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  1. johnst10

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    Hummm. I just did a quick search of hsop in NYC and did not see much for new grads. Experienced nurses might have a chance at a few places. I know there is more to the State than NYC, but that's what i found there. I am commuting from IN to KS to the job I held 3 years ago. So some places in the greater KS area are hiring.... I love the job and I get to see one of my daughters, but I miss DH.
  2. johnst10

    Are all LTC jobs like this?

    I am so sorry for you. LTC IS a tough place. I had a rough experience too. I hope some people can help you resolve your anguish. Hang in there
  3. johnst10

    Staff acting like mean girls what do you do

    I was the manager of a unit with 2 cliques. I was warned about this when I took the position. I had been a manager before and thought I could handle it. I made a lot of mistakes. One of them was NOT taking the ring leaders in and having a talk. We did the affirmation during staff meetings and the team building. They rolled their eyes. I felt like the boss on The Office! There were so many other issues involved it was ridiculous. The physicians were even "on sides" with the groups:eek:. I left after a year due to a move. I was actually transferred to a different unit for my last month because I had had enough. The next manager there lasted one week. The worst part was that the nursing director had no ability to fire the nurses. One of the docs was the leader and part owner of the physician owned clinic and decided who would be fired! Talk about an untenable situation.:redlight: Anyway. I learned a great deal. I would have asserted myself more. I would have done more individual counseling. I would not tried to be friends. (This was a nursing clinic, not a romper room nor a place to make friends.) The problem was convincing new staff members that they are not there to make friends. .... I could go on for a long time. It's been 2 years and I still think of things I could/should have done differently. The bottom line is that I am a stronger person for it:pumpiron:. My mouth can form the words, "I don't like that".
  4. johnst10

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    If the postings are to be believed there are tons of jobs in the DC area. Are they actually hiring or are these all just posted wish lists?
  5. johnst10

    Blood Pressure Cuff Question

    Many times I find a cuff that will go around the arm on the top but by the time the cuff is on the bottom there is a ton of space. I call it the funnel arm. What do you suggest for those people?
  6. johnst10

    Can you hold an RN license in 2 states?

    I had a nursing license in 3 states at the same time once. I worked in 2 of them. Just remember to keep a copy of contact hours and be ready to copy them for multiple states when you renew. Renew if you think you will be back in the next 5-10 years. It is a royal pain to reinstate a license these days, not like in the old days! Many states will not put you on an "inactive list" anymore. It's no cheap to get a license in a new state. If I remember right it was close to $200 for Ohio by the time all of the required material was gethered. Indiana was only $75 - $100.
  7. johnst10

    I made a doctor mad at me.

    Did I miss something? Was this at 2am? Was the doctor not on call? Did he want to talk to YOUR manager or the hospital manager for the day? Was his wife in labor? I think he he may have had sun stroke. Poor doc
  8. johnst10

    STILL don't have a job?? Vent here!

    I too have applied in a 60 plus mile radius. I have even looked at moving to areas 200 miles away, getting a studio apt and coming home to see dh on short visits. It's not working. I still say, where is the nsg shortage in the midwest except in LTC? BTW, been a nurse for 25 years.
  9. johnst10

    Am I Nurse Material?

    My HS guidance counselor told me I wasn't smart enough to be a nurse. Same reaction! Watch me. It wasn't easy but i did it. you can too!
  10. johnst10

    ACLS question

    I would have to agree with those who say wait. Taking the course will show initiative, but it most likely will not help you as much as it will once you have started working. In fact, as a manager, I might wonder if you are just trying to KB, not really wanting to apply the knowledge by taking ACLS before you even graduate. Good gravy, you live is Tuscon. There must be more to do there than sit in air conditioning and study. Or were you going to read poolside? :chuckle
  11. johnst10

    75 y/o man kicked out of LTC facility for being HIV+

    good point. I don't think I would trust a spitter to be just a spitter and not escalate. Just my own paranoia.
  12. johnst10

    75 y/o man kicked out of LTC facility for being HIV+

    I haven't read the other answers. This is a different case from what appears to be presented initially. I'd turn tail and run at your situation. Or use the full body protection like in the Naked Gun 33 and 1/3 movie. I love that movie!
  13. johnst10

    Patients falling

    In the last few places I have worked (PCUs) we used the fall risk assessment. Patients and family members were told the reason for someone to accompany the pt to the BR or the need for a bsc. Signs are posted on the wall in the room explaining the different helps for high risk patients. All IV poles/lines are situated as well as possible toward the toilet so if a patient decides to get up on their own it is not a hindrance. We also only put up the top half of the rails so they can reach the controls, not the bottom. Once again, if they decide to get up, even if disoriented, the risk of injury is much less if they are not crawling out the end of the bed. I personally have released many patients from wrist or vest restraints when I come in the morning. I find that either they have rested and are oriented, they can see in the daylight, they feel better, family is/are around, there are more ancillary staff such as housekeeping, kitchen aids, PT/OT, resp, etc, but most of my patients do not need to be restrained. We also ask the patient frequently if they need to go to the BR. This lessens accidents in the bed and the slips in urine or other "stuff". There is a TON of lit out there about fall prevention. Good luck.
  14. johnst10

    Is is it normal to not like nursing?

    i love nursing. i like nursing. talk about flexibility. where else can i work as an icu nurse then all this: a pacu nurse and be home evenings with my kids. start a pain management clinic in a hospital and learn about where money goes and how we figure out who gets it. to say nothing of drg and cpt codes, who knew those even existed? work as a clinical specialist for a major medical company for 7 years and have all of a masters of management paid for. work in 4 different hospitals in 4 different cities in 4 years. find out i hate ltc (here). get a job doing ins lab work on my own schedule? i love all i have been able to do. i love all of the people i have met, patients, family members, physicians (even grumpy ones), nurses (even sarcastic ones), ancillary staff, sales reps... have i loved every minute no? do i love being a nurse, yes.
  15. johnst10

    An Honor

    Wow. Just wow.
  16. johnst10

    two residents kissing

    I'm glad I was sitting down. I would NEVER know if my mom would "like to do that" :chair: