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  1. LilyBlue

    Do new graduates RN's get ,easier patients?

    Nope. In my world, they dumped the harder patients all on me because I didn't know any better. I would wonder why I was running around like a headless chicken while my coworker sat there doing crossword puzzles and occasionally smirking at me.
  2. LilyBlue

    Just need to vent about my exasperating coworker.

    She sounds unstable. Slippers to work? I would definitely have a convo with the nurse manager.
  3. LilyBlue

    Mispronouncing a word makes you less of a nurse

    I definitely think it reflects badly upon a professional (any professional) if they consistently mispronounce words. It's irritating to people, number one, so they get a fingernails on the blackboard type feeling, regardless if that is an appropriate response or not. Secondly, it just comes across as sloppy - if you can't pronounce the word, it's understandable that someone may wonder if you "get" the concept. I have a patient occasionally who always asks for her "Finnigrin and Dilauntin". It makes me clench my teeth, no matter how much I tell myself she is uneducated, etc etc. It's just irritating. I wish I could politely tell her that she's mispronouncing them, but that would result in a lower Press-Gainey score. LMAO.
  4. LilyBlue

    Drying up breast milk

    Those shots etc are not done anymore. When your milk comes in, avoid breast stimulation as much as possible. If you get uncomfortably full, hand express a tiny bit to comfort. do not hand express so much that your breast becomes soft - this will ecnourage more milk production. Wear a snuggly fitting bra, but do not "bind" your breasts which can contribute to mastitis. Within a week, your milk should be nearly gone. I do feel the need to say, however, that your last breastfeeding experience has no bearing on this one. Babies are different; some have a difficult latch and others have a great latch from the get-go. If you don't want to breastfeed, then you shouldn't. But if you are basing it on your first experience - just be aware that it has no bearing on your second experience. Most people have less painful engorgment and "milk coming in" with subsequent babies than with the first, too.
  5. LilyBlue

    Patient Satisfaction: Where Does it Start?

    I don't know, but I am completely sick of hearing about patient satisfaction and having management lay it on MY shoulders. If management was truly concerned about patient satisfaction, they'd have a lower ration than 1 nurse to nine patients. They just want to work me like a mule and ALSO lay all the blame on my shoulders, when they put me in a situation that I will never succeed at. It's a bunch of crap.
  6. "You might find this hard to believe but I really DON'T care what you do. Sign out AMA; I seriously do not care. You're hellbent on destruction and I really seriously don't care. It doesn't affect me remotely. So please either go, or stay, and quit your childish antics either way. I've got better things to do."
  7. "When you bring in a visitor dressed in scrubs and tell me she's a nurse, and then demand different medications that your nurse friend thinks you should have, do yourself a favor and tell nurse friend to keep quiet. Better me to think she's a fraud than for her to open her mouth and remove all doubt. When i tell her the troponin is positive, and she says angrily "well I know that's a lie cause she don't do no drugs" that's sort of a dead give-away - Troponin is a cardiac enzyme marker not the newest designer club drug."
  8. LilyBlue

    Drug testing issue.

    I always took a multivitamin back at the time I was hired - my urine was always neon yellow from that...never had a problem.
  9. To the patient's family: I realize you don't want to care for your father because he's an incredible areshole. I don't blame you. However, I *have* to take care of him, so stop with your guilt-driven inane complaints and requests, because unlike you, I have to actually make something happen for him and I can't go home when it gets too hard. Thanks.
  10. LilyBlue

    Banana Bags. Etoh. Rate.

    Vitamin K doesn't go into ours. But a lot of doctors do strange things with ours - some give only one liter per 24 hours, some give 3 liters per 24 hours. We have a terrible drug/alcohol problem in my area, at any given time I have 4 patients out of nine actively detoxing/ at risk for or in DTs.
  11. Abosuletly. This is what i wanted to say but not sure how to say it . I'd do anything, including losing my house and going on welfare, to make sure that babe gets here safe and sound.
  12. LilyBlue

    Burn out/ disgusted/ QI

    I am extremely burned out. Our PCU ratio is 9 patients to one nurse. Yeah, that's safe. And all we get is our manager ******** at us to take better "customer care" - lady, I can hardly get out the 200 + meds my shift (no exaggeration) - I don't have time to fluffy puff and give backrubs. And I feel you on the doctors and family - at any given time they want us to be able to write a book on the patient. I'm lucky if I even can recall the patient's diagnosis without looking at my papers.
  13. I would go per diem if it is at all possible. Maybe work a few short shifts through the week. I could not and would not work my floor while pregnant. No way. We don't get a chance to even eat, and that would be impossible as sick as I get when pregnant.
  14. LilyBlue

    got shouted at yesterday night

    I don't put up with that. No reason for you to, either. You are a human being, a professional even, not someone's verbal punching bag. And I don't buy into that ******** that they are ill and therefore it's fine to scream and curse you. I look patients dead in the eye and say, "I will not tolerate you speaking to me like that. I don't speak to you like that, and you don't speak to me like that". And if it continues, I have security come chat with them.
  15. LilyBlue

    IV Dilaudid problem patients!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with whoever said just give them their pain meds...say little, don't buy into the drama...that way they don't create big scenes and monopolize even more of your time. Every drug addict I've encountered couldn't care less about anyone but himself...he will absolutely play/monopolize you if you allow it.
  16. LilyBlue

    Is parasites a common problem?

    Colon cleanses make me laugh. They remind me of the Nutty professor.