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  1. Hi all, I do attend Walden, the PMHNP. I am in my next to last class. If you have any questions feel free. :) Walden and other online programs will be mandated in 2019 toprovide clinical placement sites. As of 2019 the new accrediting standards of the CCNE required these programs to provide the proper clinical support to their students (1). This is a major win the nurse practitioner student community. Too many schools (not just Walden) had the students find their own preceptor which was very difficult for many. You can absolutely do you clinicals at your place of employment. I did on my off hours, and the preceptor was not my boss/manager/supervisor in any capacity.
  2. Isitpossible

    Nursing School Needs Repair (And Why I Quit)

    That was a dumb comment: maybe try psych nursing? clearly OP is not cut out for nursing school. Psych nurses undergo the same training as any other RN and pass the same boards. So what makes "psych nursing" better for the OP. Wrong answer and insult to psych nurses!!!
  3. Isitpossible

    What happened to all the Walden Haters?

    Hello and Congrats on your successes! I am a current Walden student and find the program challenging and I am learning so much. I do enjoy it. I compared Waldens Classes to other Psych NP programs..classes are the same. Clinical hours the same.. I think people have issue with for profits..but everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter what school you attend it is ultimately up to the individual to be the best practitioner they can..regardless of school... One can go to a prestigious school and still be an awful practitioner and vice versa.... I ask very happy thus far with Walden... Tuition comparable with every other program I looked into... And many NP programs Do not offer clinical placement assistance... brick and mortar too...
  4. Isitpossible

    Walden University NP School Exam Inquiry (PMHNP):

    Are you finding Walden excruciatingly slow with financial aid? Their already driving me crazy
  5. Isitpossible

    PMHNP Boards Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Just starting my Psych NP program but hear that Barclays is excellent!
  6. Isitpossible

    Problems with q15 rounds

    Gosh couldnt agree with lala more!! God firbid there is a murder, (yes it happened at my facikity), suicide, rape or any other event..Heads are going to roll including yours#! Please dont let this go.email top administrator s about your very valid concerns.. If there is no change you may need to seek a safer environment... Dont worry about negative MHTs either.. Everyone has to do their job to keep patients safe..
  7. Isitpossible

    Have you discovered the therapeutic benefits of a good laugh?

    Yes I love using humor on my detox floor.. One standing joke I use is when pts ask for a med.. I say "how much you willing to pay..50 cents will work and I accept IOU.." For some reason the pts love it and we crack up... Makes for a great shift using humor...
  8. Isitpossible

    On probation for being too "anxious"

    Im new to med surge also. Its a very different environment than what Im accustomed to. Been a nurse just three years. Im learning on med surge to stop panicking. When orders are flying phones ringing, I would feel overwhelmed and anxious. Just breathe. You are one person. Jot down the priorities and tick them off as you go. You will feel a sense of achievement each time you complete something. Its a small step but will help you feel more organized and in control... Good luck keep us posted. Also your NM had a lot of positives about you. Keep those in mind. All is not lost
  9. Isitpossible


    Im having a issue with diabetes care in the hospital setting. All the diabetic pts are on sliding scale with meals and Lantus at night. It seems that we are not doing a great job with controlling pts glucose. I wonder why I dont see long acting insulin used for better control. It seems that sliding scales with meals is a little more reactive? I had a pt today admitted for hyperglycemia without ketosis a few days ago. She was on a sliding scale with meals with an additional standard dose of 35 units of humalog. Im trying to think this through. So if she was 120 she would get 0 units of sluding scale with the 35 standard of humalog. This kind of made me nervous. And she has no long acting insulin. Thankfully she returned from dialysis with a BS of 60. No humalog given. Called doc and I told him I would recheck after her meal..124!! No need to the give humalog... I guess I would like to hear from nursing experts on the correct way to manage our pts besides those sliding scales.. Are sliding scales the best practice?? Sorry so long but ...
  10. Isitpossible

    Transfer Psych to Medsurg

    As a psych nurse new to med surge one skill that completely came in handy just today was de-escalation!!! A family member was going off on my fellow nurse!! I interceded quickly, therapeutically and got her to calm down and assisted her right off the floor!! Oh yes psych skills work on the medical side... !! Technicall skills you can learn..People skills are needed on every floor!!
  11. Isitpossible


    Rose Queen..No I did not report. I was not on the unit of the RN who gave that Haldol.. It was second hand information. Of the ativan no need to report I simply did it myself and pt got correct dose. As one can see from been There done that...it seems to be common practice with psych pts especially. I will not report on something I have not witnessed first hand.
  12. Isitpossible


    I'm a little frightented by some of my colleagues actions...most epecially with psych patients. I see nurses giving more anti psychotics than ordered. One night my pt was seizing..doc ordered 1mg Iv ativan... med contained 2mg.. Nurse says f×× it Im giving 2!!! I said no were not and drew it up myself... Another pt to recieve 2.5 of Haldol nurse gives 5 bc "its not touching her"... That time I wasnt there..I find this dangerous and wrong.. As a nurse if med not helping another call to doc is due..Yes its annoying but Im not at liberty to practice medicine... Future nurses this is Not good practice and you could lose your license... Dont do it..3 years in and still learning..
  13. Isitpossible

    Psych nurse cross training to MS

    So I've been a nurse for three years now. I have (and still do) work primarily psych. I also did LTC for about a year when I graduated in 2012. Med-surge is somewhat different from psych, and I feel like I'm not getting the best orientation because "you're already a nurse" as told to me by the Clinical Educator. I do understand, but again my experience is primarily in psych. I am orienting just once or twice week on the MS/Tele/Obser floor because I work weekends, and I cant get overtime as a MS orientee. My 24 weekend plus two 8 hr shifts is 40hrs the week. So I feel very limited, because once or twice or week is not enough to make me feel comfortable. My educator doesn't seem to understand this. Anywhoo, any suggestions as to how to make this transition a little easier? Thanks!
  14. Isitpossible

    Family member hurt my somewhat fragile new grad confidence

    OP, hopefully your okay with this now.. No can really know what made the family member request another nurse. I think its very mature of you to reflect and try to figure out why you werent requested. But at the end of the day, you did everythying you could, was patient and treated them respectfully... let your mind rest... It will happen again, and next time hopefully it wont shatter your confidence. For every one that doesnt want you, 20 will!!!
  15. Isitpossible

    Acadia Behavioral Health Co

    Hello All, Does anyone have personal knowledge of the above company? Has anyone worked for them directly, or had loved ones in their facilities. Can you please shed some light if you have. Thanks so much!