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Penelope_Pitstop has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN.

I wear the firesuit in this family!

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  1. Penelope_Pitstop

    What is a sentinel event?

    Root Cause Analysis
  2. Whoops, it's time for dayshift to arrive. I'm going to extubate you now. Can't have the vent alarms going off during med pass.
  3. Penelope_Pitstop

    Vancomycin IV solution changed color?

    Vanco isn't an aminoglycoside.
  4. Penelope_Pitstop

    HIPAA Violation, Fired

    A difficult lesson to be learned, for sure. It's natural, as humans, to be curious about our patients even after they leave our care. I see no problem with you going to visit the patient. It is not at all a HIPAA violation to know her room number if she isn't confidential. Especially since you did ask the nurse beforehand. What you should have done (I know it's really easy to be a Monday morning quarterback!) is come back later to see if she was awake at that time. Then the patient herself could have informed you and therefore no HIPAA violation there, either. Now, what seems "sneaky" is you searching for that chart. If the nurse caring for the patient was indeed ignorant of the hospice status, why did you think the chart would contain the answer? Do you think possibly the nurse did know but did not feel comfortable telling you? And then went to the charge nurse to inquire about you?
  5. Penelope_Pitstop

    Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    I baked grain free, gluten free granola tonight and it was amazingly delicious. I realize that no one asked me. But has that ever stopped me before now?
  6. Penelope_Pitstop

    What to do when a patient doesn't listen?

    Have you ever read up on motivational interviewing? It's a technique used in the behavioral health field and can be very helpful with non adherent patients. An example... "Mr Jefferson, you listed all of the reasons why you don't watch your carb intake and I understand that's it's really difficult to do it. But what good things could happen if you did control your glucose levels?" Also, speak with the patient in his or her own language...if the person doesn't understand medical jargon, don't throw it around as if you are intellectually superior. I'm sure the patient could teach you about his profession! (I'm not saying you're doing this, I'm just throwing it out there." And, validating his or her feelings/rationale, et al, as well vs dismissing them. So, when a patient lists a negative feeling towards a lifestyle change, or medication or diagnosis, don't begin a response with "at least," or "but." First, acknowledge that the person's feelings are valid.
  7. Penelope_Pitstop

    NICU mom to NICU nurse?

    My hat's off to you if you can do this. My son was born last October and spent a mere three nights in the NICU, but I would be more than happy if I never again set foot in one. We need wonderful NICU nurses, I just know that I could not personally work there after being a NICU mom. I don't want to discourage you! I'm sure I'm in the minority.
  8. Penelope_Pitstop

    Criminal charges!

    You mentioned a lot of support personnel, which is wonderful; however...do you have legal counsel? And I mean independent legal counsel, none affiliated at all with your place of employment. Also, remember that the BON is a separate entity from criminal court.
  9. Penelope_Pitstop

    What would you do?

  10. Penelope_Pitstop

    Am I a woosy for feeling 5 patients is too much on a medsurg floor

    When I was a new grad 12 years ago, 5 patients on days, 7 on nights was the norm. This was a busy med/surg floor. It was doable. That being said... The acuity level has risen - 2006's stepdown patients are 2018's MedSurg patients. People are discharged quicker and sicker, thus the population is more acute. Additionally, the amount of tedium has increased (clicking through a million things when charting, requiring a different assessment form for every last intervention, requiring two nurses to check pressure areas on admission, etc.) resulting in an emphasis on tasks vs critical thinking. Task-oriented thinking can lead to more stress for the nurse - reason being that there is so much pressure to get everything done for everyone, and have that timestamp match up. ("I have to pass my meds or I'll have to put in a reason why they're late! OMG my Foley reason task is overdue and the CSM is really hounding us about that..." One final consideration...some facilities have limited space in ICUs, stepdown/intermediate units and therefore the acuity on medsurg floors is high as a result of this. When I worked in the ICU, sometimes we needed to open up beds and we had to play a game of who was the LEAST critical to downgrade.
  11. Penelope_Pitstop

    I might have found family

    If you want to know, you can ask the patient. Nothing wrong with that, no HIPAA issues there. The problem would be if you went to your mom's family and asked if Jill Jones was a cousin or something like that. But if you go to the patient I don't see a problem, unless you then take that info and share it with your family.
  12. Penelope_Pitstop

    Outrageous Complaints

    She couldn't "taste" her IV Solu-Medrol dose.
  13. Penelope_Pitstop

    How do you deal with dizziness and syncope?

    If I'm dizzy and you give me warm water (especially if I'm lying flat), I will vomit. So please don't do that.
  14. Penelope_Pitstop

    Horrifying medical quack info on the Internet

    Garlic cloves used as suppositories supposedly help with yeast infections. Don't ask how I know that they do not. Thanks.
  15. Penelope_Pitstop

    Questionable Behavior: Reports and Write Ups

    I realllly wanna know what was said...
  16. Penelope_Pitstop

    Can a Manager limit how may days off in a row you can take?

    I'm going to take some liberties here, but I have a feeling that the problem isn't you taking off four consecutive days. It's the days you're scheduling off. I'd wager that there are days that no one is signing up to work. If you're days, maybe everyone is signing up to work Tue-Thur. And if you're nights, maybe everyone is working Monday night through Wednesday night. When I worked 7P-7A, we were required to work at least 2 Sunday nights and 2 Thursday nights to keep this very thing from happening. Again, assuming here, but if you wanted, say, Monday-Thursday off you'd probably be okay.

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