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ShayRN has 18 years experience and specializes in Corrections, Cardiac, Hospice.

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  1. ShayRN

    It's Academic Sharecropper Time

    I recommend getting the syllabus from the course instructor and reading over the material they are learning. That way, you can point out things they have on the unit and correlate it with the theory. I am not an old school nursing instructor and feel that my students can teach me as much as I teach them, so LISTEN when your students are talking. That being said, I also have high expectations. More then once, my student evaluations have stated that while I am very nice, I expect them to know their patients and what they are doing on the unit. If that is true, I feel I am doing my job well. I would never "yell" at a student, especially in front of others, nor would I say ever intentionally say anything to berate or make them feel stupid. I do let them know when they make a mistake and we discuss how we can do things differently next time.
  2. ShayRN

    Nursing Supervisor is Inappropriate

    First of all, I think you are stronger than you realize. You went to and all the way through nursing school without the support of your spouse and while basically being a single mom. That takes courage and strength. (I could go on and on about what I think about your husband's attitude, but you didn't ask my advise on that one.) Second, to the problem at hand. Since it is very clear to me that you do not want to report this behavior at this time, which I firmly believe you should, I think you need a back up plan. Enlist the help of your coworkers. If I had a person on my unit that I knew was getting bullied, I would make sure that person was never alone with the perpetrator. Find the strongest, most vocal coworker on your shift and let them know what is going on. Then have a code word. I like "sparkle" because it is throwing the the abuse back in his face. So, if your coworker's name is Alice and Mr. Bully comes onto the unit, say, Hey, Alice, your eyes are really sparkling today. Then she knows that she needs to flank you. I would have all my coworkers flank me, to be honest. Code Sparkle, anyone? The minute he sees that he isn't going to be alone with you, he will leave, probably to return and attempt later. But, then your coworkers can rally again. I agree with all the other posters. I sincerely feel this needs reported higher up than the charge nurse, who by the way should have nipped this in the bud the SECOND you reported it. I fear for your safety. Please, do NOT go to your car without assistance. This is NOT a nice person you are dealing with and it is scary.
  3. ShayRN

    New Educator

    Thank you! I appreciate it.
  4. ShayRN

    New Educator

    In March, I completed my MSN/ED. I continued to work at my current job, and picked up a clinical educator position at a local LPN school. Recently, I accepted a full time position at an RN school. I am excited and scared. Any advise for a new instructor?
  5. ShayRN

    Any MSN nursing ed students?

    I just saw this. Have you started your program yet? Inbox me, I am one year away from graduation, I can help you through and tell you what to expect. I have really enjoyed the journey so far, but it isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.....
  6. ShayRN

    Facebook while on the clock?

    I just want to add something to this. I was always one who was completely against use of phones at work. However, since starting my new job I was instructed by my manger to carry my phone so she can find me. I am also in constant communication with my doctor using text messages. But, I do let patients know that I am talking to my doc, whether they believe me or not is another story.
  7. ShayRN

    Anybody LIKE working holidays?

    I never minded any holiday but Christmas. Lucky for me I worked with a wonderful Jewish woman the last 6 years. I worked her holidays and she worked mine. Before that I was in management or per diem. I have only worked 2 Christmas days in 14 years of being a nurse. Otherwise, I usually volunteer to work the holidays. Double time where I work.
  8. ShayRN

    16 interesting facts about nursing around the world!

    Count me in the 80%!
  9. ShayRN

    Pregnancy Discrimination - Interview

    When I had my son, 11 years ago, I worked on a cardiothoracic step down unit. I did not take any isolations patients, I did not do any heavy lifting. Not because I refused, but because my co-workers stepped up and did it for me. I would return the favor by starting a difficult IV for them or by helping them get caught up on a med pass. Then, guess what? I had the baby and returned to work. He was my last child. Within two years all those lovely co-workers were having babies of their own, I took all the isolation patients and did their heavy lifting so that they wouldn't hurt themselves or the precious babies they were carrying. No, "popping out a kid" doesn't make you special. But, that baby IS special. One of the most special gifts ever and I don't care what anyone says, you protect your child from the womb to the grave. I am actually appalled by the comments here. Just goes to show, women (not nurses) women are our own worst enemies.
  10. ShayRN

    Pregnancy Discrimination - Interview

    I will say it again. You may be missing out on a fantastic nurse, just to avoid a two month pregnancy leave. The nurse you hire may not be pregnant, but may decide to start their family once they get hired. Or, you may hire someone with call off problems, or a secret drub abuse problem. We should all be ashamed that this is even an issue in 2012.
  11. ShayRN

    Working as a nurse and pregnancy

    I am glad my managers didn't feel that way. I am one of the hardest working people you will ever meet, the last time I called off was in 2009, when I had pneumonia. I also worked both jobs until the day before I delivered and only took 7 weeks of maternity leave. In the mean time, if they hadn't hired me because of the pregnancys, they would have missed out on a pretty darn good nurse. Besides, there were about 6 other girls younger than me that were hired all at the same time, within two years they were all starting their families. I think someone being pregnant is a pretty crappy reason to not hire them.
  12. ShayRN

    Working as a nurse and pregnancy

    I was 5 months pregnant with my first child and very open and honest and got the job anyway. With my son, I was 2 months when I interviewed at the hospital, the manager told me congratulations and told me I could start in 2 weeks. They cannot NOT hire you because you are pregnant. But, you will start on the wrong note if you are not upfront and honest from the start, in my opinion.
  13. Today I told a 20 year old to put his phone away so I can finish what I needed to do. Then I went to take his blood pressure and he snatched it back like I was going to take it off of him, lol.
  14. ShayRN

    Forced to resign, need advise

    Can someone tell me what scanning fluids means? OP, happy for you that you got a new job. Sounds like they did you a favor.
  15. ShayRN

    Was a BSN/MSN necessary for your career in research?

    I struggled with the same question 8 months ago. I asked a friend who had her MSN if it was worth it. She told me that she has the opportunities for advancement she never would have had without the MSN. She also said at our age (42) even if we make an extra 10,000 a year the degree will pay for itself in 3 years, with the potential to work for another 20 years that is 200,000 over the course of our careers. So, yes, for me it was worth it.
  16. ShayRN

    heartbroken needed to vent

    I feel your pain. I recently left a job that I loved because I refuse to go to work every day and deal with a bully. My boss refused to do anything about it despite numerous requests, so I left. Life is too short....