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I am a 29 year old mom to 5 beautiful children. I graduated the Nursing program at Holyoke Community College May 2015 with an Associates.

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  1. MommaTy

    So I thought I would ask if you guys can share...

    I graduated in May 2015 applied July 2015 and started L&D September 2015. I did have to move from Massachusetts to New Mexico. It has been worth the move.
  2. MommaTy

    Bedadine for vaginal birth

    No prep for our vaginal deliveries.
  3. MommaTy

    I landed my dream job!

    Hello all, I graduated my associate degree RN program May 30, 2015. I accepted a Labor and Delivery position! I started September 1, 2015. I was paid relocation and a sign on bonus (yes even as a new grad!). I did have to move from Massachusetts to New Mexico, but it has been totally worth it. I love my job, I love the area. Never stop chasing your dreams. Good luck.
  4. MommaTy


    City/State: Springfield, Massachusetts Position: Nurse Residency Program (RN) Pay: $27.00 Benefits: 3p-11p 10%, 11p-7a 20%, weekends $2.00 Housing/Rent in area: For a 3 bedroom around $1500 This is for Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  5. MommaTy


    City/State: Springfield, Massachusetts Position: RN (new grad) Pay: $33.00 Benefits: Differentials 7p-7a $7.00 weekend $5.00 Housing/Rent in area: For a 3 bedroom around $1500 This is for Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Mass.
  6. MommaTy


    City/State: Holyoke, Massachusetts Position: RN critical care (IMC) (new grad) Pay: $28.26 Benefits: They offer HNE for medical insurance. Differentials 3-11 $2.00, 11p-7a 15%, weekend $2.00 Housing/Rent in area: for a 3bd room around $1500 This is in Western Massachusetts. The hospital is Holyoke Medical Center.
  7. Check your email. HR recruiter sent out emails for the skill survey.
  8. MommaTy

    Boston Medical Center 2015

    Thank you. Do you know what the differentials are there? I just can't afford to live in Boston!
  9. MommaTy

    Mercy Medical Center Springfield, Ma

    Okay found out if you work night shift you make $7.00 more an hour and the weekend differential is $5.00 more an hour. They are a bargaining unit if anyone else is interested.
  10. MommaTy

    Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Ma

    So from a new grad that was recently hired. $33 an hour for new grads. I don't know differential information. Anyone know their differentials?
  11. Just curious if anyone knows the shift differentials for this hospital? I know the new grad pay is $33 per hour (which is higher than any other area hospital for new grads since they don't do a new grad program).
  12. You had to do that when they emailed us, they made it so you could upload that information. I think I heard you can fax it to them (not 100% on this one) but I know the nurse recruiter told me if I didn't upload it to bring it next time. I was able to upload those items before they turned it off again to only viewing. You live in Worcester? Did you drive or take the T? I drove the first time but think I should totally take the T if I get the position. Did she talk about your video? Did your recruiter have you sign for background check information?
  13. In 2010 a new grad made 31.81 per the contract. You can look up the contract. Says it was valid 02/2008 to 02/2011. So I hope they have an updated one somewhere I can find.
  14. I left the recruiter an email. See if you can find out rate of pay for the nurse residency program. Trying to figure out finances just in case I get offered the position.
  15. MommaTy

    UMass Memorial?

    I know they are a union. That is all I can help you with. Good luck.
  16. When is your interview redherring?