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  1. quazar

    Don't touch that Thermostat!

    On my floor it's the opposite problem. The nurse's station and hallways feel like the frozen tundra, and the thermostat is dominated by the ones who are sweating. Our patient rooms have individual thermostats for control, so their comfort is not considered when setting the unit thermostat.
  2. quazar

    Could I have done something differently?

    Nothing WAS wrong, actually. You weren't there. I was. Medicaid is relevant to this conversation because another poster mentioned that medicaid would never tolerate or allow such a situation.
  3. quazar

    Patient abuse, difficult situation

    This is excellent advice. Please take it.
  4. quazar

    Are We Still Holding Back Baby's Head?

    As an L&D nurse who has delivered quite a few babies on the fly over the years, I can honestly and fervently say it is not only barbaric and against all practice guidelines to "hold in" a baby, but my God....if we're talking path of least resistance here, why on earth would I ever prevent a baby from coming? If you've ever pushed with a patient for over 3 hours, you know that having a baby just pop out with little to no work is absolutely fan-freaking-tastic. I'll take it any day of the week over a marathon pushing session.
  5. quazar

    Could I have done something differently?

    I had a patient refuse to go home for 4 days. She insisted SOMETHING was wrong. We did every test under the sun on her, most of them ungodly expensive. Nothing was wrong. She was medicaid. *shrug* It happens.
  6. quazar

    Is being a CNA a really hard job?

    . It can, sure, but most CNA jobs that are plentiful and available are the ones that require extreme physical labor and endurance. It might not be what you want to hear, but it's the truth. CNA work is very physically demanding, very sweaty, very hard work. Bottom line. I've done it. It's hard. No other way around it.
  7. quazar

    attending non-OB conferences: a waste or not?

    I love learning new things if they hold my interest. For example, I love learning about life sciences. However if you try to teach me something new about math or computers, my eyes will glaze over and I will be asleep in 5 minutes. The thing is, I have to pay out of pocket for any conference I attend, so I want to make it worth my while. OB conferences are a no brainer, I love that stuff. Med surg conferences and cardiac conferences are what spark my non-OB interest the most.
  8. quazar

    Inappropriate CNA behavior?

    I think you handled it as well as could be expected. Had I been confronted with this as a student on my first day of clinical, I have no idea if I would have had the stones to speak up. Sad but true. It has taken me years to grow the cajones and backbone that I have now. You are on your way to a good start.
  9. I get email alerts for professional nursing conferences, and frequently get brochures as well. Not all of them are strictly OB related, either. Some of them pique my curiosity, and sometimes I think about attending conferences on topics that have nothing to do with OB, just to keep my knowledge base well rounded. Would I be bored out of my gourd? Confused and lost? In over my head? Have any of you who've worked primarily OB ever attended, say, a med surg type conference and enjoyed it?
  10. quazar

    MD was angry I questioned him.

    So proud of you. You may "only" have 2 years of nursing under your belt, but your spine is already rock solid. You did GREAT.
  11. quazar

    Inappropriate CNA behavior?

    Thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth. What knocked me over was that was followed by this:
  12. quazar

    Vegas mb conference

    If only I was a travel nurse......I have the biggest fangirl crush on him.
  13. quazar

    Inappropriate CNA behavior?

    Yes, thank you, that post was completely out of order. "Tattle tail?" Really? What is this, the 3rd grade?
  14. quazar

    Vegas mb conference

    One of the many sacrifices I voluntarily make by taking per diem status. I'm not sure if the full timers get it paid for or not, but still, one day I'll go. After all, even though it's expensive up front, it's tax deductible.
  15. quazar

    Falsifying nursing documentation

    This is where that boring part of orientation and the yearly mandatory education about corporate compliance kicks in and is actually beneficial. Report her, there is a way to do so confidentially/anonymously within your system. Don't falsify, report, and I agree with the pp it's not worth your job to stay at this place if the higher ups support this kind of nonsense. I'd walk if it wasn't addressed and corrected immediately.
  16. Smart. Good suggestions.