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AngelfireRN has 15 years experience as a MSN, RN, APRN and specializes in med-surg, psych, ER, school nurse-CRNP.

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  1. Management Timing Nurses Pee Breaks

    I had a manager once haul me into a meeting and accuse me of playing on facebook while in the bathroom because she 'was watching my green light (the 'online' indicator on Messenger?) and it lit up when I went in and off when I came out'. I lit her up...
  2. Urine. In a pickle jar. With pickle juice and seeds still in it. Told us ‘the lab could sort all that out’. My poor receptionist. I put her raise into effect the next pay period.
  3. C'Mon Now!

    Back aeons ago, when I was a school nurse, they tried to tell me that being a 'Title I Aide' was part of my job description. I was expected to go into classrooms with children who were slow to read and help them with their reading. I was not allowed ...
  4. Will I lose my license for this?

    Please retain an attorney NOW. We can't give legal advice on here but never go into a meeting like that alone. I doubt you lose your license unless you have an pattern of issues but best of luck. An investigation always sucks.
  5. Seriously?!?

    We have people call and request refills and then call back to see if they've been sent scant minutes later. We get the same reaction in equal parts when we say they'll be in by the end of the day and to call the pharmacy first to see if they have it ...
  6. Seriously?!?

    On the contrary, I practice in a very rural area where old wives tales abound as far as treatment. However, MOST of my people are open and receptive to my explaining why something is not so. Ignorance I can handle. Ignorance can be taught. Ridiculous...
  7. Seriously?!?

    Well, I once had one ask for a urinalysis and when it came back clear, she told me not to bother checking her ears. No UTI s/s, thought she had an otitis. Then she informed me that if you had 'infection anywhere in your body, it'd show in a UA.' Sill...
  8. Seriously?!?

    Yep, pretty much. I can handle ignorance, but the prolonged insistence of the validity, combined with the accusation of it being my fault that the person had a panic attack because I had the gall to prescribe an antibiotic...I think after about 20 mi...
  9. Seriously?!?

    It boggles my mind, I tend to attract a demographic that seems to thrive on it! Normally I shrug and go on, but this one has stuck with me for some reason. Probably because it was equal parts hilarious and maddening.
  10. HIPAA breach

    I had this happen to me once, same thing. A patient who was not accepted as a patient at the pain clinic I worked at literally Facebook stalked me and cut/copy/pasted a document together from various posts that of themselves, said nothing of import b...
  11. Seriously?!?

    I have about hit my limit today. I'd be very interested in hearing y'all's experiences with patients who come in spouting all manner of malarkey that makes about as much sense as a milk bucket under a bull. Case in point, a certain UTI patient who wa...
  12. Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    That drove me bonkers, I had ones waiting in the hall when I'd get there in the morning that came straight to the health room from the car because "Mom said to come see you if I didn't feel good." Ofttimes the teacher didn't even know where they were...
  13. C'Mon Now!

    I have had Moms hang out in my health room for up to an hour, asking me to repeatedly take temps on their LD (with 'autoimmune disease' of indeterminate title that wasn't listed on anything we had on file) because said LD had 'overdone it at the danc...
  14. When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    I no joke had one parent call and rip me a new one because her LD was 'allergic to cheese and tomatoes' and had eaten some the previous day at lunch and 'gotten a little sick'. You know, because I'm supposed to know this even though it's written abso...
  15. When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    Years ago, I started as a sub at a teensy little county school that had never had a nurse. Midway into the year, health forms were implemented and sent home. Prior to this, we had a 3X5 index card for each child, handwritten by the parent. These form...