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  1. bamaguy1989

    MSN preceptor

    I will be finishing up my MSN in nurse leadership next year but have to find a preceptor. Any suggestions where I can find one?
  2. bamaguy1989

    Tennessee RN Salary

    I took an outpatient oncology job that pays close to $28/hour in Nashville. I have 4 years experience and BSN
  3. bamaguy1989

    MSN, DNP, or PhD -- Which is right for you?

    When I see articles like this I'm always tempted to think about getting my DNP. Finishing MSN next year.......
  4. bamaguy1989

    Columbus State MSN

    Hey I am Columbus State University's MSN leadership track and have the opportunity to graduate a semester early if I would take 4 classes in the fall. I wanted to know if anyone had any info or suggestions. I would love to graduate early and get a better high paying job but worried about taking on 4 classes when I have been taking only 3. I'd be taking nursing theory, leadership/management, information technology, and human resources management. Should I attempt it or just graduate 6 months later?
  5. I was accepted as well. Working on lining up a preceptor and finishing sending in all the required paperwork for clinicals. Excited to begin this next journey!
  6. I'm researching that program and thinking of applying. I just graduated from their RN to BSN program in August and I really enjoyed it.
  7. bamaguy1989

    Columbus State University Fall 2015

    I did my RN to BSN program there and graduated last month. It was a great program.
  8. bamaguy1989

    Interested in Relocating to ATL. Exp. RN

    I work for Piedmont and they definitely pay for your experience and certifications. Just got a 75 cent raise for getting my ACLS. They just improved their ratios too. If you want trauma go to Grady, cardio go to Piedmont, OB go to Northside.
  9. bamaguy1989

    MSN/FNP advice

    I have been a nurse almost 3 years now and just finished my RN to BSN program last month which I really enjoyed and did well in and am already thinking about returning to school next year for my master's degree. I am torn between leadership and FNP and was wondering if anyone has any advice as I start to research my options on the different programs out there.
  10. bamaguy1989

    MSN management

    I am currently in a RN to BSN program that I should finish up next summer. Already thinking about getting my MSN and if I do, I want to go the management route. Any programs out there that anyone could recommend? Affordable and one that doesn't require too many crazy things for admissions would be great
  11. bamaguy1989

    Columbus State Online RN-BSN

    Not really. Was looking on here to see if any one else had advice. I have heard its a good program though. I think a few nurses at my hospital went there for RN to BSN. What ADN program did you attend? And do you have a lot of general courses to take? I have to take a US history, Government, fitness, and a PE class and all the nursing courses and that's it for me. My adviser said next spring or summer I could be done
  12. bamaguy1989

    Columbus State Online RN-BSN

    I will be starting next month as well. Only taking 2 classes for the first 7 week session. I am taking NURS 3191 & 3293 first
  13. bamaguy1989

    Questions for all Med surg nurses

    What is your nurse to patient ratio? usually 4 to 5 patients per nurse and a charge nurse with no patients on day shift only. Night shift has same ratio but charge has patients always. Do you have cna's all the time (do they get called off) Supposed to have 2 CNAs if we have at least 16 patients but we are short staffed right now because of one being on maternity leave. They have let us keep an extra nurse when we have only 1 CNA so that the nurses have about 3 to 4 patients each what is your hppd? We have a staffing grid that we go by. I know that if we have 16 patients we can keep 4 nurses and if we get to 20 patients we can keep 5 nurses. This is on night shift. Day shift is the same except when they have >16 patients they also can have a charge with no patients. And they always have a HUC(secretary). Night shift never has one. If your facility has a pediatric unit do the nurses only take pediatric patients or do they have pedi and adult. Adults only on my floor Do you have phlebotomist? Lab comes to draw all labs unless they have a central line, where the RN will draw from it What do the charge nurses do and how is your admission and discharges done?(admit and dc nurse or floor nurse) IDK what day shift charge does but night shift charge checks the crash cart, makes patient assignments, answers phone/call light, helps others when available. On weekdays there are admission/DC nurses that may be there until usually around 10pm. One of them works until midnight sometimes. No admit/DC nurse on weekends.
  14. Been applying around but anyone know of any good jobs looking to hire? I have an Associates Degree and one year of med/surg experience with some charge nurse experience. I want to stay full time nights on med/surg if possible. I would most likely try to live ITP but willing to drive about 30 mins or so OTP.
  15. bamaguy1989


    When is it? I have an interview next week for a med/surg position there.