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  1. Sour Lemon

    Applying for RN license is CA

    There is no California NCLEX. NCLEX is the same everywhere, and you can take it in any state. Apply for a license in the state you want to work in. Instructions are here You'll have to provide transcripts for review, and it has to be determ...
  2. Sour Lemon

    Bullying - Will HR help or make matters worse?

    I've never seen it work out well. If your manager wants you gone, the only solution is to leave or get fired.
  3. Sour Lemon

    Big Med Error.

    I'm sorry. I know that's one of the loneliest feelings in the world. I'm glad everyone is being supportive.
  4. Sour Lemon

    Why some nurses use the word "endorsement"?

    Same. ?
  5. Sour Lemon

    Why some nurses use the word "endorsement"?

    I thought the use of "endorsed" was damn strange when I moved to California. I can't recall ever using that term in Texas. I forget what I did use, though. Even more irritating is the use of "arousable" in place of "rousable". Why?! People ...
  6. Sour Lemon

    Pregnant, when do you start light duty?

    I've never worked at a hospital that allowed light duty. They've just written people unable to do their jobs right off the schedule.
  7. I clock out, they clock in. I stop charting on the patient, they start charting on the patient. The patient is "assigned" to me until 07:30AM, assigned to them at 07:30AM, and blah blah blah. The only time I chart about handing over care is when...
  8. Sour Lemon

    Returning back to bedside NICU nursing

    This giant, unorganized wall of text is difficult to read. The point seems to be that you were offered a job you want? If so, take it.
  9. Sour Lemon

    Do you recommend a year of med/surg in 2021?

    Psych was my first choice, but they wanted med/surg experience, so I did med/surg for seven years. Now, I do both. I think a solid block of med/surg experience is extremely helpful for getting your foot in the door elsewhere. Is it absolutely ne...
  10. Sour Lemon

    CA RN Endorsement Application

    It would be more cost effective to just pay the fee(s) again. They're well known for never (or rarely) answering calls ...and if you don't have an active application, they may decline to speak to you even if you do manage to get through. Sorry I...
  11. Sour Lemon

    CA RN Endorsement Application

    That's slightly worse than the average CA BON experience.
  12. Sour Lemon

    Pulling Meds For Another Nurse To Pass

    I wouldn't mind doing it, with the exception of controlled substances ...assuming the nurse actually giving the medication is responsible for documenting that they gave it. If they wanted me to pull and document meds that someone else was passin...
  13. Sour Lemon

    What would you do?

    Just give them your mom's number! This is your job, and you should not allow it to be TAKEN FROM YOU. My charge nurses "manage" me.
  14. Sour Lemon

    The Gap Between East Coast & West Coast Nursing

    I'm under the impression that Filipino culture is responsible for the better management style in California. They tend to have a more "motherly" approach, as opposed to an authoritarian one. I've only worked in two California hospitals, so I could be...
  15. Sour Lemon

    Unsatisfied Patient

    I would look for a work-a-round, and if there wasn't one, I would call. If the doctor didn't call back, at least I tried. I also tend to look for possible problems as soon as I get a patient (especially an admit). I ask for "small" orders routin...