Nclex 75 questions: Passed or failed?


I have taken NCLEX and a computer shut off at 75 questions. I feel horrible. How bad can one do not to pass with 75 questions? Does anyone know? I've been studying non-stop and tried to do my best. But I wasn't sure with some questions and took an educated guess.


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You weren't sure with some of the questions? What is wrong with are suppose to feel like you knew them all!!! Seriously, I can say with much certainty that you most likely passed. Mine also shut off at 75 and I truly felt as if I really knew about maybe...20%. The rest was highly skilled educated guesses:) Good luck!


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I think you passed. I didn't know alot of the answers, and just had to take the best guess I could. Mine shut off at 75 too. You didn't know SOME of the answers. You must be some kind of a super-genius or something.

Good Luck, no way to predict on this type of exam, but the odds are in your favor. I passed with the minimum question for PN nclex, walked out of there with my stomach in knots, I threw up the whole weekend because I took my exam on Friday & had to wait until Sunday to pay for results, only to find out I passed. Think positive thoughts, maybe try the pearsonvue "trick" as they call it on here. It worked for me!


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I am 100% sure you passed. Let us know!!

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I left the building after taking my boards absolutely ready to throw up, I was *convinced* that I failed. I shut off at 75 also, but I wasn't watching the number most of the time, so I got there faster than I thought, plus I have always been a fast I probably got to that number in half an hour, maybe 45 minutes. Well under an hour, for sure. All of a sudden it was like, what, how can I be done??? I was SO sure I'd get bad news.

But I passed!

So, the negative feeling doesn't mean a thing, necessarily, it's more likely just nerves. Thank goodness at least that now we only wait a few days, rather than the several WEEKS it was years ago. I could never have handled the stress of that!!

Best of luck!


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I see a lot of these threads and it makes me wonder why people think we can predict NCLeX results. I had a friend who shut off at 75 and failed. I passed and mine shut off at 125. Sometimes I think it's all based on probability.

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You probably passed. You didn't have any good feeling about it at all??? I didn't feel just totally great after mine, but I felt more confidence than not.

Pay for the quick results if your state offers this service.

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You could probably predict if you pass or fail by the type of your last question, which is #75.

Was it like an application or analysis question? Or just a knowledge and comprehension question?

What I learned was if it was an application or analysis question, then you pass (even if you answered an analysis question wrong). If you had a knowledge or comprehension question as your last one, you maybe failed (even if you answered it correctly).

Which state are you from? I don't know if it's the same in other states, but here in California, you could check online after 2-3 business days as long as your paperwork is in order.


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All it means when the computer shuts off at 75 questions is that the program has received enough input to make a determination as to whether or not you pass. The only reason it goes beyond 75 is if the computer program does not have enough data yet based on your responses.

NCLEX is an adaptive response exam. It calculates dozens of different variables. You can fail or pass at 75 just like you can fail or pass at 125. The computer only stops when it can make a determination or reaches 75 questions, which ever comes first.

I swear some nurses are so sure they will fail NCLEX that they are already working on re-application a few days before the exam... this is completely the wrong way to think. You have to be more confident in yourself and your choices otherwise you have more problems in your professional future.

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You passed ! I know someone that shut off at 75 and she passed !


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If i makes you feel any better mine shut off at 84 and I passed, and my friends stopped at 82 and she's a licensed nurse now too. You can't go buy the number of questions- and by the way, EVERYBODY thinks they failed.

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