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  1. silverbat

    Hearing loss, please help

    Buy an electronic stethoscope so you will have easier time when auscultations heart or lung sounds. Some can also accommodate using with heating aids.
  2. silverbat

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    oh heck yeah they can do it. You are hired for the facility, not a specific unit. I once was sent to 3 different units in the first 1/2 of my shift before they sent back to my usual unit. A write up- yep. Could also fire you for insubordination if you refuse. SNFs and NF are very much difficult to survive in.
  3. silverbat

    Positive UDS

    I'm sorry but I find it incredibly-- can't find a nice term here- amazing that the day after you were positive- you got drunk. What were you thinking? Oh you weren't that's right. It's not your fault? Did you not consider that they might test you soon? Oh that's right, you were upset hummm good reason?! And what the heck ? About donating blood? Do you think you can just donate the etoh positive blood and be clean again?! Ok I don't understand. You made a bad choice and continue to make bad choices. Hopefully counseling and other forms of assistance may help you if you really really want the help. Yes I did the whole drug program thing after taking a med from a family member that I thought I had an RX for, but what I had was another similar med. Went through the entire thing with UDS etc. and I petitioned for early out and was granted it since I did not mess around with the potentials of food/fluids/ alcohol pads anything that might influence the test negatively. Until you admit you have a problem, looks like you may continue making bad choices.
  4. silverbat

    Did this patient overreact?!

    Ok. This does sound odd. Of course as a nurse you surely know that she wasn't covering her vagina( internal) but her labia and pubic mound. It's a pet peeve of mine to hear professions calling the outer girlie bits by inner girlie bits name.
  5. silverbat

    Fired for bad leadership - board of nursing investigating

    FWIW- not every complaint to BON results in license issues. Many times they decide its unfounded and drop it all together. Or they decide to do a written letter to you that it is a written warning and has no probation etc with it.
  6. silverbat

    Remote Case Mgmnt, Should I???

    I have worked for a managed care organization for over 4 years. I work from home, and I completely love it!!!! I think it would be hard with little kids in the home , you would need daycare I would think, for your working hours. Hubby and I are older with grown children, so no problems there. The only issue I see is that by working in your home, it is hard for family members to just expect you can do xyz for them. It's like, well you are home you can do blah blah blah. I love my job!!!! For real!!!
  7. silverbat

    What is the longest time you have spent in one position?

    Let's see: 6 yrs working in a factory-before I became a nurse, 10 years med surg 8 years SNF and so far 4 1/2 years working for an insurance company!!
  8. silverbat

    Working During Nursing School

    While in school for LPN, i worked 40hour weeks went to school 8-5 5 days a week. And between the two I drive 20 hours per week. I was thrilled with 2-3 hours sleep at a time!! I had a hubby and two kids 11 and 12 at the time. Boy howdy it was tough!!! in school for ASN I worked full time and the classes were part time through Regents college. I did take 3 years to complete my degree, but in doing that, I had very little student debt. It can be done.
  9. silverbat

    Do you know of any nurses that changed careers?

    I know several nurses who once were beauticians. I know a few beauticians who were nurses who quit to go to beauty school.
  10. We can't give legal advice. However, find an attorney with experience dealing with the BON. Do not attempt to deal with them yourself.
  11. silverbat

    RN, ADN being obsolete

    I have ASN. I have had no problem with getting hired in two states that I have lived in. I don't agree that it is impossible for associate level RNs yo get hired. I live in a highly disadvantaged area in my state and work full time with s great salary.
  12. silverbat

    IV therapy/infusion clinic

    The infectious disease practice where I go has an infusion clinic. The nurses educate pts, draw labs, change dressings. Infuse ivpb and push meds. This is just what I see, I am dure they do much more. They hand out supplies/ meds for the patients to do their own meds, like me. Interesting job.
  13. silverbat

    Accused of not giving dilaudid

    If you use the quote button it is easier to see who you are responding to.
  14. silverbat

    A really stupid incident

    Yeah!!! I earned a Davey-do comic. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
  15. silverbat

    A really stupid incident

    Everyone is capable of a totally stupid brain burp. Not that it is good, but sometimes we act without thinking like the day I saw an MD throw his script pad in the trash and put a reminder note in his pocket instead of the other way around. Stuff happens. We learn we grow.