Dr. told patient, "Nurses are STUPID".

  1. I am not easily offended and l let things roll off my back. The P.A. was making rounds the other day and walked into one of my patients room. I heard the patient ask, "A nurse came into my room at 3a.m. and put something in my IV. I have no idea what it was." The P.A. came out of the room and asked me what it was. I told him I was not sure, but I would find out and let him know. I followed that up with, I'm sure it was important if it was 3a.m. He smiled and thanked me, and walked back into the patients room. I heard him say, "you know, Nurses are stupid. They think if they are awake at 3 a.m. then you should be too." It was probably a flush to make sure the IV is still working. Anyhow, I'll find out fore sure." My mouth hit the floor. At that very moment, I remembered in report the nurse tell me the pt had a Bigeminy rhythm and he was given IV Mag, which corrected it. I quickly walked into the patients room and explained to the pt and P.A. what was given and why. The P.A. responded with a great big smile on his face, "See, I knew we would find out!" I still get pissed every time I think about it. I am a very quiet, non-confrontational person, but let me tell you....I can spit out a sarcastic comment that will make your head spin when I feel the need. I am feeling the need!
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  3. by   Here.I.Stand
    He must sorely lack confidence in himself, if he feels the need to undermine others on the care team like that.
  4. by   Wuzzie
    Does he make you call him "doctor" cuz he isn't one. What a putz!
  5. by   Libby1987
    The immature part of me wishes you would have said, "......magnesium for an abnormal heart rhythm, not for just any ol' stupid reason. Can I get you fresh ice?"
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Wellll A "PA" is NOT a doctor is he? And Nurses are NOT stupid.
  7. by   Horseshoe
    Why does your thread title say "Dr." when the text says "PA"? Deliberately disingenuous? Click bait?
  8. by   TheCommuter
    After explaining what the 3:00am IV medication was for, I probably would have said, "See! Nurses are not as stupid as you make them out to be!"

    Anyhow, the PA may lack intellectual horsepower since he is not a doctor. Stupid?
  9. by   datalore
    Patients are smart too -- the unprofessional comments made by any member of the care team are not lost on them. I'm sure nurses won some brownie points in the patient's eyes that shift. Kudos to you for not throwing in a jab in front of the patient and making the patient feel like a pawn in the middle of the PA's one-sided power struggle!
  10. by   Sour Lemon
    I've heard nurses say horrible things about doctors to patients, as well.
  11. by   Been there,done that
    As you are not a nurse, this question from the P.A., should have been directed to one.
  12. by   Esme12
    For me I don't care if it was a Dr. or PA.....If I over heard that I would definitely let it be known that I heard. I would smile sweetly and look him/her in the eye in front of the patient...."Well, Mr 3 O'clockam....I found out that the medicine was for you heart having some extra skipped beats and we gave you MgSO4 to make it better.....do you need anything else from this stupid nurse right now? I am needed in another room.
  13. by   quazar
    That is called disruptive behavior and I have written up a provider for very similar behavior before. The provider who did it to me at least said the nasty things to my face, though, not all passive aggressive behind my back. So childish.
  14. by   imenid37
    He is not a doctor, as in physician. He is a PA, The ASSISTANT (EXTENDER) of the physician. He is also a rude *******!
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