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AngelfireRN has 15 years experience as a MSN, RN, APRN and specializes in med-surg, psych, ER, school nurse-CRNP.

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  1. AngelfireRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Back aeons ago, when I was a school nurse, they tried to tell me that being a 'Title I Aide' was part of my job description. I was expected to go into classrooms with children who were slow to read and help them with their reading. I was not allowed to bring them out with me so as to, you know, NOT DISRUPT THE CLASS and also be in my office where they didn't have to page me every time a kiddo needed me to do nursey stuff. It was a nightmare and died a quick death when I just outright refused to do it anymore. But it absolutely took me threatening to leave. I couldn't get them to back me up to the blooming parents when their kids were sick enough to go home, and parents were balking about coming to pick them up. My nursing degree didn't qualify me to make that decision. But I was qualified to teach reading.
  2. AngelfireRN

    Will I lose my license for this?

    Please retain an attorney NOW. We can't give legal advice on here but never go into a meeting like that alone. I doubt you lose your license unless you have an pattern of issues but best of luck. An investigation always sucks.
  3. AngelfireRN


    We have people call and request refills and then call back to see if they've been sent scant minutes later. We get the same reaction in equal parts when we say they'll be in by the end of the day and to call the pharmacy first to see if they have it rather than blowing up our phone. Seriously, I've had the same person call for the same med 5 times in one day. It took telling them that one more call was grounds for dismissal from the practice to get them to quit. Then they called my mother.
  4. AngelfireRN


    On the contrary, I practice in a very rural area where old wives tales abound as far as treatment. However, MOST of my people are open and receptive to my explaining why something is not so. Ignorance I can handle. Ignorance can be taught. Ridiculousness I can handle. Just something about this one got all over me, like it wasn't enough that they had to repeatedly tell me what their 'nursing friend' said, but then to accuse me of causing the panic attack and then 'scaring them' by warning them that the meds might be spendy? If I'm such a sorry excuse for a provider, why come back? This is why I love being on my own. My old office manager would have had a field day with that one. I just handled it and went on.
  5. AngelfireRN


    Well, I once had one ask for a urinalysis and when it came back clear, she told me not to bother checking her ears. No UTI s/s, thought she had an otitis. Then she informed me that if you had 'infection anywhere in your body, it'd show in a UA.' Silly me, I always used an otoscope to check ears. I did good and held it together. The drug screener left a vapor trail out the back door where she could cackle in peace. I wonder if my gal and your guy were related?
  6. AngelfireRN


    Yep, pretty much. I can handle ignorance, but the prolonged insistence of the validity, combined with the accusation of it being my fault that the person had a panic attack because I had the gall to prescribe an antibiotic...I think after about 20 minutes of a revolving door, I just hit my tippy point. As far as social media or negative reviews, I own my own practice so I have a little more leeway and while my delivery may be a tad abrasive if my usual nice approach isn't working, people as a whole tend to understand that I'm frustrated because I'm TRYING to help. Some days are just days, lol.
  7. AngelfireRN


    It boggles my mind, I tend to attract a demographic that seems to thrive on it! Normally I shrug and go on, but this one has stuck with me for some reason. Probably because it was equal parts hilarious and maddening.
  8. AngelfireRN

    HIPAA breach

    I had this happen to me once, same thing. A patient who was not accepted as a patient at the pain clinic I worked at literally Facebook stalked me and cut/copy/pasted a document together from various posts that of themselves, said nothing of import but were then pieced together to look incriminating. I was not asked to submit anything and I let the person at the Board know that I would NOT be granting them access to my Facebook page without a subpoena and my lawyer's advice. Even he said that the document 'looked weird' and that the person who filed the complaint obviously misunderstood the power of the Board because they were saying that I 'needed to be fired', like that was under their jurisdiction. Now, with my own clinic, I post about work frequently. Closings, announcements, etc. Patients will tag me or the clinic, but that originates from them. Anything else, I have written permission to post from the patient, if they request that something be posted. I agree with making inquiry to ascertain if you have legal recourse. I did and it was dealt with summarily. She still tries to contact me but is blocked. I don't play that game. I agree that asking you to submit posts is bothersome. I'd have refused unless I was directed to comply by legal counsel, but that is based on opinion. Good luck to you, hon. That's a rough thing to deal with.
  9. AngelfireRN


    I have about hit my limit today. I'd be very interested in hearing y'all's experiences with patients who come in spouting all manner of malarkey that makes about as much sense as a milk bucket under a bull. Case in point, a certain UTI patient who was responding well to antibiotic therapy telling me, "I just thought you'd want to know, one of my 'nursing friends' told me this was probably viral'. "Um, no, probably not, considering we are seeing improvement with antibiotics. Viruses don't tend to respond to antibiotics and viral UTIs are incredibly rare in an immunocompetent patient." "Well, he said it was probably viral and that's why it kept coming back and that ***(partner) needs to be treated too so they don't catch it." (Mind, we aren't talking about STI, just a very far gone UTI that was 3 weeks running before treatment was sought). This argument went on with her continuing to tout this 'nursing friend' and his infinite wisdom for about 20 minutes. Finally, after refuting multiple asinine claims, I had had enough. "Hon, if your 'nursing friend' told you that a UTI in a healthy patient was viral AND transmissible, he needs to contact his nursing school and ask about a refund." This was followed by telling me that the antibiotics 'gave her a panic attack' and that they had tried to call 'for days and days' without getting an answer. And was capped off by the partner telling me, "You scared us to death telling us that antibiotic might be expensive, it was only $13!" Okkkkkk, I'm sorry I tried to prepare you and you got a pleasant surprise? Anyone got any other head-scratchers?
  10. AngelfireRN

    Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    That drove me bonkers, I had ones waiting in the hall when I'd get there in the morning that came straight to the health room from the car because "Mom said to come see you if I didn't feel good." Ofttimes the teacher didn't even know where they were and Mom never answered the phone. Just something to say to get them to get out of the car.
  11. AngelfireRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I have had Moms hang out in my health room for up to an hour, asking me to repeatedly take temps on their LD (with 'autoimmune disease' of indeterminate title that wasn't listed on anything we had on file) because said LD had 'overdone it at the dance recital' last pm and was now whining about 'not feeling good' and wanting to go home. Literally, an hour of, "I think she just overdid it, what do you think?" followed by me saying, "This is not my decision to make." Which is code for, don't ask me to parent your child, if you want her to go to class, then you can jolly well tell her that and be the bad guy. Mercy Pete, people.
  12. AngelfireRN

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    I no joke had one parent call and rip me a new one because her LD was 'allergic to cheese and tomatoes' and had eaten some the previous day at lunch and 'gotten a little sick'. You know, because I'm supposed to know this even though it's written absolutely NOWHERE and even the teacher didn't know. I went to check on the kid, just to satisfy my own curiosity, and was completely flabbergasted to find that the child in question was a 5th grader with all her faculties intact, who ate pizza because she wanted pizza. I called Mom back and told her that not only was this not a matter for the nurse, but that I flat out refused, as did every adult in that school, to follow her child to the cafeteria and slap things she 'wasn't supposed to have' out of her hand. This kid was 11, this was not an allergy in the sense that she had reactions, she just 'sometimes got an upset stomach'. C'mon now!
  13. AngelfireRN

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    Years ago, I started as a sub at a teensy little county school that had never had a nurse. Midway into the year, health forms were implemented and sent home. Prior to this, we had a 3X5 index card for each child, handwritten by the parent. These forms started coming back in and I thought I was going to have heart failure or possibly an apoplexy. Allergies that required epi with no epi brought to the school, diabetes (that they 'handled at home'), SHUNTS IN FREAKING HEADS, all that NOBODY KNEW ABOUT. Of course, this was also the school that I was hired for because of a newly-diagnosed seizure disorder in a kiddo. Only to discover after a panicked radio call that he was seizing, and a trip to his classroom that revealed he was perfectly fine, that there was ANOTHER child in the school with a seizure disorder that they just FORGOT to tell me about. Because, you know, that's not pertinent at all.
  14. AngelfireRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a kinder dragged into my office once because he had 'a potato chip stuck between his teeth'. He refused to let me try to dislodge it and the teacher's aide who brought him just stood there like a bump on a log until I told her there wasn't much I could do unless he wanted to cooperate. The vice principal reamed me that afternoon for 'not being patient' and said that the aide 'was a nurse too and got it out with no problem'. I told him that if she WAS in fact a nurse (she was a med tech), she should know that this was not a reason to visit the health room and since she was so good, she should have tried to handle it her own self. I refuse to try and prize anyone's mouth open when they don't want me to and then have to deal with a parent screaming that I assaulted their baby. Yeah, that didn't go much further. The secretary had known me since I was a baby and I heard her tell VP as I walked out, "Mr So-and-so, trust me when I say, let it go. You will NOT win an argument with her. He didn't need to be in the health room anyway." I loved my kiddos there but the politics in that school and who was in with who just killed that job for me.
  15. AngelfireRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Girl, the worst fight I EVER had with a parent (different school) was over a Tylenol. SPED child, who she refused to have put in SPED because of the 'stigma' but insisted on having a school-provided personal aide for, had an incident over a weekend and was having SERIOUS separation issues. Well, Mama couldn't be bothered to come get LO, and LO was hysterical. Nobody wanted to deal with it so LO landed with me. Mama (who was related to someone who USED to work for the BOE) told me to give LO a Tylenol. This child wasn't in pain or feverish, they were having a full-on MELTDOWN. Plus, they had no meds or med form on file. Mama told me to 'use somebody else's'. No ma'am. Told me to 'give one of mine'. Not happening. Called BACK about 10 minutes later and said "Secretary has Tylenol in her purse. Since you're wanting to be selfish with yours, go get it from her and give it to LO. Do it now, or I'm calling the Board and reporting this." I literally laughed and told her to be my guest. About a week later, hubs and I were out to eat and there Mama was, sitting on the other side of the 'waiting to be seated' bench. I didn't say word one to her. So imagine my surprise to be called into the principal's office the next day to be scolded because she called and said I was rude to her. I told the principal (who I had known since I was in diapers) that not only was it none of the school's concern what I did with my personal time nor their place to accuse me of anything that didn't occur on school grounds, but I also called the hosebeast and blew her out. After reporting to my head nurse, who told me I needed to write a book. She was just as thunderstruck as me. I have stories for days. C'mon, Now!!!
  16. AngelfireRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Another incident at the same school that still raises my blood pressure.. Had a teacher send a Kinder in with a gallon size baggie FULL of bottles. Nothing like I'd ever seen before, they had typed labels taped on them and some had little pellet looking deals in them while others had liquid. There were no orders. I called Mom, who apparently thought she was SOMEBODY. Told her that I could not administer the meds d/t improper transport, no directions, no med forms, etc. She FREAKED! Started hollering about how the child needed these and that they weren't really medicine but that they had the 'energy of what she was allergic to in them'. I still refused. Fast forward about an hour and I was raised on the walkie that a parent was in the office. It was Mom, who had with her a piece of paper with penciled instructions on it, but no signature. It looked to have been ripped off a notepad, no letterhead or anything to denote from whence it originated. The principal was out that day, the vice principal was also away. The acting principal was a coach. He was completely out of his element. I pointed out the lack of necessary info on the paper and was met with 'The doctor isn't there today. His secretary wrote this. It'll do'. Um, no. No, ma'am it wont. She refused to fill out medication papers, threw a fit when I told her the meds could not be carried back and forth in the Kinder's backpack ("These meds are too expensive to leave!") and told me "I know you're ignorant. You just don't know how it works." Coachipal asked if there was no way to 'work around' the situation but I had already called my head nurse and the answer was no. Mom stomped out. The next day the principal told me I should have done a better job of handling the situation. He was at a loss to say how, though. Several weeks later, the secretary came in toting the little one, wanted a temp check. It was 104 and she had a rash that looked like chickenpox. I held my arms out for her to sit in my lap while I called Mom but secretary insisted on LO staying with her. I later found out that in addition to everything else, Mom was an antivaxxer (which explained the varicella) and had told the school that if they sent LO to my office again, she would sue. This was over a decade ago but I still remember that baby's name. I miss that school like I'd miss a root canal without anaesthesia. C'mon, now!

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