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:spin:Just curious as to what you would say. Mine goes something like this: Hi, my name is AngelfireRN, I'll be your nurse tonight. I am not a waitress, nor am I your slave. Yelling... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from fuzzy
    <<<start rant>>>

    you are a stupid stupid dog owner. we told you no running, no jumping, and no off leash exercise for at least 6 weeks. just because we took the staples out last week doesn't mean that the busted femur is healed. the plate that we put in two weeks ago was holding the broken bone together so that it could heal. no you just had to let your dog out so it could play and run and jump with another dog yesterday. now the plate is broken at the fracture site. i know that you cannot afford to do this surgery again. heck you couldn't afford to have it done the first time which is why you didn't qualify for care credit. stupid stupid owner. tomorrow we are amputating the leg because you are so freaking stupid. you were told you didn't listen. in fact you were told by everyone except the cleaning person as to the proper after care of your sweet dog. oh you stupid idiot, this would have never happened if your dog would not have been riding free in the back of your pick up in the first place. idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <<<end rant>>>

    this sort of thing makes me so angry! the dog is suffering, but it wasn't the dog's fault! stupid owner!
  2. by   lpnstudentin2010
    poor doggy
  3. by   PostOpPrincess
    Patient remarks/family remarks meant to push my buttons no longer do. Heard it so many times that I just shrug.

    Remember the Penguins from the movie "Madagascar"? ...."Just smile and wave, boys...just smile and wave...."
  4. by   PeachPie
    Quote from talaxandra
    Ah, the same principle as: if you can yell at the top of your lungs that you are dying and cannot breathe then no
    I once had a woman screaming at me that she was going into respiratory distress and failure, calling her relatives and attorney to report that I was killing her. Her 02 sats were 95. That's the tamest of stories I have on her. I'd actually love to have her try to sue us, as there are miles of documentation of her outrageous, abusive, attention-seeking behavior that can show even more people what a spoiled brat she was.
  5. by   PeachPie
    Oh, you're complaining that we're not SMILING and that you want to be treated like a person?? Okay, first off, we're busy, but nobody's being rude. We're also concentrating on your sick daddy. You are not the patient. Second, nobody's going to smile around your horrible attitude. It's common sense not to smile in a serious situation with an angry person. We're walking on eggshells around you. You're not that special. I also lost any sympathy of you when you yelled at the tech and made her cry, and accused me of "looking at you condescendingly" when I was in the room witnessing the charge nurse's discussion with you. You're the reason nobody smiles around you, and your habit of goading people into fights with accusations doesn't help either. I'm sorry that your life is hard, but bystanders are not meant to be used for emotional toilets. I'm sure you'd accuse us of mocking you if we did smile. Wow, I don't even care if people don't smile at me when I'm a customer, and I've been to countries where people rarely smile. You'll live.
  6. by   kerric511
    Quote from Aprilhere
    And yet....."May I offer your *insert family member* an ativan?" would be SUCH a nice option wouldn't it?
    Nah ... I prefer "***** ... Don't make me get the Haldol"
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  7. by   squeakykitty
    Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every nurse in this state is sick and tired of you.
  8. by   NurseTrishaH
    You have a cold. No, I will not call your supervisor and tell them that you cannot go to work for 72 hours. Seriously, you are IN THE MILITARY!!! Grow up and go take some DayQuil or something. (oh..wait... I did say that today...)
  9. by   ilmbg
    To the teenager in labor who says" I don't want to do this anymore"- Well, why didn't you think of that 9 months ago- just how did you think the baby was going to get out?

    To the new mother who is being discharged with new baby- and you noticed that all the blankets, T-shirts, that were on the bassinette a few minutes ago seem to be gone (as you unzip the new diaper bag and look inside- only to find all the blankets, T-shirts and every possible thing inside the diaper bag that she can steal from the hospital): "It is because of people like you that the cost of Healthcare is so high- you are 18 years old, have no job- have not even graduated from high-school, you are on State Aid, getting Food Stamps, your rent paid, yet you have designer clothes, have fancy fingernails, your hair is dyed, permed, and you have already said you want another baby "because you'll get more money from the State". Myself and all the other staff here are paying for your rent, baby, the stuff you steal, while you sit on your azz. Your kind should be sterilized.

    And to the fat azz woman (weighed over 500#), who refused to help when we were getting her out of bed- and shoved me against a wall, breaking a vertabrae in my neck: " You are disgusting- you stuff your face constantly- you stink because there are huge folds of fat that never see the light of day (or fresh air)- you cannot move a finger when handed a hot soapy washcloth, but can move as fast as a speeding bullet to snatch that candy bar, who feels so 'sick', but requests a 2nd food tray because what the hospital serves 'couldn't feed a bird'.

    It would feel sooo good to say this!!

    Boy, that felt good!!
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  10. by   MrsDayLPNII
    Quote from Kim O'Therapy
    NO, I will NOT come back later. The twenty family members in your room 24/7 will have to step out for 15 minutes, so I can get these meds given and this procedure done. You need to run on our schedule, not your visitors' schedules. (I get soooooooo tired of being asked to "come back later". Then, when the pt is "ready now", they want you to drop everything and catch up with them.) :angryfire

    Yeah, dietary has not brought up breakfast yet because they really do want you to starve to death.
    You have every right to request the family members to leave the room while you perform your buisness of caring for thier person!!! The last thing any of us need is to be stood over and ask exactly how many drips of "that stuff" does my mom really need!!!! Also privacy and respect of the patient has to be considered as well, No one wants thier body observed by fifty family members... even tho sum will say "oh i don't mind"....ask them gently to leave until your done!!!! remeber your the nurse the control is yours!
  11. by   shugrr22107NA
    Quote from SnarfGirl
    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! :chuckle I have this one patient that always smells like kitty litter...ugh! LOL She's really sweet just smells to high heaven!
    I recently had a pt who brought a blanket from home... they must have dogs, I could smell wet dog in the hallway before even entering the room, like you said,nice lady, smelly blanket!

    A nurse commented on it and bed 1 had a spray can of air freshener, so I am sure it wasn't just me!

    But seriously, I lacked the words to ask them to take it home!
  12. by   shugrr22107NA
    Quote from Chica_bella813
    ...MY ULTIMATE PET PEEVE is when adminstration calls and says Oh we are getting a VIP make sure everything is in order=----UGh...shouldn't you do that for ALL patients???!!! Insured or not??!!! That mentality ****** me off yuck!!!
  13. by   herecomestrouble
    "To the teenager in labor who says" I don't want to do this anymore"- Well, why didn't you think of that 9 months ago- just how did you think the baby was going to get out?"

    actually I remember thinking the same thing with every one of my kids What was I thinking?!?!?!I don't want to do this?!?!?!With my last one I told my husband to turn the car around,because I didn't want to do this.Luckily he never listens to me anyway LOL