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  1. Why we work on holidays

    I am working Christmas day, luckily I have been rostered for an afternoon shift. I get to spend the mane with the kids as they open their presents, the afternoon I get to go to work rather than the family dinner with the in-laws. Win-Win if you ask m...
  2. Your Favorite one liner used with patients

    I was once told that I'm not very nice, my reply left the Pt speechless. "You can have nice or goodlooking, not both!" Needless to say my supervisor took a dim view of my wit. (Not for the first time.)
  3. Petite Nurses

    I get the feeling that there are a lot of Nurses that are only 4 foot tall every time I do a spinal turn. I have seen some very petite Nurses who can keep up with the heavy side of Nursing, usually their fitness is a huge bonus.
  4. Do We Really Understand Each Other?

    What a great article, I am happy that it worked out for you, I have experienced the same when I was younger I didn't resolve the issue until too late a great friend and teacher lost because of poor communication.
  5. Retraining with a family?

    I had work that was very flexible with hours, as long as the work was done. I worked nights, weekends and sometimes between lectures.
  6. Retraining with a family?

    Before I started my Nursing degree I saved up by working OS. That money didn't last and I found myself working full time and studying fulltime. I had to cut back on a lot of things, TV, sport and Me-time. Somehow I found time to coach my sons Rugby t...
  7. We have Universal Healthcare in Australia and guess what?...The sky hasn't fallen. It is far from perfect and it works reasonably well. There are a number of models of Universal Healthcare around the world, maybe looking at a number of them and make ...
  8. Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    To the little old man making silly noises at the staff everytime they walked past his cubicle for the 10/24 night shift....."Zibbida, Gonk, Boing Boing, Boing to you too!" (It was funnier to think at 0400 than it apears in writing.) "You asked for a ...
  9. You Know You're a Nurse When...

    You know you are a nurse when your neighbour asks you to check the wound on their 12 year old After the Dr has dressed it....just in case he got it wrong.
  10. Military Medics/Civilian Qualifications.

    I only mentioned the Mercy because I was aware of her Humanitarian Missions, I in no way meant that there was poor planning or preparation for the medics. My thought was in line with the Medics possibly lacking a depth of knowledge in caring for some...
  11. Military Medics/Civilian Qualifications.

    This is the point I was trying to make, there are a lot of instances where medics are treating the civilian population. I know of a senior Army medic, (Australian) who was handed a Dying infant while on deployment and apart from the very basics had l...
  12. Military Medics/Civilian Qualifications.

    Reading another thread I was reminded about the differences between Military medicine for want of another term and the Civilian world. In the Military we have a demographic of younger, fitter people with a lack of chronic illness giving us a narrow s...
  13. Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds

    Lamazeteacher you have come up with a great idea. I have often thought that having serving Military medics/corpsmen working part of their work week in a civilian hospital would provide a great experience that cannot be taught. I knew very little abou...
  14. Nurse, treat thyself

    I am sorry fins but that is so soft, I can't understand why.
  15. Has being a nurse made you tougher in other aspects of life?

    I have become more assertive but also less aggressive. With my size, I have to be carefull not to intimidate my Pt's and found that I have learned to "use my words". It is amazing that I have found that a few choice words in a quiet tone get me furth...