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  1. Mewsin

    RPNs/LPNs in ED (Emergency Department)

    It is really hard to answer this question. I'm a lpn er nurse but I also work in a rural hospital. I work pretty close to full scope according to salpn.
  2. No I bought the guide. I had really good intentions of using it but I ended up moving 6 hours away. Between packing and Christmas and unpacking and getting the kids settled, that didn't happen. I walked into the exam on very little sleep, fighting morning sickness, wrote as quickly as I could and got the hell out of there. It was very basic and I felt it didn't even cover everything that I learned in my program.
  3. Ours was 60% We had half our class graduate with distinction so just to keep that in mind if you're ever wanting to bridge. Our school has a 100% pass rate on the cprne for first write.
  4. Mewsin

    WHERE have you worked as a LPN/LVN

    You and I work in the same province.
  5. Mewsin

    WHERE have you worked as a LPN/LVN

    It really depends on where you are. I am a LPN who works in a trauma/er/acc acute medicine hospital.
  6. Mewsin

    Pay rate for new LPN grads

    I'm union so there is no negotiation here either but we get paid really well so I can''t complain.
  7. Mewsin

    Pennsylvania CNA to Canada CNA

    It is very unlikely. When I was in school for CCA (the cna of my province) there was a PSW who was retaking the course because she moved to this province.
  8. Mewsin

    Life after school

    My class was all hired in the health region that we did our practicums in but for me. I moved shortly after graduation so I didn't have the advantage of the region already seeing my work. I applied for 7 jobs and got 3 of them. I did apply to smaller towns though it seemed to be easier to break into that area. I kept two jobs, one ltc and the other is a trauma, er, acute hospital. It can be done.
  9. Mewsin

    Did You Write in January?

    I passed. I don't have study tips because I didn't. My program prepared me well for the exam.
  10. Mewsin

    Did You Write in January?

    I wrote it. It wasn't as tough as I imagined it to be but I feel as though not everything in my program was represented. I admit I didn't study that much for it. Shortly after grad I was packing my house to move across the province and then Christmas and then unpacking, not a lot of study time. I did use the prep book a bit.
  11. Mewsin

    Continuing Care Assistant experience?

    I did but before it was sask polytec. It used to be called siast and it is really the only program available for the province but you can obtain it in different locations. I took most of my course through correspondence but I had one lab day in Saskatoon. My other in class portion I did in north battleford. The north battleford program is set up so you can still work as a cca while taking the course. The union also paid for the course which was awesome. Thank you for the congrats.
  12. Mewsin

    Continuing Care Assistant experience?

    I was a cca in sk. I loved my job and the only reason I'm not a cca any longer is I have graduated from the practical nursing program and I'm waiting to move before I start nursing. I actually started as a cca before I finished the cca course. Where I was we didn't take vitals but I know in other facilities they did take blood pressures. we did all aspects of personal care. This was helpful while working in the hospital because we don't really have any ccas there. Yes being a cca helped me in my nursing program as well as it will get me a great reference for my new job. Being a Cca teaches amazing time management skills.
  13. Mewsin

    Health Care Aide Clinicals

    Aide work is really sink or swim. I said to my preceptor this month that I made it as a CCA at *** I'll make it anywhere. He laughed because we both worked at that same facility and he knew what it was like.
  14. Mewsin

    Iv Initiation.

    FTR I know that PN programs in ON do not teach IV starts, my facility hired new grads from ON and had to get them the education.
  15. Mewsin

    Iv Initiation.

    Fiona please don't read this as snarky but that isn't necessarily true. I have seen new grad coming out of the same program I am in being able to start IVs without extra training. We have asked them and they said no they did not have to take more training after school. I'm actually surprised more students don't start IVs. Honestly in the hospital where I am, they grab me to start all IVs that I can to get more experience.
  16. Mewsin

    Iv Initiation.

    In my world, starting and IV is inserting them? I didn't realize there could be confusion on that. We did IV maintenance in 3rd semester (hanging a bag, just for clarity). In 4th semester we learned to insert them. We've been on the floor inserting IVs since we started our final clinicals.