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    I was slapped by a patient

    Lucky you! It comes up ever year for me. Maybe it's just never caught your attention? I've only worked in three hospitals, but it's always been there ...required. I'm not saying I pay attention to all the details, but ...I do have to pass the test and print out the certificate.
  2. Sour Lemon

    This is crazy. Substance abuse in 1 in 5 nurses?

    Looks like a vaguely disguised promotion of your personal website/business/blog. I suppose more hits might bring in more advertising dollars? I don't know. It does seem rather spamy, though. I don't believe the one in five statistic at all.
  3. Any job that’s “easy” and available to someone with little or no experience is going to be low paying.
  4. Sour Lemon

    Getting hired with no experience

    Where I've worked, almost all of our telemetry monitors started as CNAs ...and almost all of our CNAs started out in nursing homes. Hospital jobs seem to be most desirable to CNAs, so the competition may be fierce. I'm not sure how most telemetry monitors get started beyond the ones I've worked with.
  5. Sour Lemon

    Feeling incompetent as a student nurse...

    I would thank the instructor for her feedback and work on the specific issues that were discussed. Don't focus on feelings, focus on survival. You might also consider taking down your picture and putting up a picture of a lemon tree, instead. Your classmates, future employers, or even your instructor(s) could be browsing this site too.
  6. Sour Lemon

    Is 54 too old to get hired as a new RN?

    A 2011 graduation date is going to work hard against you. You've been caring for your husband for the past three years, but what was going on for the five(ish) years before that? It sounds like you might have had multiple NCLEX failures, as well? In any case, I wish you well. Expect an uphill battle, though.
  7. Sour Lemon

    I was slapped by a patient

    Don't you have to do the mountains of hipAA modules every year like the rest of us?
  8. Sour Lemon

    Is 54 too old to get hired as a new RN?

    You'd be surprised at how valued pliability is. Being "old", wise, and experienced can actually work against you.
  9. Sour Lemon

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Same here. It's sad that no one noticed and I wonder if time out wasn't taken as seriously because it was "just" a stent. I'm also curious as to what sort of damage a stent can do, because I (obviously) don't know much about kidney stents and think of them as "helpful" or corrective. How do they harm? I'm also very interested in what others with more knowledge have to say.
  10. Sour Lemon

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    She's talking about two different cases. The surgical RN was not arrested.
  11. Sour Lemon

    Pre-Nursing Student (Needs General Advice)

    For HESI, I recommend that you study their materials, alone. Make sure you're familiar with and understand the wrong answers to the practice questions. I never took an entrance exam, but I took a mid-way and an exit exam. It seems like their wrong practice answers often turned into questions on the real tests. And if they don't publish review material for their entrance exam, then I don't know. Anyway ...good luck!
  12. Sour Lemon

    Can’t cope with death, should I even go to nursing school?

    The death thing aside, why do you want to be a nurse? Office jobs pay less- especially for someone who lacks experience. Most "nurses" who work in doctors' offices are actually medical assistants. This is about pros and cons, to me ...so what are the pros as you see it?
  13. Yes, that's how the world generally works.
  14. Sour Lemon

    Still struggling....

    My best guess is degenerative disk disease? ...but I'll never understand why people use obscure abbreviations in their posts.
  15. Sour Lemon

    How long do I need to stay at my first nursing job?

    Agreed. 12s are OK, but I lose at least a whole day or two a week recovering from them (when I work full time). Four or five days of eight hour shifts sounds great to me. I'd work more days, but I wouldn't lose the entire day to work.
  16. Sour Lemon

    Labor and Delivery nurses-question from student

    The biggest factor may be the market you're in and whether or not you're willing to move. Actually graduating and passing boards may also be helpful. A BSN might be advantageous.
  17. Sour Lemon

    Licensure from CA to WA

    You can call the CA BON, but it's rare that they answer. And if they do answer and you don't meet their criteria for calling, they will not tell you anything. California will not care if you're in a hurry. Whatever you need from them, just follow the instructions, exactly, then wait.
  18. Sour Lemon

    How hard is it for you when the instructor does it wrong?

    How do you give a bath the wrong way?
  19. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    OK, in that case we do disagree. I also have no idea what SAR means.
  20. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    Are you disagreeing with my disagreement? ...because it sounds like you actually do agree from everything you wrote after that first sentence.
  21. Sour Lemon

    DNR? details please

    It does vary from place to place. Where I live now, we have POLST forms and some people are classified as "DNR II" instead of DNR. "Comfort Care" also means something very different from one region to another. But as Davey says ...whatever type of form you have, it's always customizable.
  22. Sour Lemon

    My back kills!!

    I second Danskos, although some people hate them. I also agree that new shoes may be a simplistic "solution" to your problem.
  23. Sounds completely staged, to me ...not inaccurate, but not quite “real” either.
  24. Sour Lemon

    Written Up

    They do. I agree with the rest of your rant, though.
  25. Sour Lemon

    I'm finally getting it together

    I would only suggest a plan B and maybe a plan C. I'm not sure how easy or hard it would be to get hired on as an ED tech in your market.