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  1. elthia

    This Does Not Make Sense - But happens anyway!

    As a charge nurse, I have a key to the bio hazard boxes...I guard it zealously.
  2. elthia

    how quickly someone can go downhill.

    I think you did the best you could. Even after nearly a decade, when I have a pt crump, I am left shaking like a leaf after the dust settles. It gets better, quit second guessing yourself. No one on this BB was there, none of us know the entire c...
  3. elthia

    If I Said on Here What I Wanted to Say.

    Hey...my DH's best friend told me I am Rebecca Sunshine, and I need to grow up or I am going to get walked all over in this bitter cruel world. So I am right there with you....doing my happy dance.
  4. elthia

    This Does Not Make Sense - But happens anyway!

    After a code on my floor, we cannot have a pt on a vent, even temporarily with the ICU staff, and code team, while awaiting on a bed in the ICU. BUT...we can bag the pt by hand for up to and over an hour....while we play musical beds in the hospital ...
  5. elthia

    Only 5 units of insulin per injection site??

    Now we do have some of the endocrinologists order the larger doses of lantus to be given as split doses, but it is clearly ordered that way. As in...Lantus 110 units subcut, to be given as 55 units in two divided injections in separate sites for a to...
  6. elthia

    Who are all these people dying in your arms?

    Exactly. To me it is just as important to emphasize the fluid restrictions on a fresh open heart, to monitoring the INR on a atrial fib, to giving the ABX on a pt with vegetation on the heart valve. To neglect any of these can kill a pt, but I don't ...
  7. Brown recluse spider bite to the penis. The pt avoided coming in for awhile, he tried to care for it at home. When his penis turned gangrenous he decided to seek treatment. It was too late, when the resident went to examine the extent of the dama...
  8. This story reminds me of the old military habit of seasoned coffee mugs. My father and a couple of my uncles had a few mugs that hadn't been washed in years. My dad threw a fit if you washed his coffee mug. I heard stories of Navy men who had mugs...
  9. I do tele/ med surg. I like it. Most of the pt's have similar diagnosis. So I know what is normal for the course of each surgery/diagnosis/exacerbation and then can go from each variation. I know how to intervene when someone strays from the cou...
  10. elthia

    If I Said on Here What I Wanted to Say.

    I think many are not looking for help or opinions, they are looking for validation. The poster is unsure of their interventions, or perhaps the poster is being criticized for some interventions and now they are looking for validation that what they ...
  11. elthia

    If I Said on Here What I Wanted to Say.

    I do this all the time. I have 4 times the amount of erased posts than posts that actually make it on the board.
  12. elthia

    Been so sick... working urgent care

    One of my doctors recommends for me to use nasal irrigation during cold and flu season. http://www.neilmed.com/usa/index.php http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10892694 http://www.fammed.wisc.edu/research/past-projects/nasal-irrigation http://en.wi...
  13. elthia

    If I see one more post titled....

    Yes, but the minute you say that a pregnant nurse can take a pt with MRSA or VRE, then certain people start screaming that you are a bitter old barren hag who just hates pregnant women and babies. Now don't get me wrong, if it is something that we kn...
  14. elthia

    How honest are you?

    Oh, I understand completely...I just reread my post and wanted to clarify. Sometimes I wish I could be as elegant as some of the other posters when it comes to phrasing things, unfortunately I am not. For me it is a struggle to put down in words a s...
  15. elthia

    How honest are you?

    I think the woman who yelled at her husband...she wasn't yelling at him to be mean, I think it was to protect the mother who lost her son. It's the same feeling I have about not wanting to look up any news reports about that day. It was gut wrenc...