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You know it's true! What's the BEST thing about working nights (besides the differential)? For me- it is the absolute sense of teamwork. Every job I've ever had on nights, those people became... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from tokmom
    Depends on where you work, and not everyone is a RRT nurse. Of course you are going to have a busy night. That is what you do . But to generalize that day shift people only work day shift to brown nose is not fair.
    *** I know. I was just kidding. As I already said.
  2. by   BrandonLPN
    There's definitely a sense of entitlement amongst day shifters, at least in LTC.

    3rd shift sure as shoot better have everything perfectly set up for 1st shift or else they'll hear about it, no matter how busy the night was.

    On the other hand, it's perfectly acceptable for days to pass things off, case "days are always so busy", you know.

    It doesn't help that day shift tends to have higher senior nurses, so there's a higher percentage of queen bees.
  3. by   Penelope_Pitstop
  4. by   twinmommy+2
    I just started night shift work this winter, and I love love LOVE the lack of drama. If only I could put the rest of my family on night shift too...
  5. by   bamaguy1989
    I will say that day shift on my floor usually is busier but they have a lot more help- usually 4 or 5 nurses plus a charge that does not take patients and 2-3 CNAs plus a unit secretary. Nights we usually have 4 or 5 nurses but our charge nurse always takes a full patient load. We don't have a secretary and we have had night where we had 1 CNA for the whole floor. I still love nights so much more than I ever could days.
  6. by   Mewsin
    I'm a night girl through and through. I worked my first evening shift in a year tonight and I'm up still because I'm back to my beloved nights tomorrow. I stayed late at work tonight to talk with the night girls, I miss them so much when I'm at school. I'm hoping, hoping and praying, that I can go casual as a nurse and work straight nights then also. It works so much better for my family because I am home to send my kids off to school and I'm home when they get home from school. My body was not made to work day shifts, I have to take melatonin in order to go to sleep before 3am.
  7. by   MommaTy
    I am a night shift worker and the night shift rocks. I have always worked nights, the team is it's own
  8. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Quote from aachavez
    What's your shift differential?
    $6.75/hr, plus another $2 an hour for weekends.

    I did orientation on days and actually did manage to hold my own. I've been on nights for about a year and a half now and have actually thought about going to days. Unfortunately, the disparity between day and night shift work loads on my unit (burn -- with the majority of dressing changes and tanks, plus heavy PT/OT being on days), plus several....aaahhh...spirited personalities on day shift has made me wonder whether I could handle it. On top of that, the logical part of me screams at the idea of taking a $12,000/year pay cut to do (often substantially) more work.
  9. by   silverbat
    I worked 18 years on nights!! these lst 6 on days have been hard to get used to. I loved night for all the good things PP have said, and hated days for the same things already posted.
    One thing about nights that I liked was how well we worked together...almost beyond temawork and entering the twilight zone...we got to know what the others were thinking almost, in a given situation, and would generally have already obtained supplies, etc., before being asked....
    Now, on days.... I feel like a zombie sometimes, even after 6 years. Its hard to get up at the same time I would almost be getting off work!
    With my physical limitations, now, nights are no longer possible, so....... I am doomed to be among.....GASP!! ..... the DAYWALKERS!!!
  10. by   meanmaryjean
    Case in point about teamwork on nights:

    Monday night in our ICU is central line dressing change night, and nearly all patients have a central line. We had two fresh neurosurgeries (one developmentally delayed) and a fresh open-heart. Got an admit from an outlying hospital. Both neuro cases needed blood, as did my kid with a hgb of 4/ hct of 10. THEN the feces hit the fan - and we had to place a kid on oscillating ventilation and then ECMO (for the uninitiated, it is basically doing CV surgery in your patient's room and then placing then on heart-lung bypass) at 0500. The ECMO part required moving to another room (of course it did!)

    So, in addition to all of the above, every one of the seven nurses had their assignment changed at some point during the night to accommodate the ever-shifting landscape of acuity and general taskiness of the night.

    We ALL walked (well, dragged and limped) out the door at 0730 with all work complete and documented. A total butt-kicking at the hands of a cadre of eleven critically ill children- but we all left with a sense of accomplishment at having done our jobs and done them well.

    Go team!
  11. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Quote from meanmaryjean
    We ALL walked (well, dragged and limped) out the door at 0730 with all work complete and documented.
    According to my manager, this is why working nights isn't bad. We all manage to clock out on time so "you couldn't have been that busy." Riiiight.
  12. by   Leahnore
    I absolutely agree and it IS about teamwork. My manager asked me one morning if I liked working nights of course I said yes mam! She said have you ever considered days? I said no way. She asked why and I said "too much management around!" Lol. Of of course this was not the best answer but I later explained to her that I didn't like all the noise and confusion of days, and tht most day shift nurses seemed more worried about impressing the management, and night shift had better team work skills I thought. I'm a night person anyway. My daughter says we moon tan lol.
  13. by   Elle23
    I work private duty nights, so no teamwork here. And no diff!

    I worked both shifts throughout my hospital nursing career, and there are certainly benefits to each shift.

    At one unit I worked (NICU), the night nurses had to hang all the TPN, draw all the routine labs, weigh the babies, and deal with all the residents who did all their daily rounding/assessments between 5 and 7 (and thus deal with all the new orders).

    I rejoiced when I went to days and didn't have to deal with all of that any more!