cannot do your work for you. Do you have any questions that you have written yet that you could share? We then may be able to make suggestion to help you come up with other questions.
  10. cecile9155

    "Nurse Bedside Shift Report" Survey

    Is this homework? If so, how do you know for certain the people responding are nurses in an anonymous internet format?
  11. cecile9155

    What Can Be Done to Avoid this error?

    At my facility it is the night nurse's responsibility to verify orders. We have a similar system of writing telephone orders in a binder. Our problem is that the day nurses don't always write down the phone orders. Then the order goes unverified.
  12. I've been a nurse on the skilled unit at an LTC since January and my last shift had two firsts. My shift started with my first admission that occurred entirely on my shift (I work night shift so this means this poor woman wasn't discharged from the hospital until after 6:30 at night). Fortunately the admission went well (other than the fact that I had to do a complete med pass for the other residents in addition to all the new admit paperwork). I also had to spend some time with the family of one of the residents who was on hospice and was in the process of actively dying. Early in the morning, I called the family back, because I was concerned the resident was not going to make it until morning when they returned. When she was still alive at my 6 am med pass (even shortly before 6:30 when I was giving pills to the resident next door), I thought that she would make it to the end of my shift. However, when I went to check on her right before the day shift nurse came, I walked in and immediately knew she had passed away. She wasn't breathing (although she had periods of apnea before, they hadn't lasted this long). I grabbed my stethoscope and could find no heartbeat. I caught the day shift nurse coming in and had her confirm. And so my shift ended with my first patient death. I know it won't be my last. However, working in the skilled units, we get to see people get better and return home more often then we have hospice patients. I had a lot of respect for hospice nurses before, but I have even more now. It takes a special person to deal with that patient population on a daily basis. I know it's not for me--I need some good outcomes mixed with the bad.
  13. cecile9155

    What was your first day like at clinical site?

    Our first day of clinicals the first year was orientation. We learned about the hospital's charting system. We toured the unit and spent a lot of time going over our clinical instructor's expectations and talking about how future clinical days would be structured. We also had the chance to take vitals on some of the patients.
  14. cecile9155

    I' m a Failure

    The exam is the same in every state.
  15. cecile9155

    Hardly any SATA, mostly multiple choice, Did I fail?

    I had less than ten SATA and passed with 75 questions. The number of SATA questions is not an indication of passing or failing.