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  1. AngelfireRN

    Will I lose my license for this?

    Please retain an attorney NOW. We can't give legal advice on here but never go into a meeting like that alone. I doubt you lose your license unless you have an pattern of issues but best of luck. An investigation always sucks.
  2. AngelfireRN


    We have people call and request refills and then call back to see if they've been sent scant minutes later. We get the same reaction in equal parts when we say they'll be in by the end of the day and to call the pharmacy first to see if they have it rather than blowing up our phone. Seriously, I've had the same person call for the same med 5 times in one day. It took telling them that one more call was grounds for dismissal from the practice to get them to quit. Then they called my mother.
  3. AngelfireRN


    On the contrary, I practice in a very rural area where old wives tales abound as far as treatment. However, MOST of my people are open and receptive to my explaining why something is not so. Ignorance I can handle. Ignorance can be taught. Ridiculousness I can handle. Just something about this one got all over me, like it wasn't enough that they had to repeatedly tell me what their 'nursing friend' said, but then to accuse me of causing the panic attack and then 'scaring them' by warning them that the meds might be spendy? If I'm such a sorry excuse for a provider, why come back? This is why I love being on my own. My old office manager would have had a field day with that one. I just handled it and went on.
  4. AngelfireRN


    I have about hit my limit today. I'd be very interested in hearing y'all's experiences with patients who come in spouting all manner of malarkey that makes about as much sense as a milk bucket under a bull. Case in point, a certain UTI patient who was responding well to antibiotic therapy telling me, "I just thought you'd want to know, one of my 'nursing friends' told me this was probably viral'. "Um, no, probably not, considering we are seeing improvement with antibiotics. Viruses don't tend to respond to antibiotics and viral UTIs are incredibly rare in an immunocompetent patient." "Well, he said it was probably viral and that's why it kept coming back and that ***(partner) needs to be treated too so they don't catch it." (Mind, we aren't talking about STI, just a very far gone UTI that was 3 weeks running before treatment was sought). This argument went on with her continuing to tout this 'nursing friend' and his infinite wisdom for about 20 minutes. Finally, after refuting multiple asinine claims, I had had enough. "Hon, if your 'nursing friend' told you that a UTI in a healthy patient was viral AND transmissible, he needs to contact his nursing school and ask about a refund." This was followed by telling me that the antibiotics 'gave her a panic attack' and that they had tried to call 'for days and days' without getting an answer. And was capped off by the partner telling me, "You scared us to death telling us that antibiotic might be expensive, it was only $13!" Okkkkkk, I'm sorry I tried to prepare you and you got a pleasant surprise? Anyone got any other head-scratchers?
  5. AngelfireRN

    Lose vs. Loose

    You take a breath, or you BREATHE. You take a bath or you BATHE. You palpate an abdomen, your heart will cause PALPITATIONS. If your prostate goes wonky, it can cause you to PROSTRATE yourself on the floor. And a personal fave, from the marketing company who wanted to 'fix my clinic website' because of the so-called 'HIPPA violations'. I was supremely unprofessional and told the dinklepuss that if he wanted to get ANY business, insulting was not the way to go and if he wanted any MEDICAL business, he'd best learn to use the correct terminology, especially if he was going to claim violation of said term.
  6. Yeah, Ruby, I wondered when troll season started around here, lol. Looks like June!
  7. AngelfireRN

    Patient's addicted to narcotics

    As a CRNP whose practice has emphasis on pain management, please let me say...there's addiction, and there's dependence. I find that a lot of my patients become tolerant of their meds after a period of time, and either require an increase in either dosage or frequency. My doc is great at it. We can both spot a seeker a mile away. We use the national database, we do random drug screens, and if we find that a patient is seeing other docs for the purpose of obtaining controls or that they are selling their meds, we dismiss. If it becomes obvious that the patient is either going to require a massive dosage or that they're not going to be happy no matter what dosage of whatever it's deemed that they will receive, we refer to the pain clinic. We don't run a candy shop, nor do we knowingly let them suffer. But I can tell you this, "Pain is what the patient says it is." Phooey. When you come to see me and you're whining and begging for more meds, I really have a hard time believing you're in such agony when I saw you 3 nights ago, riding the mechanical bull at the local cowboy club. Sorry, hon. BUSTED! The look on her face was priceless.
  8. Yes, and stress is no excuse for the way most of the ones we've referenced act. Glad you've had such a rosy career. My patients have and will get every bit as much respect as they give me, and in most cases, more. I'm not really sure how familiar you are with the site, but the mods don't like it when people say "I'm glad you're not my nurse" Just FYI. And I was born jaded. My career just enhanced it. I have been a patient, and I never acted remotely like some of what has been mentioned here. Had plenty of friends and loved ones as patient's, too. They acted like they had sense as well. At the end of the day, if it bothers you that much, don't read. Please. Just don't. We're enjoying ourselves and venting, and we can do without the killjoy. I hate that you don't get a hoot out of the thread like most have. But that's why there's the little red box at the top of the screen. Maybe the other threads here would be more to your taste. We kinda like this one. I hope you find one that suits you, too. And I hope you have another 22 years of stellar patients. It's nice to know that someone doesn't have to put up with whatall we ranted about here. Good luck to you, hon. Hope it continues to go well for you.
  9. AngelfireRN

    Was this my sign?

    Hello again, all. Hope your holidays were happy and Santa was good to everyone! I have a question, and want some opinions, please. Y'all may remember that, back in October, I was laid off from an office job where I worked for my (former) primary care doc. I left a very good job that I loved to go and work for a man I trusted, only to be let go after 3 months because "he could not afford me". In the meantime, the practice I had left went in with another hospital, and my position was dissolved. And there in lies the rub. However, there was no job posted when I went to work there originally (got placed via a headhunter), so the incurable optimist that is me isn't giving up hope. I start a new job next Tuesday, hopefully temporarily, until I can make a move back to where I want to be. Now, to explain the title...the practice has said that they would have me back in a heartbeat, but the hospital has no position posted. I do know that their locums doc (he wasn't a favorite of mine, you may remember) is leaving as of the end of this year, so they will be working short. I paid a visit to the practice last week, with my usual baked goods (head doc is an A-1 chocoholic), hoping to be able to speak to the head doc, but he was not in the office. His partner was surprised to see me, nearly bowled me over, asked where I was working , had I lost more weight (yay!) and the like. I told him what happened, in short, and he seemed interested. 10 minutes later, he finds me again and gives me a Christmas card from he and the head doc with money inside. I was stunned. So, here I have been, praying for a sign that I was meant to go back, and I'm thinking that this was it. Any thoughts? Or is it just that I want this so bad, I'm reading into it? Thanks, and Happy New Year!
  10. This is the OP- I have to say, I'm gratified to know that I'm not alone in needing to vent, and pleased if I have allowed even one person to get a load off and come away feeling better. Thanks to all for making this, by far, the best thread I ever started. I never expected it to take off so.
  11. AngelfireRN

    Long hair male nurses

    Funny I should run across this thread, watching "Life in the ER", and one of the residents has a braid longer than mine! I'm with the majority here, drool! Personally, makes not a whit of difference to me.
  12. AngelfireRN

    Fired because they "can't afford me"...now what?

    OK, for an update, I have an interview with MY cardio guy this week. He's been after me to help him on weekends for a while now, but after I told him what happened, he said "OK, well, we need to sit down and talk", and that was it. Here's hoping, yet again. As for the other doc, not even a week after the infamous "It's not ILLEGAL" interview, I get a phone call (they WOULD call in the middle of Zumba), and a message that I can barely understand (English was a second language, at least). I returned the call, only to find that it was a recruiter, of sorts, who wanted me to come in for an interview. As I was writing the info down, I noticed that it looked familiar, and nearly fell over when the man said that it was with the same doc! I explained that I had already interviewed with the doc, and apparently just flummoxed this poor guy. He didn't know what to say. "You are SURE you have interviewed with the doctor X, Angelfire Lastname?" "Yes sir, last week" "Because the Doctor X he is not telling me this, Angelfire Lastname." You're right, sir, I made it up. Silly me. I am SO glad I steered clear of that place, even more so now! Thanks again guys, I'll keep you posted.
  13. OK, guys, I really want some help. If you've been reading, you know that I was recently let go from my job at my primary care clinic (where I have been a patient for 26 years) after 3 months, because my doc decided that he "could not afford to keep me". Thing is, I LEFT a great job because this man called and begged e to come and work or him. He used a 26-year relationship as bias, and he used my trust to lure me in and screw me over. Now I have no job, and my oldition has been dissolved. Here's the deal: I worked at a cardiology clinic that was affiliated with a certain hospital, and at the time I left, the clinic was in the process of merging with another clinic, and also with another hospital. There is currently no opening for an NP there, at least by the hospital's webpage (I have yet to reach a warm body). My old clinic has said that they are more than happy to have me back, so that's a plus. Now, by rights, my jack-wagon ex-doc SHOULD call the hospital and use whatever influence he has to make this happen, get my old job back, since he's the reason I left, and the reason I'm in this mess now. Thing is, I don't think Criss Angel could pull that off on his best day (although I would like to watch him try!). So, barring a miracle, how best to approach this? Call and explain the situation, (Hey, this was what I did, what I can do, and what I'm willing to do, sign a contract or what-have-you), write a letter and send it in with my resume', or another approach? I know it's a long shot, especially since there's no job posted. But I genuinely LOVED this job, I was stupid to leave it, and I'd give almost anything to go back. Anybody have any ideas, or am I just SOL? Thanks!
  14. AngelfireRN

    ER speedbump

    I passd out cold giving my first injection in nursing school. That was 10 years ago. I'm now a dual-certified NP. Has nothing to do with fainting or not fainting. Hang in there. You'll be just fine. And cut yourself some slack, I can assure you you are not the first, and you SURE won't be the last student they ever see kiss the floor.
  15. AngelfireRN

    Fired because they "can't afford me"...now what?

    OK, now, please don't accuse me of trying to find a reason not to accept this job, I went in looking to start that day. However, the interview, from the start, gave me a funny feeling, what I call and "utz" in my belly. Had the same feeling before the Florida trip when I nearly died, and again before I accepted the clinic job, and both times I ignored them. No more. The doc seemed nice enough, from the start, but I took issue with several things. First, he offered me a rate that was about $20,000 less than entry-level NP salary. Secondly, as he was explaining the job, he continuously referred to other physicians as idiots for not taking pain management patients, because "that's where the money is". He requires the patients to come in every month for their scripts (which is a good system, for control purposes, I'll admit). He also was quite proud of the fact that he ran scads of diagnostic tests (carotid Dopplers, US, Holters, etc.) himself, instead of referring the patients out. That, I was OK with, as well, until he coached me to "be vague in your notes here, just make sure that you list a diagnosis that will pay for the test". I must have looked at him weird, because his next statement was "It's not ILLEGAL, we don't do anything illegal here." Lastly, when I asked about how we would manage the pain/benzo patients, as in Alabama I can not write controlled substances, he said "Are you sure you can't?" ( Pretty darn, sir) "OK, no problem, I'll sign them, and if I'm not here, we'll keep them locked up, so you can get them if you need them." So, in other words, blank, signed script pads, and me responsible for writing the controls. It just didn't wash with me. And anytime someone has to make it a point to assure me that nothing is illegal when nothing about legality has been broached raises a flag, to be honest. I refuse to put my license in jeopardy just to get a job in less than a week. Thoughts about whether I'm paranoid, wise, or indifferent would be appreciated. And my old job has been dissolved. I will get up with the hospital that the clinic merged with and see if I can sell myself back in, by offering to sign a contract, if need be. I spoke to the headhunter that hooked me up with the job, and he can't help, since it's not posted. However, when I told him what happened, he said that, if I told them the circumstances, I should have a shot, since, per his reports from the clinic, my work was impeccable, and also given the reasons I elected to leave. Thanks again, all. It's a comfort knowing you're here.