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  1. twinmommy+2

    Investigating Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

    Not long ago I had two patients on the same night with this condition. They are very insistent that marijuana doesn't cause their symptoms and no matter how we try and educate them they insist on continued use of it. This caused our provider to research it further, and found that Haldol actually relieves the symptoms which it did for the most part in both cases. It is frustrating because as a nurse in a VA hospital, many vets choose this form of anxiety/depression relief and it works for them. I'm on board for a release of federal restrictions on this drug. But the few that have CHS it is very debilitating. The patients can be hard on the staff and their family.
  2. twinmommy+2

    Did this patient overreact?!

    I have experienced Military Sexual Trauma, and if I were in her position, in a hospital and on medications alone, and a male were to come in and turn the camera and expose me like that I would react like she did. It makes not one iota of difference that she had childbirth experience and the nurses on this unit need to be more cognizant of how a person in the patient's position would feel. PS, I've had childbirth as well. This post just makes me angry for her.
  3. twinmommy+2

    What is the longest time you have spent in one position?

    ER nursing in this same position for 10 years on the 8th this month.
  4. twinmommy+2

    Lovenox injection

    This is as much about knowing the quantity of the drug as it is knowing the drug itself and how it comes. Lovenox injections are in prefilled syringes, with the largest dose being 120mg per my experience. 80mg syringe is common so you wouldn't have to remove any of the drug from the syringe before giving it. Here is a good site regarding the information for Lovenox Bad Request As a side note, I didn't know there was a vial for Lovenox that holds 300mg. Interesting.
  5. twinmommy+2

    How do you stay warm at work?

    Ha I also am an owner of the illegal space heater
  6. twinmommy+2

    Which job would you take

    No idea what I would choose. I used to like working with Peds in the ER but the parents drive me insane. I guess neither for me. Give me my little old veterans lol.
  7. twinmommy+2

    I want to be a nurse but im not good at math

    I agree totally. I had a math teacher that told me to give up. It just makes me fight harder.
  8. twinmommy+2

    I want to be a nurse but im not good at math

    I was so bad at math when I entered college I had to take remedial math. The class took us all the way back to the basics and I was embarrassed. Then I realized as I went through that it takes a certain type of professor to make it make sense to me. Believe me, if I can do nursing math then anyone can. The kind of math we do can be complicated but if you work at it its understandable. I think the hard part was the math required for statistics or college algebra. Just keep studying.
  9. twinmommy+2


    that depends on the drug.
  10. twinmommy+2

    PGCC Spring 2019 Petition

    I wanted to say that I graduated from their RN program and loved it! Challenging every minute but well worth it. Good luck to you!
  11. twinmommy+2


    1.5mg in a 30cc vial and what you need is 1mg in how many cc's right? So the equation looks like this: 1.5mg:30cc::1mg:? Take away the wording and you get this: 1.5:30::1:x Solve for X I would look at it like this...you can divide down both 1.5 and 30 by 3. That would give you 0.5mg in 10cc. So what is X? 20cc
  12. twinmommy+2

    The Nurse Optimist

    I had a physician once tell me that I shouldn't be so kind to a particular patient because he was just drug seeking and didn't want to see me taken advantage of. I told him that it doesn't cost me anything to be kind no matter why they were in the ER. He never mentioned it again.
  13. twinmommy+2

    As a RN, which would you choose?

    I choose CPR, not because I particularly want to have it done on me, but because my children arn't grown yet and I want to offer them every chance at having a mother if there is a chance. I think when they are grown and on their own, I may choose like the OP chose.
  14. twinmommy+2

    Wasting Witnesses?

    In my hospital the witness has to be licensed and able to access the omnicell.
  15. twinmommy+2

    Swastikas & Nursing | Refusing care based upon moral objection?

    Even satan worshipers can be shown the light of Christ through you. You never know how you will affect someone else even if their belief system is vastly different than yours.