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dirtyhippiegirl has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PDN; Burn; Phone triage.

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  1. dirtyhippiegirl

    Where do I start?

    Yeah, I figured. 😛 Once you get your license back, it will come with stipulations like not being able to pass narcotics or benzos for X period of time, no overtime, can't be the only nurse on duty etc. ER nursing is not stipulation friendly. Psych nursing can be depending on the facility, same possibly with addictions nursing if they are willing to work with you. Unfortunately, nursing itself is not as open to folks with a past who have turned themselves around as addictions counseling is. It will be an uphill battle. Most nurses start back in dialysis or a *** SNF at least until they can pass narcs again. Good luck.
  2. dirtyhippiegirl

    Where do I start?

    You wouldn't be able to work as an ER RN anyway for a while. Usually getting your license back involves stipulations about passing narcotics etc that make ER nursing impossible. Also ER tech positions in my area usually go to EMS workers as you're starting IVs, doing EKGs etc. The psych places probably see you as overqualified for a tech position with your work and education background. Our techs only make like 13-15/hr anyway? But psych nursing can be recovery friendly. Are you on the OIG list? That will be a huge issue with finding employment.
  3. dirtyhippiegirl

    Facial coverings effective?

    Reading comprehension isn't exactly your thing, is it?
  4. dirtyhippiegirl

    Leaving IPN?

    Yeah they will come after your LPN license if you drop out.
  5. dirtyhippiegirl

    Recovery in Indiana/IPRP

    If you can't stop without medical detox, you need to be open about that and then go to detox. Etoh was my drug of choice when I entered my state's monitoring program. (I was drinking on the job.) I went from a 2 to 3 pint a day habit to total abstinence for almost six years. Not driving myself to the liquor store for more alcohol was probably one of the easier aspects of recovery.
  6. dirtyhippiegirl

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    I hope you are going to be hourly and not salary because I can see this job eating up all of your time once he has a patient base. Who is going to back you up should you want a vacation or be sick? Are you going to be expected to take call to answer after-hours questions? Who is going to teach you wound and drain care?
  7. dirtyhippiegirl

    Affinity and KNAP

    No. I don't know what the Affinity test is but I was just charged $45 for the A-panel when I was in KNAP.
  8. dirtyhippiegirl

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    So do you think that someone who believes that killing another living creature to consume it should...just eat meat, then? I am not certain how an ethical decision for many people is comparable to a fad diet. Muslims who stick to halal options can also eat fish and default lacto-ovo vegetarian options and now the extra added vegan option. It's literally just adding an option for people who often believe they have a moral obligation to not consume animal products who do not often have many, if any, food options. That's it!
  9. dirtyhippiegirl

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    Also a vegan option is instrinically halal and nominally kosher (the meal being kosher, the kitchen probably not), and covers the Hindu belief in not eating beef -- so you're covering a lot of bases. Certain Christian sects like the Seventh Day Adventists are supposed to be vegetarian or vegan as well.
  10. dirtyhippiegirl

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    What other people choose to do with their dietary practices isn't impacting you at all. Nobody is attacking you, yet you are being very defensive. Including a vegan option on the menu is not taking away from your rights to raise, kill, or consume animals.
  11. dirtyhippiegirl

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    Yay. I have been vegetarian for ethical reasons for 25 years and have, like another poster on here, been in hospital situations where my food choices were severely restricted to a small handful of things. And I eat eggs and most dairy products so it shouldn't be that freaking difficult. :P On that note, it's been interesting to see the growing acceptance of non-animal products over the last ten years or so. I'm in a large city in the Midwest and remember begging my mom to specialty order Morningstar veggie burgers from the one hippie co-op that carried them. This was in the mid to late 90s. When Whole Foods rolled into town, I thought I'd died and gone to vegetarian heaven. Glad to see some hospital systems finally catching up to what I can now buy at Walmart.
  12. dirtyhippiegirl

    If The Cali Board Of Nursing Accuses You Give Up Your License

    You should definitely demand to investigate the color of the fringe on the flag in the courtroom when you have to go in to deal with your DUI charges.
  13. dirtyhippiegirl

    Do you miss it?

    No. My life is immensely better now that I am sober and I am absolutely certain that I will never be able to drink like a normal person or even a high functioning drunk. Both of those bits of knowledge keep me from missing alcohol for the most part. I still go to AA from time to time and sit with people who have been sober for decades but still talk about having to handle daily cravings etc and get so sad for them. In hindsight, I am probably lucky that my drinking, right out of the gate, was excessive and self-destructive and secretive -- I never built friendships around drinking or had a lot of good memories of drinking times to pull me back in.
  14. dirtyhippiegirl

    New BSN in Michigan w/ Dual-Diagnosis (pre-licensure)

    I think Michigan's program is self-referral only? At least people used to post on here that you could only be eligible if you self-referred. You've really got two hurdles to overcome here -- the second DUI is one (plus whatever other arrests are on your record) plus the bipolar disorder with history of involuntary commitment. That by itself in some states can be reason to deny licensure. The BON will probably want proof that you are mentally stable before they let you sit for the NCLEX so think about getting references from your treatment providers on top of the alcoholism stuff. Hopefully they will be willing to give you a chance. These monitoring programs all require multiple drug tests a month. Sometimes several a week. You usually check in first thing in the morning and than have to get to a testing site within a few hours to the end of the day. You'll have restrictions on your license that will make working in a hospital, home health, and some nursing home settings almost impossible for a few years etc. Good luck!
  15. dirtyhippiegirl

    Random, eh?

    Seeee, I had the opposite experience. I went to Rome for 10 days in the middle of monitoring. I came back fully expecting to be tested ASAP but didn't get hit with a test for close to 6 weeks...
  16. dirtyhippiegirl

    How much power does BON have?

    I mean -- they aren't saying you can't leave the country. You'll just have your nursing license yanked if you do.