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twinmommy+2 has 16 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN and specializes in ED.

Currently ER nurse with the Veteran's Affairs. 

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  1. twinmommy+2

    Deprofessionalization of nurses?

    So I'm currently in a Ph.D. Nursing Education program, and working on a course in advanced nursing theory. I was reading an article entitled "Theoretical development in the context of nursing-The hidden epistemology of nursing theory" and they discuss the deprofessionalization of nurses and other allied health professions. This is the first time hearing about this. The homework is about concepts and nursing theory, not about assigning professionalization to healthcare workers, so this is not a homework question. I'll probably try and work the angle into the discussion board that nurses no longer need theory due to deprofessionalization, just to see what others are thinking about it, but I thought I would see what others here thought. Any thoughts?
  2. twinmommy+2

    Meth induced abuse? =(

    Oh meth heads touch my crazy nerve almost every time. And I have a deep crazy nerve too but they make my mom voice come out.
  3. twinmommy+2

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    *wakes from months long coma...finds the following -Trump is still president -a pandemic has been released by China -this topic thread is still going
  4. twinmommy+2

    Hesitation to become a nurse student

    That completely depends on you and you alone. Personally, if I were just entering nursing school I would still complete it. Covid is only one risk of being a nurse, we have a huge risk of abuse, assault, TB exposure among other things. There are places to work that reduce your exposure after you get some experience however. Being a parent, I advocate for getting the will done. Have it known who your child is to go to in the event of your death.
  5. twinmommy+2

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    I looked at the site you provided, but I don't see where you received your information. Only, it provides the same word for word that you posted in your first post.
  6. twinmommy+2

    Coronavirus-Are we ready to talk about rationing care?

    This conversation makes me sad but it is one that we should be having. As a previous poster said, America is in for a rude awakening and that has been coming for quite a long while.
  7. If you don't test, then you can't tell people that there are thousands currently sick with it, then there is less of a panic. Probably trying to save the stock markets from crashing.
  8. twinmommy+2

    Depression + Anxiety as a Nurse

    I have PTSD, generalized anxiety, and major depression. It wasn't until I found my current job that I really felt at home and don't suffer from it mostly at work. If you find your niche, you'll find your confidence to beat back the anxiety.
  9. We don't hold off when the patient is calm and non-threatening, and we do strip the ones with tattoos and leather jackets if they are threatening self harm, harming others, or are wanting detox. Its standard practice because anything and everything can be brought in without us knowing about it. We routinely find knives under our psych bed after an unsuspecting nurse allows them to have some belongings.
  10. Just finishing up a MSN in Nursing Administration. Wondering if there is any benefit to also having a Masters in Healthcare Administration vs a DNP? I would like to make myself more marketable.
  11. twinmommy+2

    Nurse bringing child to work

    My idea of compassion is when my husband's hip was surgically glued back together, leaving me to beg for friends to babysit my four children. They all came through and I was able to get my shifts done. I would do the same for a coworker...away from work. That...is...compassion. I also LOVE the idea of 24/7 daycare at healthcare facilities. It would create a much better working environment when you don't have to worry about where your child will be, less call outs.
  12. twinmommy+2

    Nurse bringing child to work

    I am compassionate towards my coworkers. That being said...the child should not be at work. If something happens like a fire, she is going to be going to her child instead of her patients who need her. Infectious disease? I remember when one of the floors was infected with norovirus it was disgusting. Would have been easily picked up and traveled about by a child. Then think about a violent patient finding them. Not all of our patients are without criminal records. We care for more sexual offenders than we realize. Just not a safe place at all for a child.
  13. twinmommy+2

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    I like the smell of tape
  14. twinmommy+2

    Spouse of nurse

    What was unrealistic was when my husband did not work more than occasional part-time, we were struggling, had no ambition for education, and was not actively pursuing full-time work. That happened for many years but I told myself that he did have a severe auto accident where they had to rebuild his hip and he was in pain doing what he was used to doing. Thankfully now, he is working full time and pulls overtime when it is available. But he still does not make near what I make. Do I fault him for this ... no. He is making a huge effort toward the family finances compared to what he did in the past. Not everyone is ready for a college education. Give him praise for what he is able to contribute. There are some people who go into a marriage and tell their future spouse that they have expectations for them to be the breadwinner. I give them credit for being honest in the beginning even though I don't think this will set up a couple for a long-lasting relationship especially when hard times hit. I don't think this is an expectation one should have after being married though if it was not an expectation before now.
  15. twinmommy+2

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    300lbs isn't bad. When you get one that is pushing 450lbs, and can't help you turn it becomes a problem
  16. twinmommy+2

    I hope he is okay.

    I was on my way to work when I was about to turn into the campus I came upon a pedestrian laying in the road surrounded by people and one car with damage on the hood. So I stopped and assessed the man. Unconscious but still had a strong pulse and was breathing adequately so I decided not to move him until more help arrived. The woman near me on the phone with 911 told me to back off that the operator told her not to move him, told me twice. So I just told her to back off and stay on the phone, since that was what she was good at. Our paramedics came out quickly and handed me a pair of gloves so we could control his c-spine and get him loaded up. Apparently some time between that time and when I drove into work he coded and they life flighted him out. I never did hear how he did but trauma codes don't generally end well. I always wished to find out.