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cecile9155 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Skilled Rehab Nurse.

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  1. cecile9155

    How much experience does your manager/assistant manager have?

    My DON has 9 months of floor experience. My nurse manager I think has less.
  2. cecile9155

    Storage of N95 masks

    Nothing because I have yet to be provided one.
  3. cecile9155

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    I'm getting one mask to use until "contaminated" (not N95). Real safe. Or not. Reusing ppe room to room. Definitely not how learned in nursing school.
  4. cecile9155

    New Admission testing or isolation

    We're automatically isolating on my unit for 14 days. All new admission to the building come to my unit. Without proper ppe/staffing. Don't even get me started on that.
  5. cecile9155

    Am I too old to become an RN??

    I was 37 when I got my RN. Definitely not too old.
  6. cecile9155

    Interview with Nurse

    Welcome. We cannot do your work for you. Do you have any questions that you have written yet that you could share? We then may be able to make suggestion to help you come up with other questions.
  7. cecile9155

    "Nurse Bedside Shift Report" Survey

    Is this homework? If so, how do you know for certain the people responding are nurses in an anonymous internet format?
  8. cecile9155

    What Can Be Done to Avoid this error?

    At my facility it is the night nurse's responsibility to verify orders. We have a similar system of writing telephone orders in a binder. Our problem is that the day nurses don't always write down the phone orders. Then the order goes unverified.
  9. cecile9155

    Online Science classes

    I took A&P 2 and microbiology online but the lab component of both classes was in person once a week.
  10. cecile9155

    Is a fall occurrence of "zero" possible?

    We used to have a resident at the facility that I worked that had constant falls. She was over 100 years old and oriented to person at the most. The only thing that would have stopped her falls was a 1:1. Even that may not have worked. She said was a feisty and stubborn woman.
  11. cecile9155

    NCLEX Survey!

    1. 1 2. IA 3. IA
  12. cecile9155

    Fired for being sick.

    When I was a CNA, I made the mistake of calling in once. After getting written up for staying home sick, I thereafter came to work no matter how sick I was.
  13. cecile9155

    Did I make the wrong decision

    Yikes. I'm a brand new RN (since January) and I can't imagine that I would feel comfortable in that position in a year. Our ADON actually has very little floor experience and that has been a point of contention among other nurses where I work. Do you know how they've done on past surveys?
  14. cecile9155

    One hour before and one hour after

    Where I work we have a time range. So for example the HS meds are to be passed to the residents between 19:00 and 23:00. Plus I still have the hour before and after. I'm still new so I'm slow but I refuse to cut corners. I've caught potential med errors before making them because I am careful.
  15. cecile9155

    Second Degree BSN

    You should be able to. I too paid off my loans already from my first degree. I was not eligible for any grants because I'd used that money up for my first degree. I qualify for loans but unfortunately only the ones where interest accumulates while I'm still in school.
  16. cecile9155

    Fundamentals vs. Med Surg 1?

    At my school Med Surg 1 was much harder than Fundamentals. 6 of my classmates failed it. However these same students also barely passed Fundamentals. Like you I got an A in Fundamentals. Even with a lot going wrong in my personal life at the time, I still more than passed Med Surg 1. My clinical instructor for Fundamentals gave us some really good advice. She told us that if we failed the first test we needed to do something different. We needed to get help and change or otherwise we'd never pass. She was right. The people that failed the first two tests never pulled up their grades enough.