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  1. Isitpossible

    Nursing School Needs Repair (And Why I Quit)

    That was a dumb comment: maybe try psych nursing? clearly OP is not cut out for nursing school. Psych nurses undergo the same training as any other RN and pass the same boards. So what makes "psych nursing" better for the OP. Wrong answer and insult to psych nurses!!!
  2. Isitpossible

    What happened to all the Walden Haters?

    Hello and Congrats on your successes! I am a current Walden student and find the program challenging and I am learning so much. I do enjoy it. I compared Waldens Classes to other Psych NP programs..classes are the same. Clinical hours the same.. I think people have issue with for profits..but everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter what school you attend it is ultimately up to the individual to be the best practitioner they can..regardless of school... One can go to a prestigious school and still be an awful practitioner and vice versa.... I ask very happy thus far with Walden... Tuition comparable with every other program I looked into... And many NP programs Do not offer clinical placement assistance... brick and mortar too...
  3. Isitpossible

    Walden University NP School Exam Inquiry (PMHNP):

    Are you finding Walden excruciatingly slow with financial aid? Their already driving me crazy
  4. Isitpossible

    PMHNP Boards Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Just starting my Psych NP program but hear that Barclays is excellent!
  5. Isitpossible

    Psych nurse cross training to MS

    So I've been a nurse for three years now. I have (and still do) work primarily psych. I also did LTC for about a year when I graduated in 2012. Med-surge is somewhat different from psych, and I feel like I'm not getting the best orientation because "you're already a nurse" as told to me by the Clinical Educator. I do understand, but again my experience is primarily in psych. I am orienting just once or twice week on the MS/Tele/Obser floor because I work weekends, and I cant get overtime as a MS orientee. My 24 weekend plus two 8 hr shifts is 40hrs the week. So I feel very limited, because once or twice or week is not enough to make me feel comfortable. My educator doesn't seem to understand this. Anywhoo, any suggestions as to how to make this transition a little easier? Thanks!
  6. Isitpossible

    Acadia Behavioral Health Co

    Hello All, Does anyone have personal knowledge of the above company? Has anyone worked for them directly, or had loved ones in their facilities. Can you please shed some light if you have. Thanks so much!
  7. Isitpossible

    Acadia health/Pioneer Behavioral health

    Acadia is based in Tennesse, and have offices in Puerto Rico, Texas, Maine, Utah, SC.. gosh the list can go on and on... thank Meriwhen!
  8. Isitpossible

    Not going to play that game

    Good for you!!! they were looking for scapegoat, and had the wrong one.. lol... Kudos!
  9. Isitpossible

    Nervous about new job!!

    I absolutely love psych...congrats and good luck. Some great information, never turn your back, keep safe distances ALWAYS, no matter how harmless a patient seems, and therapeutic communication is a great friend indeed in this environment. However to echo 2011RN, the nurse to patient ratio sounds dangerous. I work on a 18 bed unit with 2 RNs, and 3 BHTs, if that can give you idea of staffing.. And why would they make you Charge with less than a year experience? I would question that.
  10. No, I think they should be grouped separately. I work in a acute psych facility and I work in another hospital on a detox unit. While working acute, there was a pt who was on the dual diagnosis unit. Unfortunately, he was actively detoxing from opiates and suffering the symptoms. However, I didn't believe he was being adequately managed, bc of his psych issues and their inability to provide MMT. I secretly wished he was on my detox unit at my other hospital, bc I'm sure he would have received better treatment and management. On my detox unit, pt often have psych issues as well, but the focus is the detox. Once they have passed through acute detox, they can move on to a psych unit for additional services needed.
  11. Hello All, Does anyone have personal knowledge of the above company? Has anyone worked for them directly, or had loved ones in their facilities. Can you please shed some light if you have. Thanks so much!
  12. Isitpossible

    Who punches a cancer patient?

    So sorry for you/Dad... Please reconsider pressing charges... I too shared this story with my black son (14) and he is totally disgusted... We are praying for your family.
  13. Isitpossible

    Charge nurse hates me? and overall nasty attitude of coworkers

    well this sound terrible... part of the charge nurse duties is to help with the paperwork, so the nurse can concentration on new admission assessment/med pass/tx etc. the next time she call you off, I would say directly.. I understand I have 30 minutes, I have xyz left to do.. what do you want me to do and what should I pass on? And you can always request a meeting with her AND her manager, to simply "clarify" some things as your being new and all... get it?????
  14. Isitpossible

    Registered Nurse VS Psychiatric RN

    AMEN!!! as a newer nurse, I see many of my seasoned co-workers think its okay to just give meds and chart.. Sit at the nursing station reading, or internet surfing... ahhh, gets on my nerves!! I love being on the floor with the techs who KNOW the patients...
  15. Isitpossible

    New grad RN working in Mental Health

    sounds a bit tough for a new inexperienced nurse... I have just one year experience, and still feel the need to work with a second nurse(im in acute hospital)
  16. Isitpossible

    IM Ativan

    I'v never seen Ativan diluted...