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  1. Sour Lemon


    I'm not entirely sure what those terms mean, but California wants everything from everyone. I went to school in Texas and was licensed and practicing there. I was born in the USA and have never gone to school anywhere outside of the USA. California still required all of my educational records. Your length of non-working time since graduation might also be an issue, but I'm not sure about that either.
  2. Sour Lemon

    RN to MD journey - prereqs

    Do look at student doctor network, especially the "what are my chances" forum. I'd also suggest looking up the acceptance rate for various medical schools. You wouldn't be "transitioning" from RN to MD, you'd practically be starting over. It's also true that some people (and their parents) have spent a lifetime in preparation. As a latecomer, you will have your work cut out for you. It has been done on occasion, though. Good luck!
  3. Sour Lemon

    Multiple vaccine errors.

    I've made a few errors under pressure while being rushed. I eventually came to realize that faster is not better if you're not giving the correct medication, in the correct dose, to the correct patient, etc. Slow down and take your time to make sure everything is accurate, even when it feels like the sky is falling. I agree with the person who suggested setting boundaries. Most of us work for someone else, and we obviously have to be conscious of that, but we also have to take what we need to do our jobs safely.
  4. Sour Lemon

    HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    Maybe you're confused because your brain is trying to tell you something. Does it make sense that you'd rake in 40K monthly with a community college degree in an unrelated field? How well do you know these "friends", and why would they be so eager to create competition for themselves since they work on commission? PLZ think it through ...especially if it requires any sort of investment on your part to join in the "lucrative" fun.
  5. Sour Lemon

    Gender discrimination in pay

    This is exactly the response they're counting on. I went back and forth with my manager for what seemed like eternity ...until she quietly wrote out a much higher number and pushed it towards me. Until that point, she'd insisted that it was not possible.
  6. Sour Lemon

    RN's required to be sitters???

    I absolutely hate being a sitter, because I absolutely hate sitting for 12 hours. It is super-easy $$$ though. I've been lucky enough to have had patients who binge-watch something good on television once in a while, too. What's worse is being a sitterx3. I work in an older hospital that can have up to three patients in one room. Sometimes I've been assigned a "room-in" nurse for three confused patients. I do all of the nursing care, medications, charting, etc. and can not leave the room. It's like purgatory.
  7. Sour Lemon

    Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    I think you're getting a little too far ahead. See if they actually offer you the job, first.
  8. Sour Lemon

    Dialysis nursing - what is the cringe about?

    You could ask them? I don't know why "everybody" cringes. It doesn't make me cringe.
  9. Sour Lemon

    New nurse - want to get out of my contract.

    We don't know what's in your contract and can't say if they "technically broke it". Your plan to look over the actual contract with a lawyer is a good one. Keep in mind that things are a bit crazy everywhere right now, and if you do leave, you may end up in a similar situation or even a worse one. New grads don't usually get the "plum" jobs ...and a new grad who left their first job after a few months would be even less desirable. Do you have specific concerns or questions that you'd like to discuss? You might be able to get a better idea of what's "normal" right now in the real world (as opposed to what's normal in NCLEX land).
  10. Sour Lemon

    New nurse - ICU

    If you're able and willing to move absolutely anywhere, chances are probably good. If you need to stay in a specific area, then it depends on the job market in that area.
  11. Sour Lemon

    What do you wish you could tell yourself on graduation day?

    I did. 🙃
  12. Sour Lemon

    What do you wish you could tell yourself on graduation day?

    Don't worry about blowing off NCLEX in favor of going to Disneyland. I think Disneyland prepared me better than reading more books, but I did have that "oh no" moment the night before my exam. 😮
  13. Sour Lemon

    Pregnancy and Nursing

    I waited and ended up with 60K+ in fertility treatments. Tick tock, tick tock ...you might be someone who has no difficulty or incredible difficulty. Our fertility decreases as we age, that's just a biological fact. If kids are very important to you, and you want a bunch of them, consider that you'll have more work-around options and more chance of success if you're younger. I was 36 when I "decided" to have a baby, so older than you (by far). There's no definite number, though. Everyone encouraged me to take my time and assured me that I should have no difficulty ...even my ob/gyn. Weigh everything, but keep in mind that there's rarely a good time to have kids.
  14. Sour Lemon

    Just Passed My LVN

    There is a lot of variation in how these things are dealt with, depending both on the state involved and your specific circumstances. For some personal accounts, there's a forum on this site you can check out: https://allnurses.com/licensure-criminal-history-c171/ Hope for the best, but expect a long and difficult process. Your charges are fairly recent and not isolated incidents. Those things will work against you.
  15. Sour Lemon

    LTC to TCU/Med surg

    I've never heard of a "swing bed" either, but I'm definitely familiar with that type of patient.
  16. People retire for a reason. I imagine many of those nurses would be in their golden years and fall into higher risk groups, too. Beyond that, covid hasn’t been a quiet occurrence. Absolutely everyone knows what’s going on, and it would make more sense for retired nurses who are qualified and interested to step up on their own.

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