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Care Coordination, MDS, med-surg, Peds
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silverbat has 22 years experience and specializes in Care Coordination, MDS, med-surg, Peds.

RN since 1996, started as CNA in 1976, LPN in 1992

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  1. silverbat

    Against Privilege to Practice

    That is a good question for your attorney and MO BON.
  2. Just curious— with the BSN, are you now an RN?
  3. HI any body, 

    I need a nurse attorney advise, but do not have money to pay. I want to defend my RN license. My probation is almost over and I want to talk with the board of nursing probation department did not let me contact the board. Any advise

  4. Hi silverbat's,

    Any guidence is welcome. Thanks

  5. I am having interviews, but soon find out I am in probation. I am not hired and not even tell a word about probation. The last time, that I had a interview asked about the DON what was in her head when I tell probation. It comes in my head that you were put in probation for drugs, that what I am thinking. Any ideas and guidance to continue applying for a RN position while I am in probation. THanks

  6. This is a Board Probations. After 13 years tray to find a job as a RN.

  7. silverbat

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Shookclays used to post under a different name. That’s why this sounds familiar.
  8. silverbat

    Using medical terminology as a nurse

    When I worked with a Urologist he wanted to see documentation such as “ urine is bright cherry red in color, is tea colored, is light pink in color, thick red clots noted in urine. Etc.
  9. silverbat

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    I walked into a pretty dark pt room to do something, can’t remember what, and when I neared the end of the bed, I said oops excuse me. The pt was s double amputee and his legs were standing up in the corner. I thought it was another person. Lol
  10. silverbat

    BON and alleged verbal abuse via pt

    Whoa!! Where in the original post, or any others posts does criminal offense come into play? We’re the police involved and have you been charged with a crime? Me thinks you exaggerate a bit sir
  11. silverbat

    Work from Home Case Management

    I work for a managed care group as a remote worker. I do find that I tend to get involved in what I’m doing and work longer than I should. I still am not good at making sure I take breaks I love the autonomy and even the solitude. Ita a good job with good pay and benefits
  12. silverbat

    Is management breaking the law

    This happened at a facility I worked. The staff didn’t change anything about how brief changes were done or used. After a month or so, we were told we were doing great at saving $$. 😂
  13. silverbat

    DNA testing

    They were on a talk show and I don’t remember which one. The results were that some sibs had native, European and others were Asian and Western European.
  14. silverbat

    Honesty on resume, now no job.

    Not to be mean, but you don’t have the experience to work for lnsurance company. The positions there require multidisciplinary experience for years. NOT someone who is looking for it as an easy out, which is what I got from your post above. Find something, anything in the nursing field and KEEP the job for a year or more. LTC would give the opportunity to develope terrific time management skills. You would need to be great in interpersonal relationships with patients, staff, doctors and family members. Home health, case management, hospice all need staff with experience, preferably in several areas. Not good choices for new nurses.
  15. silverbat

    OMG 🤢

    What exploded? Foley bag? Emesis?code brown?

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